Sunday, October 30, 2011

Today's Truth (Poetry)

Artwork by: Gary Tonge

Historical perspective guides our beliefs
Culminating in this present state
Adapting to discoveries and philosophies
Sometimes turning blasphemous theories into facts
Sometimes humbling the all-knowing sage
Reconstructing our books page by page

A flat earth at the universal center
Inferior dark-skinned life from a far off land
One planet... Nine planets... Eight planets...
Billions of galaxies to humble our existence
Worship the sun... but the sun is a star
One of billions...
Many have planets orbiting from afar
Billions of galaxies and unexplored terrain
But as we search for life... we return in vain

Which truths will be debunked through exlploration and conscious conversation?
Which truths of today will be absurdity in future generations?

-Jon Chambers

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Magic (Poetry)

Artwork by: Asgar Gabriel

The walls are crawling... my angels are calling
Everything is morphing into particles and vibrations
The walls are crawling... my angels are calling
But so are the devils... my mind and body separated
The colors radiate... nature is serene
But this world is an illusion... it's not how it seems
My ears are ringing... my ego is gone
Spiritually awake but my physical yawns
I now accept that I'll one day lay deceased
Then I'm distracted...
These clouds paint a complex masterpiece
The moon is full of energy... the stars are full of hope
The music elicits a different color every note
Every emotion I've ever felt I can feel
Any self-induced karma I can heal
I feel like a philosopher... I feel so enlightened
Everything is so clear... but everything is so weird
Now I'm back in reality... writing these words
Unable to explain with language what occurred

-Jon Chambers

Saturday, October 15, 2011

War on Drugs (Poetry)

Photo from:

Addiction to prescription drugs is a business
Addiction to illegal drugs is a sickness
Buying poison in a bottle is a privilege
Buying poison in a bag is forbidden
Prohibition... constant friction
Distinct distinctions and contradictions
Contradictions in the diction of the contras
Contraband... with government sponsors

Monetary gain masked as morality
Threatening the youth with fear driven fallacies
Deep-rooted in discrimination
The penitentiary... the modern day plantation

Forcing their biased morality on the masses
And it's a morality governed by fear...
But fear has never cured a disease…
It just temporarily suppresses symptoms...
And permanently makes us victims

-Jon Chambers

Saturday, October 8, 2011

Philosophical Phases (Poetry)

Artwork by: Edward Hopper

How did we get here?
What are we doing?
Placed in this three dimensional prism
Here with no sensory guidance that’s not tainted
Here in the microcosm of a galaxy
Here with these minds to think and philosophize fallacies

Where are the limits?
Where does this evolution finish?
When does everything become clear?

These questions are at war with people with answers
But their answers don’t seem to bring me peace
They give me more speculations…
I need to silence these voices… I need more meditation

Wars in my mind… constant debates
Are we divine destiny or dead weight?
Did man evolve or did God create?
In the end I have no answers…
Just a head that aches

-Jon Chambers