Thursday, January 19, 2012

Depression (Poetry)

Artwork by: Mark Sharer

My mind whispers tales of contradiction
My body begs for sedatives and toxins
My heart yearns for the love I lack within
My soul is lonely...
It travels aimlessly through abstract realities
It guides me with an intangible map
My negligent ego denies the existence

Overridden with emotion
Insecurities intertwine with fear
Unaligned chakras and tattooed tears

Unsure of my direction
Waiting on depression
She intrudes into my residence
She kidnaps my joy and harasses my destiny
She hides my love and kills my gratitude
She worships my fear and pays tithes to toxins

When I feel I have nowhere to turn
Depression sets a fire within my heart…
And lets it burn

-Jon Chambers

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