Sunday, December 25, 2011

Game Over (Poetry)

Artwork by: Ione Citrin

Skating on the thin ice of karma's overstepped boundaries
Swimming underneath are sharks...
Sharks and judges waiting on my morals to sever
Waiting to cast stones at my scarlet letters
Praying I collapse so I can lie with the lepers

Drowning in the cold December streams
Life flashes before me, remembering my dreams
Dreams submerged and deferred

Maybe next lifetime

-Jon Chambers

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Social Networks (Poetry)

Stop it...
You keep detaching me from my reality
Feeding the mouth of my resistance
Entertaining my sheepskin covered with this pigmented flesh
Boredom sends you invitations unconsciously
Making time advance at record speeds
Procrastination loves you
My problems are momentarily sentenced to death
But they always survive...

Alternate worlds and infinite falsifications
All in search of gratification
I need to resist this temptation

Social networks...
Connected to everybody else
Disconnected from myself

Friday, December 16, 2011

Everything Was One (Poetry)

Artwork by: Sarah Lowe

Everything was one
Before everything begun
I was you
You were me
Everything was how it was supposed to be

We have fooled ourselves...
Fooled ourselves into thinking outside forces control us
Thinking they close doors to ultimate perception
Thinking they paint shut the windows of hope
Denied freedom cries force us into blame

Everything is one
The stars, the moon, the sun
I am you
You are me
Everything is how it's supposed to be

-Jon Chambers

Thursday, December 15, 2011

Exorcize Me (Poetry)

Artwork by: Francisco Goya

I need the best religion
I need an exorcism

These forces disconnect me from myself
At least the self I thought I was
The self I told people I was

Who are you?
What have you done with me?
Or maybe you're a part of me...
The part I buried alive
You have risen to haunt me
You have risen to taunt me
Showing me who I really am

Helping my psychological see
This isn't possession...
This is just me

-Jon Chambers

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Psychological Nomad (Poetry)

Artwork by: Mimi Knoop

My attic has the thoughts of an addict
Never stagnant… psychologically nomadic
Passive passion and violent crimes
A killer is locked away in the corridors of my mind
Christ is in a tomb in the chambers of my heart
Tempted by a serpent slithering through the night
Dwelling in my shadows… we’ll never be apart
Bringing the fear of death to the tree of life
A suffering savage withholding truth
An elder with fruit withheld from the youth

Every time I’m on edge I’m afraid to jump
Afraid of the potential karmic debt
Afraid of the demons that I thought I suppressed
Afraid of losing this pedestal that I deny
My attic has the thoughts of an addict
Never stagnant… psychologically nomadic

-Jon Chambers

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Empty Empathy (Poetry)

Artwork by: Sophie Tarantino

Repressed regrets denied for years
Given new life… baptized with tears
Fear… pride… empathy dies
Hopelessly resurrected on the fourth day
The stone was rolled away… but the witnesses have left
Did the empathy ever truly transcend death?

It’s alive…
But its invisibility leaves its recipient deprived
Left to force and falsify forgiveness

It’s alive
But it’s like the fallen tree in the forest
Lacking importance
Sorry is too late in the face of abortion

-Jon Chambers

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Conflicted (Poetry)

Artwork by: State of Grace Graphics

Conflicted between confidence and resistance
Between conformity and proper petition
Between an eternal ecstasy promised by the priest
And the hedonistic greed on the hands of the thief
The conscious compete, while the prideful retreat
Conflicted between Constitution and compromise
Prophesized through conscious eyes

Conflicted between self-fulfilling prophecy and destiny
Between harmony and supremacy
Between war and serenity
Scribed in the myths as the demonic and the heavenly

-Jon Chambers