Saturday, November 20, 2010

Running (Poetry)

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Divided by illusions… I’m forced into seclusion
I wish they understood that we live in a delusion
Maybe I wish they understand… mad at my own ignorance
Mad at my self-omitting conclusion
I sit dormant in my cave… pleading for evolution
I sit stagnant on destruction… pleading for a solution
I know the answers to every question they can ask
I know the pedestal’s an illusion… but in its glory I bask
I tried to escape the corruption… escape the lies
So I departed to the lake… to pray to the skies
I tried to evade the conformists… avoid tradition
So I departed to the lake… to pursue something different
I wanted to pursue something true… something sacred
So I stripped my garments… and proceeded on naked
I left behind the profit… the evil self motives
I left the mechanized cycle… to which I was devoted
But when I looked in the lake… all I could do was run
Because the reflection in the lake… was what I had been running from

-Jon Chambers

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Closer to the Earth (Poetry)

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These five senses define me
These materials blind me
Temptation is a force I'm not ready to fight.

My personality solicits a selfish life,
My soul only awakens in the night.

Karma says that today's ego,
May introduce you to tomorrow’s regrets.
And that today's selfish choice,
May provoke tomorrows neglect.

Our garden of life is Eden,
Authentic power is in the soul.
Our temptation is the snake,
Authentic power is our goal.

Seeking external power is an unspoken vice,
Soliciting our soul for an illusory price.
Closer to my spirit I am guided by the light,
Closer to the earth... That serpent might bite.

-Jon Chambers

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Chairs in A Minor (Poetry)

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The music plays…
To accompany my heart beat
Faster and faster…
Soliciting God for a seat

I think they told me fables,
When they told me I was blessed
If only God would turn the tables,
At this table of success
My inner child runs rampant,
He’s so hard to suppress…
So hard to correct…
But so easy to neglect

No mask on the surface,
No eloquent dress
So he has no purpose…
No seat at the table left.

-Jon Chambers