Tuesday, April 3, 2012

My Poetic Truth (Book)


My Poetic Truth is a journey through the human experience. It is more than a random collection of writings that are placed sporadically without purpose or direction. The poetry is broken down into sections that give the poems context and come together to create a story of growth, awakening, and acceptance. The subjects are common enough to be relatable, while unique enough to offer new perspectives and stretch the boundaries of ordinary perception.

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I Just Want to Create (Poetry)

Artwork by: Leo Strawn Jr
I just want to create

I want to give the world words that are infinitely interpreted
Words of yesterday's memories of tomorrow's regrets
Words that transcend temporal limitations
Words that connect to emotional ecstasy and hedonistic Hell

I just want to create

-Jon Chambers

For the Cause of Religion (Poetry)

Artwork by: Prashil Pazare
Her eyes are windows,
But not to her soul…
Her eyes are windows to her lack of perfection,
For in them I see my own reflection.
I see my own insecure fears
that run from the road like deer.
They run from the road of progression.
They make illegal u-turns through red lights
down one way streets in the opposite direction.

I broke these windows and closed the blinds forever.
Then I closed my own so we could lie together.

-Jon Chambers