Thursday, May 26, 2011

Sages of the Sea (Poetry)

Artwork by: Paul Tokarski

Soliciting the sages of the sea
Poseidon's infinite disciples
Immersed in the acceptance unseen by politicians
Submerged in the moment exclusive to the youth
Balanced with internal darkness ignored by the priest
Balanced with internal light forgotten by the fearful

Murderers... Drowning the corpses of the veils
All seven are greeted by the floors of the ocean
Fear, anger, and greed...
Accompanied by laziness and desire
Topped with the mask of pride and conditional love
The veils overused by the manipulative ego

The sages of the sea... grounded in the seasons
Offering insight to loud minds and fearful hearts
Simplifying the stressors architected by the brain
Basking in the sun... and flowing with the rain

-Jon Chambers

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Muted Devils (Poetry)

Artwork by: Henry Fuseli

Love for the light... despise for the darkness
Love for the compassionate... hate for the heartless
Crick in your neck from the abnormal one-sided views
Staring for infinite time at an angelic face
Selective vision... suppressed satanic prisons
Shooting Cupid's arrows with misdirected precision
Dionysus is left to flourish undetected
Like a cancerous cell internally mass murdering

Muted devils but the frequencies remain

Awakening the Lucifer depleted by the brain
Lingering in lustful Hedonism
Unaddressed and ignored by the virgin priest
Turtles while their shells lay blankets on their bones
Clipping off their wings turning human to stone
Staring for infinite time at an angelic face
While the muted devils stab and vanish without a trace

-Jon Chambers

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Imaginary Identities (Poetry)

Artwork by: Mario Zampedroni

False realities created
Sacred realities of hatred
Blended with the love of the addict
Dependent to please illusory habits
Depicting distinctions dependently pleasing non-existent pleasure
Making it equivalent to pain... sun equivalent to rain...
The rain that creates roses equivalent to guns
Shooting bullets killing strangers equivalent to sons
Equivalent to none...
Zero is the solution to invisible sums
Sums of evil and good... crazy and sane
Educated and ignorant... heartless and humane
Dualistic potentials awaiting situations
Whether liberation, domination, or damnation
Provoked by temptation, starvation, and fixations
Infinite figments of imagination

-Jon Chambers

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Maya (Poetry)

Artwork by: Agnieszka Mizia

Time and the ego are related
Sister and brother birthed from the virgin named Illusion
Incest resulted in a son named confusion
Together they inherit the throne…
Making laws that only benefit their family
Labeling rebels who ignore them with insanity
Laying the rebels in the rubble until they’re smothered
Then covering them in ashes from their cremated mother
The mortal named Illusion,
Who birthed the brother and sister
Who are now mother, father, aunt, and uncle to confusion
But after she passed away… her offspring soon followed
Welcoming back the almighty Apollo

-Jon Chambers

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Embrace (Poetry)

Artwork by: Gretchen Grunt

This seesaw of life is weighed down with closed boxes
Yin with no yang... these are verses full of vices
Imbalanced chemicals creating lines at the asylum
Ironically they also breed full cathedrals
The addict snorts away the thin lines that divide us
And offer scapegoats the stone-throwers can hit
Sympathy silenced when their lines lead to caskets
While the tearless search for a street called straight in Damascus

This seesaw of life is weighed down with a gavel
Covering skeleton bones hiding in the gravel
Bones that are growing into cannibals
Eating you alive in a jealous rage
A savage created by a false sanity
Yang with no yin... these are verses full of vices
The sane is a gracious moon... a heartless sun
Embracing his light and his darkness as one

-Jon Chambers