Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Seasons (Poetry)

Artwork by: Tim Gagnon

The season of fall… the autumn breeze
The degrees fall… and so do the leaves
The sun sheds light on radiant impermanent colors
Colors placed in body bags after falling to their death
Leaving a tree of life that stands bare
Producing artwork to accompany despair
The blanket of snow is a gift and a curse
Sometimes it graces… other times it erases
The grass on the other side is no longer appealing
The blades lie dormant for the snowflake concealing
Snowflakes to soon melt and rise to the skies
Falling and sprouting leaves as April cries
Falling and aiding the grass as it grows
The same grass it harasses when it snows
What is the reason?
In humans we call it bipolar
In nature we call it seasons

-Jon Chambers

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