Saturday, April 30, 2011

Horses with Blinders (Poetry)

Artwork by: John Brack
Horses with our blinders on...
Dr Experience grimaces with no students
Love is confined to designs architected by self
Hate is subconsciously breeding envy in your minds mansion
Crazed by a capsule addiction and demonic diction
Divided by conquerors and their poisoned prescriptions
These oxymorons put us in submission
Proper politician… Christ-like Christian

Horses with our blinders on…
Experience is a salesman with a pink slip
Creativity is lost in the left brain’s numbers
Conformity is slowly breeding detrimental groupthink

Until the day we break these psychological chains,
We’ll just be horses with our blinders on…
Living in vain

-Jon Chambers

Monday, April 25, 2011

Spiritual Slaughter (Poetry)

Artwork by: Ryan Demaree

Behind the mask of misdirection and culture
The loving soul is turned wicked by the vultures
The soul of serenity subdued by satans
Dwellers of this hazardous hell... harboring hatred
Unaligned with the source we collide with a corpse
Spiritually deceased, we let his egotism preach
We let the mouths of dead men infiltrate our own speech
Until we too lay deceased...

-Jon Chambers

Friday, April 22, 2011

Morality (Poetry)

Artwork by: Rembrandt

Maybe morality was created to disarm the master
The master of external exploitation to empower
Darwin’s minions praising the fourteenth King Louis
Personifying the psyche of Health Ledger’s last role

Maybe morality was created to arm the slave
The hopeless and oppressed… desiring their grave
God’s creators praising fables of moral truth
Personifying the psyche of the subjugated Egyptians
Creating laws from the fiction… deceptive diction
Misdirected visions… religion…

Power… survival… the undeniable motivations
The masters get their power by constructing corporations
While the meek get their power through immoral accusations
Making declarations to promote it to the congregation

Maybe morality itself is immoral
Voices of the gods given breath by the mortals

-Jon Chambers

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Chemical Imbalance (Poetry)

Artwork by: David Normal

Sanity silenced… if it ever even spoke
It’s hard to speak when rope strangles my throat
Hanging, letting suffocation sacrifice my spirit
Premeditated pain to permanently paralyze
Closing these constantly corrupted pair of eyes
Deafening ears prone to deception and misdirection
Shutting this mouth that emulates authority
Digesting their will to power diminishing what is orderly
Master-moral code capsizing enslaved sheep
Nihilism, denied visions… while evading the meek
Constraining the weak… prosperous positions
Constructing competition to entertain the sheep
God is dead… not the true divine presence
But the invented superstition made in man’s image
Created to head this patriarchal pandemic
That comes alive in the lies wearing ties in the senate
Ancient math leads to the demise of the limit
Cracked atoms in the blackness to collide with the finish
Sanity silenced… now my mind speaks fluent
The free thought and potential that’s denied to the student

-Jon Chambers

Saturday, April 9, 2011

A Molester's Moleskine (Poetry)

Artwork by: Felice Ficherelli

Father dead… absent patriarchal presence
Isolation… seclusion… now I’m forced into depression
Domesticated devils dismember my direction
And in drive the demons… now I’m forced into possession
The church calls me sinner… but I refuse to be “delivered”
Now this lavish of liquor always lingers in my liver
Psychedelic Sudafed… I see black holes of life
I’m doing disappearing acts with these white lines of death
Denied sex… so I put my victims in sedation
Hell on earth is the reality depicted in my basement
Abrasive… come dance in the devil’s corridors
Await the fate of the decapitated whore

-Jon Chambers