Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Power (poetry)

Artwrok by: Sherra Leeanne

Visions of Nietzsche’s nihilism
The ruler and the servants both sent into submission

From the prophetic priest to the established elite

From the sophisticated scholar to those with illiterate speech

If only we had the power to tell power no
If only we had to the power to let power go
In search of power and wealth
To make up for the lack of power over our self

-Jon Chambers

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Behind the Curtain (Poetry)

Artwork by: Jeganathan Ramachandram

Political prophets preaching to the sheep
Making political profits privately and discrete
Deception from all directions lacking discretion
Sly salvation… supporting suppression
They empathize to avoid enemies
Nihilistic negotiating with powerful pleas
The crowd on their knees… pledging to a flag
Digesting decrees from people with degrees

But behind the curtain... and behind the emotionless face
There’s an empathetic human that’s hard to erase
Maybe hard to trace… but it dwells beyond the fame
It cries behind the lies… in the right side of the brain

Oneness and the connection to everything alive…
Lies behind the curtain unveiled when we die

-Jon Chambers

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Behind the Books (Poetry)

Artwork by: Faye Yong

Weekends ingesting poisons and numbing worries
Champagne for the pain… new apparel for the stains
Meeting the world… but when your eyes open in the early dawn
Stumbling from the lawn… you won’t remember their names
Pain… pleasure… lust for the urges
Low self-worth… cannabis for minds held captive by the system
The system that recites and regulates jargon until we’re programed

Or are we programing ourselves?
Depleting brain cells
A heaven on earth to leave us dwelling in Hell
But we should have the right to act foolish
Our preachers, doctors, and teachers even went through this
Our presidents, lawyers, and cops fell victim
Why not sin if we’ll be forgiven

-Jon Chambers

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Chronic Complications (Poetry)

Artwork by: Linda Carmel

Diving dangerously and darting through holes that make me whole
Fantasizing about fortunes and dressing in fabricated fabrics
These visual cues take me to insecure places
Racing through time and pacing in my mind
The one designed by the one divine
Casting judgment on crimes and kind to those who do it sublime
But only in my mind...

My mind that complicates emotion and devotion
Like a potion that possesses the premature primal experience
Guiding to a place unknown... But the place knows all
The place grows tall… and shatters societies boxes
It learns honesty and truth silencing the inner sly foxes
But is there a purpose behind?
Or did I do this all with my mind?
Or am I blind?
Are WE blind?
Rats racing through a delicate design

-Jon Chambers