Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Blind (Poetry)

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Blind to our purpose... our purpose in life
Blind to our destiny... it's so easy to lose sight
Forgetting the goals of our spiritual selves
Succumbing to the Hells of our physical wealth
The moment ejaculation transformed to incarnation
We were conceived with a concept of human progression
But were running from the path... the path we were destined
If only we'd remove this veil... and accept it
If only we could see the outlines of our soul
If only we could see the idiocy in control
In deep meditation I saw the light
If only the rest of humanity would regain their sight
Instead we let fear guide our unconscious minds
We control others for power... instead of contacting the divine
I'm sure one day... humanity’s purpose will be defined
But until that day... to the truth… we are blind

-Jon Chambers

Monday, April 26, 2010

The Motions (Poetry)

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Traveling through this tunnel... I call it the motions
In this tunnel my mind can't open
In this tunnel I am blind to the light
In this tunnel I can't take flight
Rocky terrain... Glimmers of pain
A sea of deadly waves... Swallowing hope
Luckily my penmenship keeps me afloat
But tears from the heart... Submerge the tunnel
I must escape death... I could be submerged next
Following the tears of my heart... I escaped thE motions
Now I travel above that tunnel... In search of E-motion

-Jon Chambers

Saturday, April 24, 2010

In My Dreams (Poetry)

Distortions of my life… or maybe just another life
A place where my imagination can take flight
A place without ridicule… a place without judgment
Just compassion and love… I am free as the dove
I am the paintbrush… the world is my canvas
Painting peace… diminishing disbelief
My mind is silenced… my heart takes the lead
It beats to the drums… until my chest is numb

The devil still reaches his hand out to dance
Soliciting an evil and wicked romance
His two left feet stumble across the floor
I exit the room… as I open the door

The door becomes my eyelids… I awaken anew
Evil thoughts have been erased… wickedness subdued
In my dreams I am strong… I can stand for something
I awaken… and I fall… God please answer my call
Guide me through this life… paddle me down this stream
And help me treat life… as if it were my dreams

-Jon Chambers

Saturday, April 17, 2010

The Pledge (Poetry)

I pledge alligiance
To the lies
Of the divided states if America

And to the republic
With the devil it shall dance
One nation... forgeyting God

Division is visible
No liberty... no justice
Like Rome we shall fall

-Jon Chambers

Friday, April 16, 2010

When I'm Gone (Poetry)

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It's a shame I was so misunderstood
Not afraid to do what another man should
Anti-social... trusting not even my reflection
Maybe that explains my depression
Maybe that explains my social regression
If you hear from me... you’re simply an exception
At least my soul will reunite with God
Destiny fulfilled... I have completed my job
This earth no longer needs my shell
So take what I've written... the world you shall tell
I knew soon they'd love me... I knew soon they'd care
Now looking at my casket... all they can do is stare
When will this good karma finally collide with me?
I know that it's coming... but I don't think I'll be alive to see
When I'm gone... just know everything is destined to be
And I've completed the path that was destined for me

-Jon Chambers

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Soul Searching in a Cold World (Poetry)

Traveling this world… in search of success
In search of presidents… and awaiting my death
Placed in these institutions… in order to learn
That was a perfect match… to cause my soul to burn
They teach you to conform… and eventually succeed
But money never really equaled success to me
They tell you that money is the road to free you
But I found that money is the root to all evil
On television all I see is propaganda for profit
At the church I see voulchers… disguised as prophets
At the mall I see clothes… that just mask my heart
In dreams I see the light… awaken trapped in the dark
Punching these clocks… doing time behind bars
Dreaming for a spaceship… to drift away so far
I’ve tried to be patient with these preoccupations
But now it’s time that my soul gains salvation
So I drift away in a deep meditation
Reaching my spirit is the foundation

-Jon Chambers

Saturday, April 3, 2010

Chames - Divine Destiny II (Music)

Chames - Divine Destiny II

Act I: The Point of No Return
1. Death
2. Cast Away
3. Welcome To Hell
4. The Serpent (Interlude)
Act II: Worldly Pleasures
5. Fashion Fetish (Materialism)
6. Lust
7. Tender Love (The Break-Up)
Act III: Insanity8. Isolation
9. Identity Theft
Act IV: Realization10. Dear Darkness (Interlude)
11. The Awakening
12. Religion
13. Humble Endings
Act V: Beautiful Bliss
14. Grateful
15. Nirvana
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Full Project Breakdown

First let me start by stating that I am not providing this breakdown in order to hinder the imagination of the listener, nor am I providing this breakdown in order to slight your opinion. This breakdown is simply so that you can see where my mind was at as I constructed this piece, so that certain areas of the project do not get misunderstood. For instance, if you simply look at the cover and listen to the first couple of songs, you may come under the impression that I am some satanic devil worshiper. Taking tracks out of the context of the project (especially in this case) can have detrimental effects to your opinion of my character. This mixtape is not a reflection of my character, but rather an artistic reflection of society, as well as a journey through life, death, temptation, divinity, and truth. While the songs may not be a direct reflection of my character, they all stem from true human emotions. This was illustrated in the first volume of Divine Destiny through songs such as “Shot to the Heart” (heartbreak), “Should’ve Talked to Him” (regrets), and “Killers Mentality” (vengeance). Lastly, I am not using this breakdown to plead for your approval. I understand that at the end of the day it is music, and everybody has their separate tastes. My goal with this is just to help you better understand and appreciate my efforts, and if you still choose not to listen, then be my guest.

The Breakdown
This is like no mixtape you have heard before; it plays out like a movie. That is why the tracklist is broken down into acts. Each track is a different scene in the movie. So please use this as a guide as you listen to my vocals caress these movie scores, and see if you can relate and draw a connection with the character being portrayed.

Act I: The Point of No Return
If you remember the end of the first Divine Destiny, it ended with our character residing in heaven. Act I picks up where the first Divine Destiny left off. The intro is a poem originally titled “The Path to Immorality” on my blog, but it titled “Death” at the beginning of this mixtape. This poem basically just describes the intricacies of death. It talks about how at the end of the day, we all must bring our lives to a closure. In other words, we are all mortals. This poem is about leaving the world with something substantial, so that even though your physical body shall perish, your soul and your works will live as long as the earth shall exist. That poem was used to embody my reasons for returning to making music. The demonic voice is to foreshadow what is to come. In the next track entitled “Cast Away”, the story begins. Our character begins to question the motives of his God, in a way that a full blown argument has erupted towards the end of the track. He starts to explain how he feels about the God he has been serving. He recites, “I know we’re supposed to walk Jesus steps/ But God you aint been the same since Jesus left/ You aint shown sympathy since Jesus wept/ We all die why didn’t you let Jesus rest/” He also starts releasing his frustration concerning the people on this earth that he feels God has forgotten about. He recites “How can you be in control of the poor man’s fate/ Look at you, you can’t even fill that poor man’s plate/ Violence surrounds when the poor man wakes/ Katrina… you can’t even keep the poor man safe/” The song ends with a poem concerning Hell, and the people he found there that he hadn’t expected to see. This was used to represent the simple fact that people are more complex than they appear. Everybody that seems to be promoting peace and happiness could just be using your perception to benefit their own self interest. So now our character is residing in Hell. In the next song entitled “Welcome to Hell”, he is first reluctant to reside in his new home, but by the end of the track he has become demon possessed and corrupted by the devil. The song ends with him being content in his new home of deception, lust, and greed. The track to follow is a poem entitled “The Serpent.” This poem takes us to the Garden of Eden, and describes that although we usually talk about the devil enticing us and being the motivation for our faults; we have become the devil. We often times use the devil as a scapegoat for our failures, but in reality the problem is that the serpent is now the reflection you see when you look in the mirror. Enticing others and using them for your own self benefit. This sets the stage for the next act in this project.

Act II: Worldly Pleasures
This next act is the one that I believe will be the most relatable. No matter how holy you are, you still are tempted by the pleasures of this world. Since none of us are perfect, we have all at some point given in to these pleasures, in exchange for momentary pleasure. The first subject that this act attacks is materialism, in a song called “Fashion Fetish.” At this point, our character gets consumed by the materialistic view point that many people in our world possess. The first verse in this song is written as if our character was talking to a female. He metaphorically explains how these clothes have him under their spell. The second verse is a little more blatant. It starts off, “since I can’t be the man that I wanna be/ I choose to be the man that they wanna see/.” Now our references have moved from a physical affection, to a social acceptance. He now wears these clothes just so he can be accepted by society. The religious world is not immune to this, as he states, “And I can’t even enter a sanctuary in a church/ without showin’ off a suit to conceal my dirt/.” He later continues, “Unwrap these garments, and I might reveal leprosy/ be cast away? I’d rather pass away/.” As this song comes to a conclusion, the stage is set for the next song entitled “Lust.” At this point in our story, the character begins to become infatuated with the temporary satisfactions of promiscuous sexual encounters. This song is to in no way condone this activity or to justify it, it is simply to go inside the mind of the person who becomes consumed by this activity. With STDs, teen pregnancies, and dead beat fathers all on the rise, I’m not sure what other form of worldly pleasure is more relevant to today’s society. The next song in this act is the perfect transition into the act to follow. This song is called “Tender Love,” which describes a love story between our character and the worldly pleasure money, which he has now become consumed by. The character states, “I always had you, so I fronted like I didn’t need you/ you told me ‘in God you trust’ and I didn’t believe you/.” This is to explain the contradiction occurring, as they try to portray God and money in an unjust correlation. This is the first time our character begins to feel some sort of remorse for his actions. At the end of the song is a poem entitled, “I Gave You Power” which is essentially the money talking to the character. The poem ends when the money states, “I gave you opportunity… I didn’t help you lose it/ I gave you power… I didn’t help you abuse it/.” Our character then realizes that he has brought this corruption on himself, and it wasn’t the fault of money, materials, or even the devil. Our recurring theme comes back, in the fact that he has become the devil that he claims to despise. Once our character realizes how corrupt the world is, and how much money, materialism, and lust has stripped him of love, sympathy, humility, and peace; he enters into a stage of depression and insanity.

Act III: Insanity

It is during this act of insanity that our character becomes more prone to addiction and drug use. Our character is beginning to understand the corruptions of the world and the people in it. The first song in this act is called “Isolation”. He feels that he can no longer trust anybody or anything, so he isolates himself and gives us his testimony as to why. He states, “Nothing but lies, gotta’ see the truth/ Gotta’ be the one to lead these youth/ Gotta’ be the one to stand on my own/ Not to worship a man on the throne/.” In the second verse he recites, “I feel like the world is against me/ Knife’s to my heart don’t tempt me/ I been figured everything out/ blind livings not something I’m about/.” Our character no longer wants to live in this cold world. He speaks on Marijuana use, as his way to meditate and escape from society. In the next song, he begins more serious drug use, which leads him to this tripping episode that is described in full detail. He realized that this drug use has actually brought him closer to the devil, when he had originally intended it to bring him closer to God. Sadly, in most cases the story ends right here. Either the individual in this stage of depression becomes addicted to drug use, or they commit suicide. God wasn’t going to let our character go that easy. He had a divine purpose in store for him, and used everything he went through to open his mind to several realizations.

Act IV: Realization

This next act begins with the poetry interlude entitled “Dear Darkness.” The character discusses his desire to break away from the darkness he has been consumed by in his life. It’s time for him to walk in the light. That interlude is followed by the song “The Awakening”, where he proclaims, “The serpent had my mic tryna bring me down/ But I’m on God’s army Imma stand my ground/.” His soul is finally at peace. He also says, “Everything in this world was a part of me/ Forget a body, man you can take that part from me/.” He is now more in tune with his spirit, and is not consumed by the flesh or the worldly pleasures of the flesh. The next song during this act is probably the second most controversial song on the project, right behind “Cast Away.” I wish to proclaim that this song is not an attack on religion, but simply our characters realization about the frustrations he had with religion in the past. He couldn’t find God before, because he was looking for God in religions and traditions that have been corrupted by the same worldly pleasures as him. This track is about him searching for the truth in religion, and realizing that it’s not about the traditions, it’s about your relationship with God. The hook goes, “The objective of religion is divide people/ Open your eyes because we’re all praising God people/ Reading the scripture all I’m getting is divine evil/ Trapped in religion we aint even alive people/” Our character discusses the backgrounds of many religions, and then proclaims that he’d rather not try to pick on. He says, “Choosin’ a religion, I figured not even bother/ I’d rather have a direct conversation with my father/.” Again, this is not a shot at religion; I am a Christian. This is from the perspective of a person who wasn’t born into a religion, and now he is beginning to search for the truth. This song is simply his thought process as he searches for that religious truth, and realizes that in his case, choosing a religion is not necessarily the way to get closer to God. The next song entitled “Humble Endings”, is essentially part two of “Religion”. More realizations occur in this song. He realized that the “Hell” that God had sent him to, was actually earth. The actions of the character had turned earth into a Hell for him. He realizes that the “devils” he has been fighting, were actually internal as opposed to external. This whole time he has been grappling with himself, and not the forces of some external devil. He says, “I’m starting to believe we use the devil as a scapegoat/ to undermine our progression and escape hope/.” A lot of times we try to justify our wrong doings by saying they were acts of the devil, or that the devil had control of us. This is a cheap cop out to what’s really going on. We can’t use the devil as our excuse for wrong doing. In the case of this story, the character had actually become the devil he once preached against. He also recites, “People always say God’s will be done/ But regardless God’s will will come/ So I’m sittin’ on my knees like why am I even folding my hands/ As if God would let me speak and start folding his plans/… If they really wanted to do God’s work/ they’d take their hands off and just let God work/.” Our character is getting closer and closer to God, leading to a beautiful bliss that the worldly pleasures couldn’t provide for him.

Act V: Beautiful Bliss

This act starts off with a song entitled “Grateful”, where the character gives his testimony on how he has changed. He reflects back to his worldly pleasures and realizes that that his soul is what reigns supreme in the midst of everything. He says, “Don’t need a mask to disguise where my soul lays/ No water just meditation, that’s how my soul bathes/.” He has let go of his love for clothes, money, and other material things that were guiding him away from his soul and the Holy Spirit. He discusses how he’s been looking everywhere for the truth, until he discovered it was within him. “I try to keep an open mind, staring through my open blinds/ But then I close ‘em, inside’s where the hope lies/.” This song is followed by the projects concluding track, “Nirvana.” The term Nirvana is taken from Buddhism, meaning freedom from the endless cycle of personal reincarnations, with their consequent suffering, as a result of the extinction of individual passion, hatred, and delusion. The meaning I have adopted for its use in this project is a place or state characterized by freedom from or oblivion to pain, worry, and the external world. This explains the bliss that our character has now received as he has grown closer to God. He states, “Peace results from a deep meditation in the private/ Pressure can bust pipes or pressure can make diamonds/ But no my ear’s not shinin’/ Enlightened by the mind, a more intricate design/.” The song ends with a poem entitled “Farewell to the Flesh”, which embodies the new outlook our character has on life. Our character is not yet in heaven, so he must now take this knowledge and put it to use. He must not let the forces of evil reign supreme on his watch. He now knows that God had a plan for his life, and is now using him in order to give the message of love, peace, and happiness to the world. We’ll get more into that if our character chooses to document the rest of his journey… perhaps in a third edition of our series.

Friday, April 2, 2010

Poison (Poetry)

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The people of this world are infected with lies
This poison will surely lead to our demise
Nothing I can find in this world is sacred
Just take my body… and let my soul escape it
The things on the television screen… poison
These diamonds and jewels that gleam… poison
The textbooks inside of our schools… poison
The pedestals on which our people rule… poison
Tradition undermining religion… poison
Muslim… Jew… Christian… poison
Man-made medicine monetized… poison
Devil’s in disguise who prophesize… poison
Censorship, poison… self benefit, poison
Blind loyalty, poison… negligence, poison
Nothing I can find in this world is sacred
Just take my body… and let my soul escape it

-Jon Chambers