Saturday, January 22, 2011

A Selfish Paradise (Poetry)

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He refuses to covet his neighbor’s possessions
Caring and giving has become his obsession
He appears to be headed in the right direction
He just wants to make it to paradise…

He won't be belittled by Satan's wrath
He won't be corrupted by the powers of cash
He appears to be traveling along the right path
He just wants to make it to paradise…

A paradise... full of self-interest and greed
A paradise of golden roads for the ones who deceive
A paradise... full of wrongdoers who chose to "repent"
A paradise... full of bad karma from corrupt intent

A selfish paradise is hard to sell...
So it’s sold with fear... 'We need to escape hell'
The paradise they preach isn't paradise to me
Just self-consumption… hidden behind religious beliefs

-Jon Chambers

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

A Sea of Contrast (Poetry)

Artwork by: Chris Magbunos

Differing opinions don't have to conflict
Similar waves topple dissimilar fish
Similar waves misguiding dissimilar ships
Similar stars... for everybody's dissimilar wish
Culture and ideals... blinded by the bias
Clinging to traditions giving reason to divide us
Philosophy and religion... nobody agrees
So everybody conforms to what nobody believes
Give a conflicting opinion... and they wanna debate you
Building relationships you can't even relate to
Open minds seem to appease the soul
Living in this sea of contrast is our solitary goal
Imagine if the whole world was the same
Same race... same religion... even the same names
There'd be no reason to live... nothing to attain
We'd be living in vain

-Jon Chambers

Saturday, January 15, 2011

We Are All Slaves (Poetry)

Artwork by: Vincent Van Gogh

We are all slaves… none of us are free
We must all answer to our master’s decree
Nobody is immune to gravity’s whip
Everybody submits…

Slaves to oppression… slaves to the system
Slaves to education… slaves to religion
Slaves to corporations… slaves to the vultures
Slaves to conditioning… slaves to your culture
Slaves to our country… slaves to the glory
Slaves to distorted history… slaves to the stories
Slaves to power… slaves to greed
Slaves to money… not wishing to be freed

He who feels free… not among the masses…
Will surely be among the caskets
The one who falsely believes they are free…
Are the ones enslaved to the highest degree.

-Jon Chambers

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Anti (Poetry)

Artwork by: John Black Henderson

Reflections of hatred… dreams of revenge
Aspirations of love that he couldn’t comprehend
Thoughts of vengeance… dreams of retribution
War is far from peace…
But it seems to be the only solution

He was anti fear… anti war
Anti ignorance… anti folklore
Anti jealousy… anti oppression
Anti hate… anti aggression

Anti… anti…
Anti direction…

So he attracted more of what he hated
Less love, more Satan
Screaming anti… anti…
Just made him create it

If you fight what you hate,
It’ll be sure to find you
If you embrace what you love,
Through love it will define you.

-Jon Chambers

Sunday, January 2, 2011

The End is Here (Poetry)

Artwork by: Justin Perkins

When the ball dropped… so did the tears
Fleeting moments turned into years
The blood from the martyr turned ambition to fear
The end was near…

Mannequins in mansions… dressed in disguise
Conformist clowns with big noses… deep rooted in their lies
Prominent pastors… just not for free
Silent singers… thinking off key
The end is here…

Free thinking fighters… their lives on the line
A curious congregation… reaching for the divine
Compassionate “criminals”… ignoring petty rules
Seeking authentic education… ignoring petty schools
A revolution is near

Profit propaganda… silencing our voice
Demonic democracy… murdering our choice
Cowardly kings… raising their sword
Brainwashed infantry… prepared for war

The revolution that was near…
Nobody will hear…

The end is here…

-Jon Chambers