Sunday, July 29, 2012

The Date (Poetry)

Artwork by: Corina Chirila
The great feat of impressing the one you adore
Let me pull out your chair… let me open your door
Compliment the makeup mask you wore
In a desperate attempt to become the one you adore

Now you’re on a high horse with a bloody nose
Red wine and uncomfortable clothes

Why do we have to act so bizarre?
Let’s lay in the grass
Write our names in the stars
Let’s walk on the beach
Write our names in the sand
Hold each other’s hand…
As we travel to a far off land

-Jon Chambers

Thursday, July 26, 2012

Dream Team (Poetry)

Artwork by: Salvador Dali
Daunting dreams and nefarious nightmares
Dreams that will tease the timid
The chronic timid appease the wicked
The disease is vicious…

Only a few are ambitious…
The rest of us will open their doors,
Punch their clocks, and clean their floors

Only a few are ambitious…
The choice is yours

-Jon Chambers

Sunday, July 22, 2012

Bad Religion (Poetry)

Artwork by: Angu Walters
To God she pleads...

She’s awaiting restoration
But true restoration is only accompanied by death
So she’ll be waiting her whole life

She died on her knees

-Jon Chambers

Saturday, July 21, 2012

Commentator (Poetry)

Artwork by: Elizabeth Chapman
I say your name but I don't know you
I slander your name in public
And say things like:

You're a deceiving demon that has suppressed my psyche
and blinded me from the truth and reality of my own existence.
Life was much easier before your complications coincided
with my lustful desires that arouse after my voice deepened.

But I know that was never your intention...

I don't think I ever knew you to the highest degree
I just loved the fact that she knew you through me

So love, don't put me to shame
I'm only a commentator who never played the game

-Jon Chambers

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Help Me (Poetry)

Artwork by Edith van Duin-Schermer
There's a homeless man holding a "Help Me" sign 
He’s sitting on a couch 
 I wonder what his story is...

Maybe he’s lazy in pursuing his vision 
Or maybe he’s really a victim of the system 
Maybe he needs a home cooked dish 
Or maybe he needs help learning how to catch fish

 Maybe I’ll ask him 
Maybe not 
I’d hate to tease him with nothing to offer 

 I don’t have spare change 
I don’t have food 
My job isn't hiring 
My house is full 

 So I drove past and peered through my rear view 
And I saw a young teen approach the man… 
To my surprise he didn’t need a handout… he didn’t need a loan 
He needed help moving his couch inside of his new home

 -Jon Chambers

Monday, July 9, 2012

Trip Report (Poetry)

Artwork by: Krystal Frazee
200,000 years ago I took a drug...

I was thrown into this world
where I’m given life by blood and punished by floods.

Some of the side-effects are gravity and fear…
Ignorance and egos… a food chain and tears
They say the effects could go on for years…

I see strange lights I call the sun and the moon
And most creatures seem to eat each other for food

A child was soon born…
9 months after a divine touch removed the leaves
and I made love to my Eve

The child grew to be reliant on his self
Evolving and problem solving
No longer needing help

He would impregnate the fertile core
of his own Eve on the eve of my death.

Then all I saw was darkness
I was swimming in darkness
9 months later I arrived in a familiar place…

I was alive again…
It’s 200,000 years later…
I don’t think I’m ever getting high again

-Jon Chambers

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

A First Time for Everything (Poetry)

Artwork by: Tom Shropshire
Yesterday was my first day sinning
Today will be my first day forgiving
Tomorrow will be my first day living

-Jon Chambers

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Broken Record, Beautiful Music (Poetry)

Artwork by: Damien Hirst
I know how it ends
But I still turn the pages
I've read it a thousand times
And the ending never changes

It ends with broken promises and shattered hearts
It ends in possessive passion
It ends in the projection of myself I won't accept
It ends in disrespect
It ends in death

But I'm addicted to the dream
I'm addicted to the pages in-between
This moment was sent from above
For the moment we have life
For the moment we have love

-Jon Chambers

Monday, July 2, 2012

Lions, Tigers, and Bears (Poetry)

Artwork by: Claudia Cotrutza French
I may not know why I'm here
But something tells me I have nothing to fear
Even if my history is different than they teach
Even if heaven isn’t the same as they preach
Even if this knowledge disappears, I won’t tear
Better yet I won’t know…

Will we face eternal nothingness?
Will we be born anew?
Stop answering…
I don’t know anything and neither do you

But I’ve loved the good times here…
And something tells me I have nothing to fear

-Jon Chambers