Saturday, December 25, 2010

Commercialized Chirst (Poetry)

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Born of a virgin... son of Saint Nick
Wrapped in green and red... Joseph’s coat of many colors
When it rained deer, green trees would sprout
Money trees with bloody leaves
Set ablaze with multiple flames

Born on the North Pole… greeted by three elves
They gave gifts of cookies, milk, and a red suit
They carried him through town on a one horse open sleigh
His birth would coincide with the solstice

This was scribed with creative hands
Just like the Holy word... scribed by man
On an unmarked day... these things were written
A commercialized Christ... for commercialized Christians

-Jon Chambers

Saturday, December 11, 2010

Stunted Potential (Poetry)

Artwork by: Isabelle Arsenault

Every day we get further from our youth
And every day we get further from the truth
Creative minds, silenced by ill-advised science
Creative hands, threatened by a list of demands
We strip them of their paintbrush… take away their tools
We strip them of experience… place them in a school
Another victim of conformity… another educated fool
Another free thinker… falling victim to the rules
Another great artist… told not to create
Another seeker of love… programmed to hate
Your parents are programmed… so nobody can warn you
That the schools don’t educate… they just conform you
The mind is turned off… questions unanswered
Televisions turned on… visual cancer
Another robot… to be appointed king
So he can pass the tradition off to his offspring

-Jon Chambers

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Follow the Leader (Article)

For years on end, we as a human race have sought out people to lead us and guide us through troubling times. Even in nature, when you observe a large number of animals traveling together, there is usually a solitary being among them that is leading this anonymous mass. We often times are overly eager to be led. Granted, this can be a good thing if you are being led by historical accounts, or even being led by the wisdom of the elderly. The problem arises when we put all of our trust into either historical accounts or another individual’s wisdom. In turn, we often prohibit our mind from free thinking and intellectual growth, and succumb to the evils of conformity. Conforming to a group in the name of a cause or for the sake of a more beneficiary lifestyle should theoretically not ever be considered as something ill-advised. Unfortunately, there are many ways that manipulation, deception, and classic misinterpretations can be fatal. In order to fully evolve the consciousness of the human race, we must learn to be able to tune into the leader that is implanted within all of us.

Joining the Cause

There are many organizations around the world that promote well-being, humanitarian efforts, and positive personal growth. Let me begin by stating that I am in no way, shape, or form attempting to write off these organizations as irrelevant or extraneous. The simple goal of this account is to refrain from letting these organizations and institutions limit our involvement in this cause we wish to support. It is very easy to become a part of a cause, and fall into a state of complacency and conventional practices that become all but counterproductive to your cause. Self-examination and introspective reflection is also imperative when you are joining the cause. You must be able to honestly and sincerely assess your moral standpoint as well as your motives. Many people will join a cause, not necessarily for the benefit of the organization itself, but more so for personal public perception. (This happens often times with celebrities.) Apart from public perception, there is also often a tendency to unproductively convince yourself that you are making an effort to send humanity in a positive direction. In both cases, the motives are misdirected, counterproductive, and self-defeating.

Too often in our society we become too preoccupied with attempting to locate an individual to lead a critical mass into a future of global awakening. Instead of becoming part of a cause, you should BE the cause. We all need to tune into the leader within ourselves, instead of looking for a leader or cause to follow. Attending the occasional rally or meeting does not change anything but your own psyche, and causes you to become more complacent. It's very similar to America when Obama was elected. The American people were on the verge of a revolution, until a president was elected that was soliciting "change." All of a sudden, America became less rebellious, their cries for social reform were almost non-existent, and their energy that was previously geared towards getting their candidate of "change" elected, was now re-directed toward more frivolous and stationary activity. This isn’t to say that we should not have elected Obama, but it is imperative that we don’t limit our cause to effortless and ignorant support of a leader or group.


Religion has been around ever since man has tried to make sense of life on this physical plane and attempted to decipher the afterlife. Many religions were founded by one individual, whom in turn was idolized and worshiped. The Buddha, Jesus Christ, and Mohammad all obtained followings that lasted well beyond their lifetime. While religions are often used to promote moral behavior, it is still essential to guarantee that blind uneducated followings are avoided. It would be almost futile to follow a religion based on hereditary and cultural expectations, which is normally the case. These religious figures that we follow are unique in the sense that they found their own truths through meditations, revelations, and personal conquests, in the midst of backlash and blasphemous accusations. These religious figures were seekers of truth, who looked deep within themselves and towards the heavens in order to unveil a deeper connection with divinity and the human potential. Excluding Jesus, these figures did not actually wish to be followed, but they rather hoped that their teachings would be able to help people become more spiritually connected, in a way that would transcend the conformist thoughts of their time periods.

Today we have numerous political… I mean religious institutions. These institutions are often headed by a leader. In the Baptist Church, this leader is called a pastor. There is no real direct problem with having a religious institution being headed by an individual; since after all without leadership, any type of establishment is prone to failure. The problem lies in the receivers of the Holy Scriptures. I touched on this a tad bit in an article I wrote last year entitled “The Pedestal Illusion.” We often times place these interpreters of God’s word on a high pedestal, erasing any room for error in their teachings. This written document is not to persuade anybody toward or away from a particular religion, nor is it written to denounce traditional religious practices in their entirety. The underlying theme is that we once again must be able to tune into the leader within ourselves, instead of simply becoming slaves to a particular ideology. Albert Einstein once famously advised us to “never stop asking questions.” We must keep this in mind when pursuing religion. Whether it’s questioning the motives of a religious leader, or questioning the authenticity of religious documents, we can never stop asking questions. When we stop asking questions, we willingly close our mind and submit to another individual’s truths, as well as his/her propaganda. When we stop asking questions, we become a robotic society stuck in a primitive way of thinking, analyzing, and problem solving. When we stop asking questions, we kill the leader within ourselves, and begin to let ourselves be led. For all we know, we could be being led directly into the gates of Hell.

Hitler: The Consequence

Everybody is familiar with the Holocaust, but what most people are not familiar with is the story that lies behind one of the most horrific demonstrations in human history. The way Adolf Hitler created such a following was through a very intricate process of classic deception. Obviously, Hitler would not have been able to carry out all of his narcissistic objectives on his own. He needed to convince people that the direction which he desired to take was not only beneficiary to the public, but was also the ideal and irrefutable option. He began by preaching the need for change and social reform. (See my article “Blind Loyalty”) Many people don’t realize that Hitler and the Nazi regime came to power in Germany through the traditional democratic system, which means he was selected by the people. This was in great thanks to their perfect execution of political propaganda. One of the factors that contributed to this support was the fact that Hitler was dealing with a susceptible and vulnerable people, thanks to the Great Depression. The people of Germany wanted somebody that could lead them through and out of the economic crisis at hand, and the likeable persuasive Adolf Hitler appeared to be the right candidate for the job.

The undertone of the German citizens was much like that of the American people around this same time. The American people looked to Roosevelt to bring them out of the biggest financial crisis, just as the German people looked to Hitler. It is all in great innocence and purity that the German people supported Hitler in his efforts. Because of the support, Hitler was able to persuade predisposed young people towards the idea of seeking a sense of pride in national service. In addition to this sense of pride was fear. German people had feared that Soviet communists would take over their nation, which is what led to everybody’s support for Hitler’s increase on military spending. This fear was easily instilled, because on February 27, 1933 German terrorists fire-bombed the German parliament building. This act of terrorism led Hitler to convince the parliament to give him temporary emergency powers in order to fight this threat of terrorism. This lead to the Enabling Act, which suspended the civil liberties of the German people temporarily until this terrorism threat had been diminished. The fear ridden Germans were very supportive.

Anti-Semitism was not specific to the Nazis; but was rather an undertone in many places around the world throughout this time. The Nazi regime had even offered to let the Jews go free from Germany, but American immigration laws sent the Jews back to Germany where they would be tortured. By the time the Holocaust came around, most German citizens were oblivious to what was taking place within these concentration camps. Ignorance led these citizens to turn the other way, and put ultimate trust in their government. Hitler already had power as a leader, which at this point, was not going to be threatened. Just as is true with our own government, much of the government’s actions are not disclosed to the public, and justified with the rhetoric of promoting national security. Remember that this was during a time of war, so governmental secrecy is usually respected.

Another thing you probably aren’t aware of is a group of people called the White Rose. The White Rose consisted of college students and one college professor, who made it their duty to spread anti-government pamphlets to the masses that were oblivious to the detrimental effect that Hitler’s reign would have on an immense population. During the war, this group tried to steer their people away from this blind allegiance to the government and towards a collective search of knowledge that would lead their people away from the notion of governmental support. These people refused to be followers. It is often said that ignorance is bliss. During the war, the ignorance of the general population led to a clear conscious. We cannot let unawareness lead us to a clear conscious, and lead us to the support of something that our consciously, intelligent, aware minds would not condone. Evolving humanity is more than just blindly joining a cause. Evolving humanity is more than submitting yourselves to religious traditions because of heredity or a sense of guilt. Attempting to evolve humanity in this way is very counterproductive, and will ultimately lead to complacency and destruction. We live in the land of the blind, willingly playing a game of follow the leader. If we open our minds and our hearts, we can continually play a game of follow the leader; but instead of searching for an external leader, we should tune into the leader within ourselves. At the core, we are all leaders who have sacrificed our roles in return for a temporary bliss and an idle mind. Follow your heart… follow your destiny… follow your intuition… follow the leader.

-Jon Chambers

Saturday, December 4, 2010

Memoirs of a King (Poetry)

Artwork by: Jean-Michel Basquiat

I used to envy the people they praise
From envy… to spite
From spite to rage

I wanted them to love me
I wanted their love to run deeper… and deeper
And it did…
But only before they cut me… deeper… and deeper

I wanted them to kiss me
I wanted them to kiss me long in the morning and the night
And they did…
Only before their guns gave me a long kiss goodnight

I got what I wanted
They praised me as I wished
And I thought it would end with happiness and bliss

The throne was much different… from what I once thought
A lot of kings lose their head
And as for the rest…
Their head gets cut off.

-Jon Chambers

Friday, December 3, 2010

A Love Story (Poetry)

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I've loved her... ever since adolescence
She's always been with me... her name is PRESENT
She's always so faithful... but I'm never satisfied
The looks of her friend always catch my eye
Her friends name is FUTURE... but she never seems to receive me
I can never even touch her... all she does is tease me
The longer I stare... her appearance declines
Maybe it’s because I left PRESENT behind
Sometimes my ex girlfriend tries to resurface
Her name is PAST... she blinds me of my purpose
Me and her are really close... she's far from a stranger
But she has faults... and she won't let me change her
When it comes to PAST... I've lost all respect
Ever since she wanted us to ménage with DEATH
So I decided to marry PRESENT... and make her my wife
After we made love... we gave birth to LIFE

-Jon Chambers