Thursday, January 26, 2012

After Defeat (Poetry)

Artwork by: Todd Marinovich

There's a downpour in the windows to my soul
In my hand is a gun...
The bullets pierce deep into my confidence
These toxins are altering my consciousness

Will I ever know success?
Hopefully we meet before I get to know death
None of your words will numb this pain
None of your uplifting speeches will rekindle my flame
The fictitious flattery does nothing for my tortured soul

The despair is transformed into anger
Transformed into blame
I was so committed...
So I'll blame my failure on conspiracies and critics
Maybe I'll just curl up and die
Or maybe I'll convince myself I never really tried

-Jon Chambers

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Depression (Poetry)

Artwork by: Mark Sharer

My mind whispers tales of contradiction
My body begs for sedatives and toxins
My heart yearns for the love I lack within
My soul is lonely...
It travels aimlessly through abstract realities
It guides me with an intangible map
My negligent ego denies the existence

Overridden with emotion
Insecurities intertwine with fear
Unaligned chakras and tattooed tears

Unsure of my direction
Waiting on depression
She intrudes into my residence
She kidnaps my joy and harasses my destiny
She hides my love and kills my gratitude
She worships my fear and pays tithes to toxins

When I feel I have nowhere to turn
Depression sets a fire within my heart…
And lets it burn

-Jon Chambers

Thursday, January 12, 2012

My First Book (Announcement)

My first book entitled My Poetic Truth is reaching its final stages of completion. It should be available for purchase on my blog and hopefully within the next month. You may be wondering as to why you should purchase a book of my poems when I already make a lot my poems available for reading via the internet. The fact of the matter is that this thought almost stopped me from publishing. I wanted to give the public more than just poetry that is already easily accessible. As I began putting my book together at the beginning of last summer, I started to see that my poetry was telling a story. It was telling my story. In turn, this book is actually a story of my psychological and emotional journeys that happen to be accompanied by poetry that reflects a particular part of my story and conscious awakening.
My Poetic Truth is a journey through the human experience. It is more than a random collection of writings that are placed sporadically without purpose or direction. The poetry is broken down into sections that give the poems context and come together to create a story of growth, awakening, and acceptance. The subjects are common enough to be relatable, while unique enough to offer new perspectives and stretch the boundaries of ordinary perception.
I will offer more details as they become available.
-Jon Chambers

Monday, January 2, 2012

Resistance (Poetry)

Artwork by: Karen Musick

Uncertainty undermines the devotion
Fear of inability silences the stuttering Moses
The red sea closes...

Traveling against grains of opinions
Minuscule grains of unimportance and fictitious dominion
Professing to be wise men bearing gifts
Walking down the isle getting married to a myth

Their myths won't deceive me
Faith won't leave me
I just hope destiny receives me

So many paths... I just need the right one
So many history books... I just need to write one
I just hope I can plant my flag
Before I'm forced to wave a white one

-Jon Chambers