Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Don't Smile in My Face (Poetry)

Don’t smile in my face… if you’re not sincere
Seeing one of my “friends” turn enemy is my deepest fear
What do you want from me? Just let me know
I have so much resentment my mask won’t let me show
Do you have something to sell me? You’re wasting your time…
Do you have something to tell me? Then say what’s on your mind…
But I know you’re here to deceive… here to lie
And I would hate for you to bring my deepest fears alive
Don’t smile in my face… all I’m seeing is lies
Fabrications just to mask how you feel inside
What do you need from me? What’s missing within you?
You don’t care about me… so don’t even pretend to
Why are you here? Some type of propaganda?
Or maybe you really are here to help me survive
Maybe you’re not here to deceive… maybe you’re not here to lie
It is because of that thought… I am no longer alive…

-Jon Chambers

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Society is a Black Hole (Poetry)

Society appears to be a big black hole
When one becomes enLIGHTened… the truth is untold
It silences our heart… destroys our soul
Committing our spirit… we lose control
Darkness is simply the absence of light
Death is simply the absence of life
In a black hole… the light can’t escape
We are pulled by this force… to await our fate
My whole life has been plagued by this inevitable end
So I dwell in my own mind… my very best friend
My whole life is a big circle of society’s lies
It will eventually lead to my free will’s demise
Society appears to be a big black hole
When one becomes enLIGHTened… the truth is untold
I wish to become enLIGHTened… and let my light show
But the light becomes trapped… so the world would never know

-Jon Chambers

Saturday, March 20, 2010

As We Evolve (Poetry)

photo from: http://oceansbridge.com

The world spins trapped in a cosmos of stars
On the surface we watch the sun set from afar
Entering a dark period… that ends with the day
When the illumination of the sun makes the moon fade away
First formed were the skies… the firmament… the heavens
One land mass was separated into seven
The waters of life would soon flow with grace
Then God created man… in the likeness of his face
We swim through the depths of the rivers of the womb
Soon to rest in the depths of the soil… below our tomb
There must be more… to this intricate design
Than just watching the sunrise… and the stars align
We must observe the caves in which we used to survive
As it transitioned to this technological place we reside
Envisioning the steps of how we came to be
We can evolve past this physical shell we see
Emerging from the flesh… we are one with the divine
Emerging to the spirit… which can stand the test of time

-Jon Chambers

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

The Struggle for Power (Poetry)

The world as we know it… is filled with energy
In turn… our daily lives are filled with enemies
We yearn to be in power… we yearn to rule
Reigning supreme… the objective of fools
When we choose to control… we just plant the seed
For future command… future greed
When we choose to control… we mask our doubt
Nothing but war and conflict shall sprout
Relationships suffer on this same belief
Both of the partners yearn to be the chief
So when one takes control in spite of the other
We then begin to witness a quarrel among lovers
I long to see the day when the world shall see
Letting go of this power struggle is the underlying key
When we finally let this love for power decrease
When we finally let this power of love increase
Only then will our world know peace

-Jon Chambers

Monday, March 15, 2010

A Widow's Confession (Poetry)

I love the skies… I love the seas
I love the grass… I love the trees
I love the sunrise… I love the morning dew
It seems the only thing I don’t love… is you
I love the clouds… I love the rain
I love the pleasure… I love the pain
I love the darkness… I love the night
If I said I loved you… I’d just be being polite

Why do I fool myself… why do I pretend?
Like I wanted us to conclude… wanted us to end
I can hear your voice calling… I’m looking around
I’m not saying I’m still falling… but I’m still on the ground
Yearning for the touch… that seems to have left
Stealing my heart… the ultimate theft
I say I love her… oh and I love her too
But the only person I’ll ever truly love is you

-Jon Chambers

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Imprisoned by the Flesh (Poetry)

How did I get here… trapped in this hell?
What is this new place… where I am forced to dwell?
My soul was once free… celestial and divine
Now one of the mortals… in this intricate design
I’ve tried to be patient… with these preoccupations
While trying to fight the fleshly urge of temptation
Trying to stay distant… from this corrupt nation
Searching for the souls who are seeking salvation
This body is a prison… restricting what is sacred
These clothes are a mask… I long to be naked
I long to deny the pleasures of your moral land
Singing the melodies of these satanic bands
I don’t belong here… why must this skin restrict me?
Why let the suffering of the world afflict me?
One day I will be free… rising to the heavens
Until then I’m trapped in this skin… as if I was a felon

-Jon Chambers

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

I Came As a Man (Poetry)

I came as a dinosaur… some time ago
A beast whose feet would shake the ground below
I came as a bear… who roamed the plains
Most creatures evade me… they think I’m insane
I came as a roach… that crawled into your home
That could eat a full course meal… if you left me alone
I came as a frog… that skipped across the sea
Feeling so liberated… feeling so free
I came as a dove… that traveled the skies
Peopled yearned for my wings… destined to fly
I came as a lion… they feared my wrath
You would become non-existent if you crossed my path
I came as a dog… a man’s best friend
The most loyal of them all… even to the end
I came as a man… and began to lose touch
Of everything this world has to offer to us
Exceedingly cold-hearted… I’d have to agree
Killing off everything that I used to be

-Jon Chambers

Monday, March 8, 2010

The Martyr (Poetry)

photo from: http://wga.hu/

Nothing is real in this world of hate
Preaching my views… awaiting my fate
Nothing is real in this world of lies
Making them rebel… awaiting my demise
No I won’t conform… no you can’t oblige
I will not live in this world… drunk with its wine
I will not live in this world… if love is masked
When they kill my body… my soul shall rest at last
Take my body… free my soul
Make me complete… make me whole
Standing up for ones rights… the cardinal sin
Standing up… just to tell how you feel within
But you can’t challenge the views… of those who rule
The ones with artillery… those ignorant fools
Goodbye cold world… maybe one day you’ll see
What the world really needs… is more people like me

-Jon Chambers