Monday, March 28, 2011

Spiritual Evolution (Poetry)

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Prophecy predictions… preposterous propositions
Righteous revelations recognized in the religions
A big bang reversed… the demise of the collision
Or spiritual awakening that’s blinded by tradition
Tradition… that led to reformation demonstrations
Diminishing materials so the spirit could awaken
Creation… science… authoritative defiance
Violence… conflicting ideologies to blind us
Force-fed fiction… devil disguised diction
Friction… corrupt soothsayer superstition
Until spiritual evolutions, there’s no need for revolutions
Prestigious persecution replaced by poor pollution

-Jon Chambers

Monday, March 21, 2011

The Unlikely Future (Poetry)

Artwork by: Prakash Sree S N

Collective consciousness... eradicated egos
Humanitarian habitants... lasting love lingers
Greed is at the graveyard... covered in blood
Murdered by empathy and smothered with love

-Jon Chambers

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Beautiful Backbones (Poetry)

Beautiful backbones, destroyed and dismantled
Put into submission to silence the sheep
Quiet the meek... let their voice-boxes shatter...
Like the opposite of the box that holds their minds hostage
The rectangular frame used to program their brains
Lucrative lies of love so the romance remains
Deceptive kisses turn tongues to bullets
Exiting cold hard lips of misused knowledge
The blood spills out...
The love spills out...
Misdirection and propaganda cover the wounds
From mothers' wombs to lovers' tombs
Making life a widow...
But that female dog will soon find another groom

-Jon Chambers

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Survive (Poetry)

Artwork by: Sarabeth Dunton

Basking in the glory of this complex creation
Yet we're complacent... stagnant in the scenery
Cutting down the greenery... to construct paper for me to scribe this
Watching businesses exploit egos and denied gifts

Perplexed personas... hypocritical judgments
Egotism rains on an ice cold brain
Skating in circles on a frozen terrain
Any second the thin ice will submerge us
We'll be floating in a cold stream with the excess waste
Corporation corpses signal elitisms demise
The masquerades decay... the eulogy of the disguise
Drowning in the tears that the rebel cries

Let the tsunami waves hide the graves
And crucify the religions that designed the slaves
Then we can awaken to the potentials we're denied
Actually avoid the revelations and survive

-Jon Chambers

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Chames - Self-Actualization [EP] (Music)

This EP is a brief display of Chames (gotta love 3rd person) lyrically spreading knowledge and pressing for evolution, elevation, and enlightenment. This EP is also the debut for an up and coming producer who goes by the name of Delohim, and produced the entire EP. In addition, the artwork for the project was done by Corina Chirila. More of her artwork can be viewed at

Chames - Self-Actualization

1. The Prelude
2. Civilize the Savage
3. Reflection
4. Elevation (feat. Nick VA)
5. Secret Societies
6. Righteous
7. Love Will Grow

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Friday, March 11, 2011

Sinister Suits (Poetry)

Artwork by: Charles Hopkinson

Vulchers in lamb’s wool speaking foreign tongue
Jargon that resembles hieroglyphics to the common man
Powerful maneuvers masqueraded with a smile
Murderous minds masqueraded by the naïve hair groomer
Staring at one another’s ties, praying for their demise
Wishing to take the tie and suffocate the savage until he’s silenced
Turn it into a noose and let his shined shoes dangle
Then decapitate his demonic mind and send it to a cannibal

These are the hidden memoirs of a sinner in a suit
Heart cold as the winter, eating dinner with his youth
And when his seed is of the age to wear a suit of his own
He plans to gives his family closet more skeleton bones

-Jon Chambers

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Heterodoxy (Poetry)

Artwork by: Lucas Cranach

Conformists to my culture may view me as a rebel
Religious advocates may view me as a devil
The politicians say I lack love for the nation
But I'm a slave studying ways of 18th century Haitians
Minds designed Satan making minds complacent
Let minds defy hatred and align constellations
I bet it coincides with divine elevation
And cracks seals scribed in the lines of Revelations

Liberated options led to the despising of the doctrines
Self-interpretation and dividing was adopted
The greatest minds succeeded in making history re-write
While lesser minds feared and conspired against the Christ
In orthodox circles what we preach is a pollution
Passing for a prophet will result in persecution
What you call heresy is often the solution
So think before you try to crucify the revolution

-Jon Chambers