Sunday, October 30, 2011

Today's Truth (Poetry)

Artwork by: Gary Tonge

Historical perspective guides our beliefs
Culminating in this present state
Adapting to discoveries and philosophies
Sometimes turning blasphemous theories into facts
Sometimes humbling the all-knowing sage
Reconstructing our books page by page

A flat earth at the universal center
Inferior dark-skinned life from a far off land
One planet... Nine planets... Eight planets...
Billions of galaxies to humble our existence
Worship the sun... but the sun is a star
One of billions...
Many have planets orbiting from afar
Billions of galaxies and unexplored terrain
But as we search for life... we return in vain

Which truths will be debunked through exlploration and conscious conversation?
Which truths of today will be absurdity in future generations?

-Jon Chambers

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