Saturday, February 25, 2012

Outer Space (Poetry)

Artwork by: Eugene Von Bruenchenhein
On the third planet from the sun I'm out of place
I belong in outer space
I belong in the limitless galaxy without form
I belong on a planet without norms
Take me where judgment is foreign and oneness is instinct

Welcome to the sanctuary
Where we submit to the Christ
Welcome to the third dimension
Where we don't understand life

All we know is that we're here for a reason
Or maybe not
Maybe God knows all
But maybe he forgot

All I know is that I'm out of place
I belong in outer space

-Jon Chambers

The Future Me Part 1 (Poetry)

Artwork by: Rich Pellegrino
I hate the future me
I can't control him
I can't alter his thought pattern
I can't infiltrate his mind with motives from the past
I can't predict his madness
His motives...
I can't carry his baggage

-Jon Chambers

Monday, February 20, 2012

180 (Poetry)

Artwork by: Vanessa Garcia
Puzzle pieces morphing with time
I thought our destiny was divine
Conflicting desires… both clearly devoted
Actions with misunderstood motives
Silent screams… broken hearts
Nothing can rekindle the flame from the start
Good intentions with corrupt thoughts
Bad karma with good motives
Hopeful beginnings transformed into probable endings
Unlikely mending

-Jon Chambers

Saturday, February 11, 2012

Poem About Nothing (Poetry)

Artwork by: Robert Panzullo
Onions in the sky… don’t touch the vibe
Non-permanent patterns and basking in the present
Lilies are blowing in the winds of change
But I’m at peace.
Insecurities leading to premature deaths
But the insecurities survive
Love is blind
Happiness is in your own mind
Nobody can define

-Jon Chambers

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Limits (Poetry)

Artwork by: Minnie Evans
Countless lives
Countless worlds
Solitary distinctive lessons
I envy the omnipresent
This life is so restricting
There’s so much to see
There’s so much to feel
But only one person I can be

-Jon Chambers

Dreaming to Death (Poetry)

Artwork by: Markovski Artem
Chasing dreams through the dark alleys of danger
Surrounded with black cats
Sorry Madre... I'm stepping on cracks
I await that same fate, the world’s weight is on my back
And it's intertwined with knives
Thanks to a smile induced by no real emotion
Thanks to villains and vultures under the moonlight
Thanks to my heartlessness that needed retaliation

Chasing dreams through the dark alleys of death
I wonder what's next

-Jon Chambers