Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Potential (Poetry)

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Society is blinding… to the ways of the mind
The untapped potential behind the blinds
The five blinds... that we call the ultimate truth
Where authority would discourage the curious youth
In a world where war is the answer… and religion divides
Their questions unanswered… their dreams denied
Creativity is shunned… so they’re given a disguise
Never will their body and their spirit align
Brought up to conform… brought up under a veil
Brought up to masquerade… brought up to fail
So instead of awakening to our divine light
We simply blend in… like chameleons in the night
Surrounded by pitch black… holding a pitchfork
Murdering our minds… showing no remorse

-Jon Chambers

Friday, August 13, 2010

Dear Ego (Poetry)

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Up until now... I was bewildered in confusion
Separating our connection, but we are all the same
Dear ego... you are simply an illusion
An illusion that it seems we cannot contain

Hatred... envy... no sympathy is shown
Just greed... lust... ignorance in sown
Power is misused... obtained for control
Materials are abused... silencing the soul

War has erupted... where the innocent dwell
War against humanity... war against ourselves
Justifying our attack with good cause… or religion
Our cause is unity... but the effect is division

Farewell ego... our time is done
I now realize, everything on this earth is one
A shift in our consciousness... has now begun
Let's let go of our egos... and see what we can become

-Jon Chambers

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Chames - The Fourth Dimension (Music)

Props to Chonzo for the artwork!!

The circle at the bottom represents the third eye, which is the chakra that is said to be the gate that leads to higher consciousness and a state of spiritual enlightenment. The bottom portion of the figure is the lower vibrations of energy perceived (evil spirits, fear, hate, lust) and the top portion is the higher vibrations of energy (love, God, divinity). The fourth dimension is said to represent time, and the underlying theme of the project revolves around the idea that it's time for a change and time to evolve past hatred. Also, we as three dimensional creatures aren't able to grasp the concept of a four dimensional object with our five senses. This is also saying that we must deeper than our five senses to discover the secrets of life and the universe.
Chames - The Fourth Dimension

1. Intro
2. Another Dimension
3. Into the Abyss
4. Re-enchantment
5. The Divine Path
6. Dreams
7. 60 Seconds
8. The Ways of the World
9. Devil Dancin’
10. Religious Realms
11. Noigiler
12. Silence
13. Roots
14. I Stand Alone
15. Outcast
16. New Vision
17. Global Shift
18. Martyrdom

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