Monday, July 9, 2012

Trip Report (Poetry)

Artwork by: Krystal Frazee
200,000 years ago I took a drug...

I was thrown into this world
where I’m given life by blood and punished by floods.

Some of the side-effects are gravity and fear…
Ignorance and egos… a food chain and tears
They say the effects could go on for years…

I see strange lights I call the sun and the moon
And most creatures seem to eat each other for food

A child was soon born…
9 months after a divine touch removed the leaves
and I made love to my Eve

The child grew to be reliant on his self
Evolving and problem solving
No longer needing help

He would impregnate the fertile core
of his own Eve on the eve of my death.

Then all I saw was darkness
I was swimming in darkness
9 months later I arrived in a familiar place…

I was alive again…
It’s 200,000 years later…
I don’t think I’m ever getting high again

-Jon Chambers

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