Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Trendy Revolutionaries (Poetry)

Artwork by: Arisa Niwa
Our generation’s revolutions are flawed
We are frauds…
We’re not down for the cause
We’re down so we can receive a round of applause

Our ancestors used to lose sleep
Our ancestors were never discrete
Our ancestors used to march the streets
But we send out a few tweets and retreat

At this rate things will never be fair
But if it’s not affecting us… we never really cared
One day we’ll grow old and say: “look at what we did”
I feel sorry for our kids

-Jon Chambers

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Spring (Poetry)

Artwork by: Michele G. Dodds
Spring serenades Mother Earth with early morning bird calls
It sprinkles seeds into her fertile core
It is a new beginning
It is beautiful.
Its flowers bloom into marvelous visual spectacles,
Representing the preferable half of decay and renewal.

Its days grow longer…
Enlightening us and casting away darkness
Allowing the faith of mustard seeds to harvest
Allowing us to retreat from hibernation…
Step outside… and enjoy God’s marvelous creation

-Jon Chambers

Aloof (Poetry)

Artwork by: Alex Grey
Reminiscing in the darkest alleys under fictitious fortresses
I see the light... but only when my eyes are closed
The colors, the colors... all of the lights
Stuck in my mind... all of the nights
Do the social creatures know a bliss such as this?
Or is it dependent on inconsistent affirmation?
Or perhaps their bliss is pure
Intertwined spirits obeying the intent of the gods

-Jon Chambers

Thank You (Poetry)

Artwork by: Alex Grey
Creating is a wondrous act of spiritual insight
Letting the muses strum tunes in my subconscious
Letting conditioning lie in the morgue next to stubborn beliefs
Letting my inner emotion paint limiting language with infinite interpretation

But will they understand?
Will they condemn the red paint on my creative hands?
Will I give my all and be left exposed?
Stripped down to my roots while they torture my soul?

Then somebody tells me that they can relate
Then somebody tells me that this is my fate
This is the reason I continue to create

Thank You.

-Jon Chambers

Wednesday, March 14, 2012