Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Chames - Siddhartha's Revelations (Music) {Mixtape}

Siddhartha's Revelations is the latest mixtape from Chames, which is inspired by the book Siddhartha by Herman Hesse. Siddhartha's Revelations is the book told in hip-hop form, using the language and relevancy of today's generation in order to translate it into a message that can be understood in 2015.

Monday, June 22, 2015

Revival (Poetry)

Artwork by: Anton Mauve
What if the sheep had no shepherd?
Nobody to guide them...
Nobody to show them the way
Nobody to regurgitate clichés

Would one of the sheep rise up to fill the void?
Or would they be destroyed?
Would the freedom be enjoyed?
Or would they be annoyed?

What if the shepherd had no sheep?
Nobody to guide...
Nobody to show the way
Nobody to listen to the clichés

Would he grow depressed?
Would his unfed ego cause him to stress?
Would the freedom be enjoyed?
Or would he be annoyed?

The shepherd is no shepherd without sheep
The sheep are no longer sheep with no shepherd
The roles defined are intertwined in darkness
The voices of pedestals and order are suddenly silent
So who do they become?

They become who they truly were...
Before society gave them the titles

Consider it a revival

-Jon Chambers

Sunday, May 31, 2015

Patience (Poetry)

Artwork by: JC 1000
They say patience is a virtue…
Somebody lied
That somebody never had drive
Never felt alive
Never had their dreams denied
Never had hope turn to demise
Never cried
Never was forced into a compromise
Never had a plan devised…
Just to have that plan declined
They never tried.

Or maybe they did…
And they realized everything takes time
Maybe they were patient because they realized…
That everything was in the hands of the divine.

-Jon Chambers

Saturday, May 30, 2015

Regrets (Poetry)

Artwork by: Judy Mackey
Regrets whisper in the calm of the night
Never when it’s bright
Never in the daylight

They whisper in your dreams
Nightmares specifically
Waking you out of slumber
Attempting to take you under

Regrets whisper in the calm of the night
Never when it’s bright
Never in the daylight
Because in the daylight you can see clear
You can see that there’s nothing you can change
So there’s nothing to fear

-Jon Chambers

Friday, May 29, 2015

The Moment (Poetry)

Artwork by: JC 1000

They say you can’t take it with you when you leave
The money tree leaves…
The diamonds and properties acquired from excruciating toil
My heart is cold, but my blood boils

We can’t take our obsessions
We can’t take our prized possessions
Don’t love or idolize them… this is the doctrine
But what is the other option?

Should we focus on knowledge, rather than material things?
Stuff our face in a book to regurgitate and recite?
What a life.
That option would seem best…
If our brain didn’t rot with the rest of our flesh

So what remains?
What is left to attain?
Focus on the moment…
Don’t let it be in vain

-Jon Chambers

Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Introducing JC 1000 (Photography)

Visit to purchase photographs.  Also follow JC1000photography on Instagram

Why Are They Rioting? What the News Won’t Report (Article)

BREAKING NEWS: Officer’s Injured, State of Emergency, Curfew Imposed.  This was what the headline read when I logged onto CNN this morning.  We’ve all heard about the peaceful protests turned riots that began in Baltimore yesterday following the funeral of, wait... what was his name again?  I talked to numerous people who couldn’t tell me any type of information regarding the case of Freddie Gray, but guess what?  They knew about the riots.  They couldn’t tell me anything about the peaceful protests that have been going on for days, but guess what?  They knew about the riots.  On one end, you can say that the riots may have actually aided in spreading awareness, since many people didn’t even know about the case, or many of the other numerous cases like this that have went on in the past 30 years.  On the other side of the coin, the constant coverage of the horrible riots without speaking about why the riots are occurring is perpetuating a culture of ignorance and misunderstanding of the plight of the individuals participating in these riots.  First before I continue, let me say that I by no way shape or form am condoning setting buildings on fire and throwing rocks at police officers, but we can’t have a discussion about the effect without first talking about the cause… because at this point it’s deeper than Freddie Gray or any isolated incident.  That’s what the news fails to report on.  You don’t have to condone something to be able to understand it.

A lot of people watching these riots don’t realize that cities like Baltimore are a warzone every single day.  I’m not talking about the Baltimore inner harbor where you go to take Instagram pictures.  I’m talking about the Baltimore that’s depicted very plainly on the HBO series The Wire.  A close look at season 4 of The Wire will show you how these communities turn into warzones.  It will show you how the children are raised in sub-par education systems and fatherless homes.  It will show you that a lot of these kids grow up in an environment where all they know is drugs, death, and violence.  So we need to readdress this rhetoric about people “destroying the precious city of Baltimore,” because their community is already destroyed.  There’s just never a public outcry about it and the news never reports on it.  We’re too busy worrying about misfortunes in other countries when there are marginalized and oppressed people right down the street.  We’re too busy condemning rap music for its violent and destructive lyrics, instead of realizing that these artists are providing you a glimpse into a world of hopelessness and despair that the news doesn’t report on.  They then become the news reporters for the ghetto, but we criticize the lyrics instead of looking at the root of where these lyrics are coming from, the same way that we criticize the riots without looking at the cause.  The cause is poverty and a long generation of social injustice that America keeps trying to sweep under the rug as if it’s no longer relevant.  The problem is how utterly disgusting the wealth gap continues to be in America between whites and blacks.  A 2013 study shows that the median net worth of white households was $116,800, while the median net worth of black households was $1,700.  No I didn’t misplace my comma or forget an extra zero.  Obviously there are poor people in every race, but we seem to ignore the racial wealth gap.  Even when we don’t ignore it, we see a lot of it as self-induced.  I’m not saying that none of it is self-induced, but we can’t have that conversion without first having the conversation of how we arrived at this point in the first place.

An argument that I hear a lot from white people is the fact that black people have no right to complain about where they currently are in society, because racism/slavery ended a long time ago and we need to stop blaming the current generation for the past generation’s mistakes.  They are partially correct.  We DO need to stop pointing the finger and take responsibility for our own futures, but let’s also take a look at the reality of racism.  I’m 24 years old, and my mom was born in 1959.  Martin Luther King Jr was assassinated in 1968.  My mom raised me based on how she was raised, and she was raised through times of outward racism.  Do you see where I’m going with this?  So if my mom raised me based on how she was raised, that means white people were also raised based on how their parents were raised.  We aren’t here to play the blame game, but we just need to be more realistic with how we approach race relations in America.  White people often times act as if outward racism happened thousands of years ago, and we’re dwelling on the past.  That being said, we do need to take responsibility for ourselves, especially if we’re living in a “free” country, but let’s not act like this is a post-racial society.

Let’s dive a little bit further into this issue of white people not being responsible for the current plight of blacks.  It’s true that many white people living today are no longer racist or discriminatory by any stretch of the imagination.  So why are there only 7 black billionaires out of the almost 2,000 billionaires in the world?  Let’s go back to historical perspective.  MLK was born in 1929, and we all know about his upbringing so I won’t bore you with the details, but let’s look closer at how people become billionaires.  Take a look at the list of top 15 billionaires.  Oh you don’t see any black people?  Well that actually wasn’t the point.  We’ll get to that another time, but take a look at how many people you see with the last name Walton.  The answer is an astounding 3.  3 of the richest 15 people in the world are all from the same family.   Watch how all of this connects.  Remember how I mentioned that MLK was assassinated in 1968?  Well, the first Walmart opened in 1962.  Did Martin Luther King have the same business opportunities in the 60’s that the Walton’s had?  Do you see now how past racism is still contributing to today’s wealth gap, even IF we were living in a post racial society?  That doesn’t even begin to attack the issue of gerrymandering and the effects we are facing to this day.  That’s not even beginning to mention the marginalization of black people by giving us permanent homes in project buildings that were meant to be temporary.  That doesn’t even mention the fact that the CIA then sold drugs to those communities (example: Freeway Ricky Ross) and turned them into violent dealers and addicts.  That doesn’t dive into the fact that they then created/used laws to lock up a majority of the fathers in the community (for possessing drugs that the government supplied them with in the first place).  Even that doesn’t speak on a fatherless community of children then being sent to poor public schooling systems where the teachers don’t care and the students are all victims of the system.  It’s a system where everybody lives below the poverty line and a majority of their peers have parents addicted to drugs.  It’s a system where drug dealing and violence seems to be the only way out.  It’s either that, or take a low paying job that could never provide for a family.  Many don’t even make it past the age of 25.  Only after you understand the rest of the story can you match that up with the countless cases of police brutality, and a proven history of racial biases. 
THAT my friends, is why they are rioting.  They don’t have anything to lose.  Their neighborhoods were destroyed years ago and they are still dealing with the domino effect.  If you don’t understand any of that then there’s no way you can understand the riots.  It’s a great tragedy that businesses have been burned down and innocent cops have been injured, but this domino effect of social injustice is an even greater tragedy.  The problem isn’t that people don’t care about these social injustices, but the problem is that many people are ignorant to them and ignorant to how policies put into effect during my parent’s teenage years could still be having an effect today.  Don’t let the news coverage blind you from the realities that these people face every day, and will continue to face when the riots are over and the news cameras are no longer present.  The news has become synonymous with the entertainment industry.  They tell you what you WANT to hear and not what you NEED to hear.  Well I’m here to tell you what you need to hear, and what you need to hear is that this is a lot deeper than a peaceful protest turned violent by thugs and savages who have chosen to “destroy their own community” as opposed to peacefully protesting.  You need to understand the cause before you understand the effect.

Sunday, April 5, 2015

Adaptation Part 2 (Poetry)

Artwork by: Jeanne Fry
Pages turn... Chapters end
Where does the next chapter begin?
Chapters end... Pages turn
Bridges burn.

Stuck in repentance
The lack of adaptation is a death sentence
A penalty prolonged by denial
And an awaited revival

But there's no revival of the past
Only memories...
And latching onto the past is dependency
It is Death.

Adaptation is how you survive
Adaptation is being alive

-Jon Chambers

Sunday, March 15, 2015

Chames - Last Call (Music)

Last Call is a feel-good and soulful Spring/Summer anthem, and is the first single off of Chames' upcoming double mixtape "Saturday"/"Sunday."  This track will be featured on the Saturday tape.  Saturday is more upbeat with party anthems, while Sunday is more introspective with serious messages.

Saturday, February 14, 2015

Nick Arter & Chames - The Colors (Music) {Mixtape}

 This mixtape is a journey through the minds of two money crazed bachelors, ready to see what the world has to offer. The tape takes the listener inside of the minds of the two young adults, who are stuck in between being young and growing up. The music is sometimes motivational, sometimes misogynistic, and sometimes egotistical, but it provides a realistic depiction of the mind of a young adult living in America in 2015. This tape doesn't only give give you one side of the story, but it rather gives you the entire spectrum of how these specific beliefs come to be engrained into our heads. The Colors. Twiter: Chames (@Chambersthepoet) -- Nick Arter (_@NickArter)

Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Monopoly (Poetry)

Artwork by: Alec
 Welcome back to the platform of truth
No bass drums just the rhythm of the youth
No hi hats just 3 goals and some turf
Some kick it with the keys until they discover worth
When the keys are illegal it's hard to stay above ground
Ironically the customers are higher than the clouds
Because we live in a country where we're focused on the Dow
Not the future of our children, we're just focused on the now
Where you have to buy a ring just to read wedding vows
You can spin the wheel of fortune but you have to buy the vowels
We buy garments so we're spotted like a cow
Just to see people's necks turn like an owl

This is what we created
A world of egos and the heavily sedated
It's a monopoly game... some people hate it
Even though it's fictitious... I still wanna play it

-Jon Chambers

Sunday, June 1, 2014

Chames - Root of Evil EP (Music)

Take a journey with Chames through the ups and downs of a quest for money, riches, and the evils that can become prevalent as a result.

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Adaptation (Poetry)

Artwork by: Jose' Roosevelt
Feelings change like seasons do
From colorful leaves to barren branches
Everything is a cycle

Going against your feelings is going against the season
Expired relationships spoil like milk
The taste is sickening

Exposed skin and beach clothes in the coldest winters…
Adapt or be stricken with disease
Be mentally aware or seek reactive prayer
Die on your feet or live on your knees

Feelings change like seasons do
Don’t refuse to change when your feelings do

-Jon Chambers

Monday, April 14, 2014

God for Sale (Poetry)

Artwork by: Stephen Hall
There once existed a troubled and lost soul
Depression grabbed hold of everything she thought was true
She looked at spiritual people with jealousy
She wanted the inner peace of God that they had

So she went to a guru and said "show me a sign...
Show me how I can be at peace and be one with the divine
Teach me your ways... everything I need to know."
The guru laughed... because he knew there was nothing to show

But since she insisted... the guru saw the light
He waited until her eyelids were at rest for the night
He approached her at gunpoint... aimed at her chest...
And demanded her inner God to exit her flesh
And it did... so the guru threw it in a bag
He put it in a box and then marked it with a tag

The guru came back at dawn... and when he arrived
He sold her the inner God for $19.95

-Jon Chambers

Friday, April 11, 2014

The Path to Immortality Part 2 (Poetry)

Artwork by: Liviu Sava

She asked me what this was all about
What was life about?
Why go through unnecessary struggles?
Why not just submit yourself to death?
It's all a big nothing, she said

She didn't understand that she has the power
The power to create, evolve, and devour
She didn't understand that everybody experiences life differently
Perception is reality... and there are no consistencies

She didn't understand that she'd never have the opportunity to see and observe the three dimensional world through her unique point of view ever again.

She didn't see the beauty in that.

Sure she had dreams...
But they were dreams that she only dreamed while she was alone
Fearful that society would turn them to stone
And even if she reached her dreams... she would die anyway
So why not die today?

She didn't realize she was the stars, moon, and sun
She didn't realize that everything was one
She didn't realize that her realized dreams could shape the world for many moons to come

A deferred dream is a bird that never leaves the nest
Realized dreams don't die with the flesh

-Jon Chambers

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

My Skeletons and I Part 3 (Poetry)

Artwork by: Titian
They told him he was perfect
He didn't believe it...
But maintaining his image was worth it

One day his skeletons were discovered
The skeletons he once smothered
Disguised by the lies that he told undercover

He hunted down the person who would soon expose his bones
Chased him down through the dessert until they were alone
Beheaded him and dug a hole to conceal
Anything to prevent his bones from being revealed

So he maintained his image of perfection
The same image he's had since an adolescent
The fact that he killed a man remained unknown
He killed a man and gave himself more skeleton bones

They told him he was perfect
He didn't believe it...
But maintaining his image was worth it

-Jon Chambers

Friday, October 11, 2013

El Jefe (Poetry)

Artwork by: Mike OBrien
His affiliations have affirmed his seat on the throne
Now he is king...
Now his ego trips over every compliment
He trips... falls... lands on his knees
But he will not repent

He pledged to be the savior but is now the oppressor
He sheds tears at the thought of a successor
He wants to reign forever... like the King of the Jews
And teach people submission as they listen from their pews

He's worse than an addict of heroin or cocaine
He's not addicted to the drugs... he's addicted to the game
He's not addicted to the money... he's addicted to the fame
But the pearly gates might not recognize his name

His righteousness is gone...
His moral compass has been devoured
All for the love of power

-Jon Chambers

Monday, September 2, 2013

Chames - The Fountain of Youth (Music) {Mixtape}

This mixtape is a versatile display of song writing, lyricism, and story telling. When you listen to Chames, expect to hear everything from introspection, to ego-driven lyrics, to spirituality, and above all else.. the plight and triumphs of a young adult trying to navigate his way through life as he is honest with all of the thoughts and emotions that come along with it whether they be good or bad.

Sunday, August 25, 2013

Chames - EnicE & Chames '13 Freestyle/Mixtape Trailer (Music)

The Fountain of Youth Mixtape Trailer

EnicE & Chames '13 Freestyle

Thursday, July 18, 2013

Carry on Tradition Part 3 (Poetry)

Artwork by: Dan Lacey
What was God thinking when he wired their brains?
Their concrete brains immune to change…
How dare him make me think I was the one insane

He surrounded me with group thinkers
Their preferences are tradition and submission
Believing outdated fairy tales their parents would tell
Quoting all this scripture and condemning me to Hell
Am I the one that’s crazy?
It’s getting hard to tell

This is the way the world is
That’s what they say…
This is the way that the world shall be
They even said it was flat one day

The truly wise admit their ignorance
And they search for holes within the system
That’s hard to accomplish if you carry on tradition

-Jon Chambers

Monday, June 24, 2013

Carry on Tradition Part 2 (Poetry)

Artwork by: Halena Tiainen
Do you feel protected by the lies you've told?
Maybe you are...
Maybe you aren't affected by the truth's gravity
If that old saying is true: "perception is reality"

We all have our own worlds to get lost in
We all have our own ways to articulate meaning
Corrupted by the opinions of our fathers
Corrupted by the opinions of their fathers
But they could never be the blame
Because we'll soon play that same game

Letting our opinions alter the youth's perception
Proving the perception that we're all connected

-Jon Chambers

Thursday, May 30, 2013

The Next Level (Poetry)

Artwork by: Mark Bryan
The perpetual forward looker is a lonely man
He can never enjoy the future for which he planned
He needs to prepare himself for the next level...

We are always taught to prepare for the next level
Prepare for the next phase...
First is only there to prepare you for second grade
Then they prepare you for high school… prepare you for college…
Prepare you for a job... the slavery and bondage…
And that's just there to prepare you to retire…
But what did you truly desire?

Because everybody's story ends the same
Wrinkly and stiff as they view your remains
The future you were planning for never came
The future you were planning for is now a grave

The perpetual forward looker is a lonely man
He can never enjoy the future for which he planned
There’s always a "next level" that he can’t grasp with his hands...
Blinding him from the task at hand

-Jon Chambers

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Carry on Tradition Part 1 (Poetry)

Artwork by: Kuldip Degon
Why do they put us in this position?
Plagued by a deep-rooted duty to carry on tradition
If you don’t… the elders will expose you
It becomes an insincere apology…
You only do it because you were told to
Because you are “supposed to”
The elders were close-minded…
Don’t let their peer pressure allow your mind to close too

When you conceive your own child…
And eventually give birth…
The child will thank you for breaking the curse

-Jon Chambers