Monday, February 21, 2011

Lady Liberty (Poetry)

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She’s frozen in time… peers with still eyes
Facing the land of promise… watching its demise
Enslaving under freedoms name… resembling a steeple
Closed books… closed minds... dismembering its people
She’s never been faithful… she’ll forever be a harlot
She stood still and watched... as New York turned scarlet
It’s evident she had knowledge of the planes
A grand scheme to ensure the black gold was obtained
She doesn’t wish to see us educated and humane
She’d rather see us high on cocaine…
Drunk off champagne… poisoning our brain
While her Uncle Sam uses you to prolong her reign
Heartless… she never sheds tears into the stream
She’s a swindler standing on the Hudson selling dreams
Her heart's cold... and her flesh is made of stone
Peering with still eyes at the place we call home

-Jon Chambers

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Dr. Demon (Poetry)

Prescribing poison for profit... commercialized drugs
Televised villains... commercialized thugs
Paying off doctors... devils with degrees
Speaking false tongue towards diminishing disease
Prescribing pills for the ills... sickening side-affects
On the road to well-being you collide with death
Stalin with a stethoscope... a civilized savage

-Jon Chambers

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Maybe I Lied (Poetry)

Artwork by: Oswaldo Guayasamin

Sign my petition… I’m a qualified leader
Just give me thirty seconds and I’ll make you a believer
The people motivate me… I wish to be their voice
I am the people… I’m the people’s only choice
I represent revolution… the end of the elite
There will be no more pedestals… or kneeling at their feet
We must rise up… we must take a stand
Let me be the poster child for the change you demand

You made the right decision… now I reign supreme
No other army will conquer my regime
But the people are rebelling… and I pay them no mind
I tell them I was destined… the will of the divine
But maybe it was never my true will to serve them
Maybe I wished an ocean of deception would submerge them
I’ve turned into the system that I promised to devour
Maybe I lied to the people… so they’d give me power

-Jon Chambers

Friday, February 11, 2011

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Schoolyard Murder (Poetry)

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Quick to assign problems... but skim past the message
Quick to teach self-interest... but skim past the ethics
Quick to tell us our history... but skim past the truth
The original man came from Africa... they skim past the roots
European explorations... but they skim past the rape
The slavery and murders while they smiled in their face
Thanksgiving? I don't wish to celebrate deception
Falling victim to a hoax used for misdirection
Conformity and greed... disguised as education
This is a corporate run land that's disguised as a nation

School gives you a good job...
If you pay the cost to get through it
Then you become a slave...
Just like that professor who 'taught' you how to do it

Ever since K-5… our freethinking was lost
They took the wood from our pencils and made it into a cross
They told us we need money... never-mind a hobby
They took the chalk from the chalk board... and sketched our bodies

-Jon Chambers