Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Wisdom (Poetry)

Artwork by: Isiac A. DaGraca

Innocence… ignorance… na├»ve by decision
Should the blissful soul be wary of wisdom?
Does the all-knowing sage have peace of mind?
Or is he constantly at war with every piece of his mind?
Grappling with concepts nonexistent to the ignorant
Adding stressors to a brain that loves to bask in innocence
Does wisdom add responsibility without ability?
Or does it add divinity and help you see vividly?

The ignorant is like an infant…
Stagnant in a primal philosophical phase
Married to complacency…
Dodging rice grains as their foot steps over the broom
While their peers plant flags, leaving footsteps on the moon

The ignorant is selfish…
Denying the oneness and collective unconscious
Denying the evolution proposed by the prophets
Using past lifetimes as a crutch
Leaving future lifetimes in the dust

Wisdom is selfless…
Growing in the midst of inevitable death

But the wise dies like a star…
Letting her dust evolve in the midst of her demise
Letting off energy and lighting up the sky

-Jon Chambers

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