Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Help Me (Poetry)

Artwork by Edith van Duin-Schermer
There's a homeless man holding a "Help Me" sign 
He’s sitting on a couch 
 I wonder what his story is...

Maybe he’s lazy in pursuing his vision 
Or maybe he’s really a victim of the system 
Maybe he needs a home cooked dish 
Or maybe he needs help learning how to catch fish

 Maybe I’ll ask him 
Maybe not 
I’d hate to tease him with nothing to offer 

 I don’t have spare change 
I don’t have food 
My job isn't hiring 
My house is full 

 So I drove past and peered through my rear view 
And I saw a young teen approach the man… 
To my surprise he didn’t need a handout… he didn’t need a loan 
He needed help moving his couch inside of his new home

 -Jon Chambers

1 comment:

  1. this is a good one.... what's the saying, "don't judge a book..."

    Keep on writing!