Monday, June 27, 2011

The Painter's Plight (Poetry)

Artwork by: Vincent Van Gogh

Emotions in my heart hide behind words
The voices in my head linger in limbo
Lowering the bars in this prison
Give me a canvas to depict these dark tales
Give me a gun that shoots stars to light up the world

Awaiting the new earth and heaven after the holy war
Diminishing dangerous distinctions
Oneness appears beyond the veil
Awaiting future hopes that the present harbors

I write this prose for angelic con artists
Hoping the world sees the light through your darkness

-Jon Chambers

Sunday, June 26, 2011

The Hands of Man (Poetry)

Artwork by: Evelyn Patrick

The fires of hell...
Sparked by a match made in heaven
Burning bridges to the promised land
Drowning the sheep...

The fires of hell...
Sparked by a muse strumming tunes
The son of the early dawn casting darkness
Molded by the hands of man

The gates of heaven...
Open to the righteous children of Israel
Closed to those disowning the Christ
An incentive unknown to the living

The gates of heaven...
The dwelling place of the almighty
The place where his servants submit
Molded by the hands of man

The hands of man...
Filling in the gaps of what they don't understand

-Jon Chambers

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Green Grass (Poetry)

Artwok by: Lauren Evertt Finn

Bright green grass... Dying with the footsteps
Everything desired deemed demonic with hindsight
Signs glaring back with guidance ignored with ignorance
Everything I see is a reflection of my suppressions
Everything hated is a reflection of my denied self
Everything loved is my acceptance of what I harbor
Everything that's met without judgment is unfiltered
Everything that's observed with the ego is compared

Bright green grass... dying with the footsteps

-Jon Chambers

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Tears of Sad Clowns (Poetry)

Artwork by: Marie-Claire Doucet

Tears of sad clowns flood Wall Street
Their makeup paints an abstract masterpiece
Mother earth becomes sorrow’s salvation
Representing a mask-free moment of emotion
Painting the blood of the cold hearts
The hearts shatter like glass to the tempo of jazz
Painting the pride of the compassionate
The heads lie dormant on a Petri dish

The colors of the portrait mix together turning white
Only comprehensible with knowledge of darkness
The colors imitate the visible spectrum
The patterns imitate the constructed cosmos

Infinite artists on this canvas called life
Creating immeasurable realities
Defeating the imaginary idealism
Accepting the tears of the clown
The tears that drown…
Suffocating the body, rejecting ourselves

-Jon Chambers

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Shielded From Self (Poetry)

Artwork by: Salvador Dali

Projected externally... creating unjust blame
Attempting to decipher the cause of the rain
The cause of the pain... suffering in vain
Thanks to repressed regrets and unconscious emotions

Contending with outside forces...
Contained by the invisible wall of the rebel's fortress
Extending the distance from the head to the heart

At war with energies divided by perception
Self-rejection... disguised as protection

-Jon Chambers