Friday, October 29, 2010

For Years to Come (Poetry)

Fixated on this broken pedestal,
The faces blindly follow.
Corrupted with the power,
My heart beating so hollow.

They mistake my falsehoods for truth
They mistake my masquerade for compassion
They mistake my deception for perfection
They mistake my materials for progression

I am the law...
I am the truth...
I am the lie that corrupts the youth...

In my hands I can create...
In my hands I can devour...
No one man should have all of that power

They've created nations on my lies...
Continued the tradition even after my demise...
Intellectual thought is greeted with a gun...
Blinding the truth... for years to come.

-Jon Chambers

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Questions (Poetry)

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They always say this too shall pass,
But what if it doesn't pass before I do?
They say that if you love it let it go,
But what if she doesn't come back in time to say "I do"?
I asked for the lust... I asked for the profit
I asked for the world... and I actually got it
Sometimes what you wish for initiates your demise,
But what if the grass is really greener on the other side
They say you can do anything when you put your mind to it
But without your heart... isn't your mind useless?
They say somebody in the world has it worse than you,
But what if you're that somebody they always refer to?
They say there's nothing new under the sun,
But if everything came, then there's nothing to become
They say when one door closes, another opens
You shouldn't give one door all or your devotion
But what if the open door leads me to Hell’s gates?
How do I balance wishful thinking with my fate?
Maybe me and destiny just aren't destined to be
Maybe my own agenda blinds me from what I'm destined to see
If He told me in advance where that path would lead
I might have got off it... thinking it's not the path for me
But since God's the one who decided to create me
I'm willing to go wherever God desires to take me
Why would I even ask... there's only one direction
Maybe my hidden agenda should have been my only question

-Jon Chambers

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Troubled Waters (Poetry)

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Cold world… dark clouds in the forecast
The downpours create troubled waters in the street
One troubled drop can turn virgin seas red...
And introduce Mary to the belly of the beast
In her belly is a beast…
Three triplets named six intertwined at the feet
Stepping stones to that pedestal the blind seek

She thought Immaculate Conception…
But it was just a seed from the apple that Eve digested
The karma of her past manifesting in the present
Now a demon in disguise is manifesting in deception

Cold world… dark clouds in the forecast
The downpours create troubled waters in the street
Troubled waters in the oceans
Troubled waters in the seas
Troubled waters in my house…
Slowly rising to my knees

When it rains it pours,
But we’re the ones to blame...
For not confronting the troubled waters,
The last time it rained

The waters don’t disappear,
They rise to the skies...
Creating more dark clouds,
Our self-induced demise

-Jon Chambers