Sunday, October 23, 2011

Magic (Poetry)

Artwork by: Asgar Gabriel

The walls are crawling... my angels are calling
Everything is morphing into particles and vibrations
The walls are crawling... my angels are calling
But so are the devils... my mind and body separated
The colors radiate... nature is serene
But this world is an illusion... it's not how it seems
My ears are ringing... my ego is gone
Spiritually awake but my physical yawns
I now accept that I'll one day lay deceased
Then I'm distracted...
These clouds paint a complex masterpiece
The moon is full of energy... the stars are full of hope
The music elicits a different color every note
Every emotion I've ever felt I can feel
Any self-induced karma I can heal
I feel like a philosopher... I feel so enlightened
Everything is so clear... but everything is so weird
Now I'm back in reality... writing these words
Unable to explain with language what occurred

-Jon Chambers

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