Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Labels (Poetry)

Artwork by: Anji Johnston

They want to label me with language
Suffocate me with syllables and similes
Limit me to titles and tendencies
Just to invent my inconclusive identity

Why must I fit into a label you'll just use to judge?
I wish to be as free as the dove
Flying high above...your concrete reality

Flying high above anything that describes me as anything but infinite
Anything that describes me as innocent
I'm guilty as charged behind these bars
I'm a tortured soul behind these scars

Turn the tables... Their support is unstable
Disable the labels... Regard them as fables

-Jon Chambers

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Sedona (Poetry)

Energy from the mountains heighten my vibration
Outlines of the clouds propel my imaginative spirit
Synchronistic encounters force enhanced perceptions

The red rocks caress the mountains with love
The galleries display cultural truths and abstract dreams
The landscape solicits serene sanity

Meditating in altered states absent hangovers
Speaking with clarity and truth
Feeling the connection to everything alive

Walking sacred grounds of the ancient natives
Letting their spirits guide me through terrain I haven’t traveled this lifetime
Letting this awakening guide me outside of the city limits

-Jon Chambers

Friday, August 26, 2011

Vicious Cycles (Poetry)

Artwork by: Brittany Jackson

Gather all of the banks... baptize them with fire
Let it symbolize impermanence
Let it burn imaginary value
Let the ashes fertilize the trees from which they came

Gather all of the churches... flood them with the ashes
Label it as an offering to the God within
Sacrificing the addictive bondage
Let the root of all evil reign no more

No more greed... no more profit

Curing the symptoms of the satanic sickness
Symptoms to reappear with different faces and names
Different faces playing the same games

Attempts to quicken evolution are futile
Including this piece I construct for my pupils

-Jon Chambers

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Control (Poetry)

Artwork by: Heidi Tailleffer

I fight the forces that force feed
I fight the forces until I'm freed
Even if they're telling me the right way to proceed
I fight the forces until I'm freed

Even if I'm obedient to these forces
I'll perform angelic actions with wrong motives
Fearful of my dictator's judgement
Troubled presents and future fears

I can't submit...
I can't be the dummy for you ventriloquists
I can't give you control
I can't be on stage with strings tied to my soul

You call it stubborn... I call it liberation
You call it close-minded... I call it elevation
I fight the forces that force feed
I fight the forces until I'm freed

I'm just doing my sanity a deed...
I hope I succeed

-Jon Chambers

Monday, August 8, 2011

Elements and Spirits (Poetry)

Artwork by: Silk Fox

Out of my element
Out in the elements
Exposed to the rain and the wind
Exposed to the saliva spewed from God’s trumpet
Jericho falls…

Making the oppressors bitter
I feel one with Joshua’s jitters
Sending soldiers greeted by a sinner selling sex
Vexed with regrets

Out of my element
Out in the elements
Exposed to the sunshine that blinds
Exposed to the surveillance of the Cyclops named Mother Nature

Giving her inhabitants Hell…
I feel one with my ancestors
Working fields with backs made of lashes
Being burnt to ashes

The elements of life… the memories of those in caskets

-Jon Chambers

Root of Evil (Poetry)

Artwok by: Francesco Castiglione

Faith of mustard seeds sprouting roots to all evil
Growing forbidden fruit on the tree of life
Forbidden fruit and empty stomachs
Grapes fermented into wine and drunken obese bourgeoisie

Numerous naive neo-Eves
Greeted by sly serpents promising knowledge and wisdom
Ashamed by the naked truth
False egos override blissful ignorance

Faith of mustard seeds sprouting roots to all evil
Growing healthy green leaves with president faces
One tenth of what you garner belongs to the divine
At least that's how it's written...

I guess even God is 10% wicked

-Jon Chambers

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Possessed (Poetry)

Artwork by: Girolamo di Benvenuto

I love the darkness...
I love my mind's psychotic state
A disciple for the demons when tempted with the proper bait

I love the darkness...
I love my heart's quickened rhythm
A victim of the system trapped in my minds prison

I love the darkness...

I hate the suppression
I love the demons... But I hate the possession

-Jon Chambers

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Visions and Contradictions (Poetry)

Artwork by: Kyro Designs

Troubled thoughts... Constant contradictions
Closed eyes... Constant visions
Infinite impulses locked in prisons
The head hits the heart in a cataclysmic collision
A big bang to awaken my inner galaxy
Transcending the absolute to deny it's fallacies

I am this... I am that...
I am...
A powerful pope... A lost boy in Sudan
The National Peace Corps... The The Ku Klux Klan

Troubled thoughts... Constant contradictions
Closed eyes... Constant visions

-Jon Chambers