Sunday, February 28, 2010

The Thousands (Poetry)

A thousand words… spread to the masses
A thousand dreams… burned to ashes
Thousands of ears… receiving deceit
Thousands of tears… that taste like defeat
A thousand chains… you are still a slave
A thousand fears… and you are still afraid
A thousand friends… to betray and mislead
A thousand mirrors… still a stranger indeed
Thousands of people… all gather to watch
The time is ticking… on a thousand clocks
A thousand thoughts… overwhelm his mind
A thousand words… that he can not find
A thousand words… spread to a thousand ears
Words from the fool…disaster was near
One word wisdom… to one lost soul
Would exceed the fool’s… over a thousand fold

-Jon Chambers

Monday, February 22, 2010

War with Satan (Poetry)

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Ever careful is the soul… who goes to war with Satan
Who draws him near from his dark and hot basement
For when you war with evil… you meet it halfway
The angelic soul is shown hell's pathway
When Satan goes to war… he uses no weapons
He will make you feel good… with misguided protection
When Satan goes to war… he is the master of deception
Your guardian angel in the night… toward the wrong direction
You can pray on your knees for divine intervention
But he will come in the form of Christ… to garner your attention
He enters your spirit… infiltrates your mind
He covers your eyes… as we follow him blind
But even in the event you can defeat this beast
And bring him down… trap him beneath
You must be aware… you are now in his palace
Right where he wanted you… he’ll release his malice

-Jon Chambers

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Tour of My Mind (Poetry)

Enter in to the gates of serenity and peace
The table where solitude and tranquility shall feast
The mask uncovered… the untold truth
The faucet of bliss… the fountain of youth
Travel first through right side of my mind
Where the music shrine puts me in tune with the divine
Travel through the right side of my brain
The one with true emotion… the suffering and shame
Travel next through the left side of my mind
And observe its ever most intricate design
Where the logic defies a concealed emotion
And reality destroys the creative devotion
Once you can navigate through my fear and doubts
And tear up the roots where ignorance sprouts
My mind will surpass the realms hate
My mind uncovers the place my future awaits

-Jon Chambers

Saturday, February 20, 2010

The Woman (Poetry)

The digester of the apple… the reason why we sin
The bearer of temptation… she enters within
The sly fox that deceives us… seducer of our hearts
A false sense of protection… they proceed to depart

The shoulder for our head… the comforter indeed
Her tears are real… her heart is on her sleeve
The power to stand strong… the power to believe
The generator of faith... that sprouts from the seed

The weak piece of matter we were made to seduce
The victim of the pain… center of the abuse
We lay down with her… we depart at the end
Breaking her heart… where it can not mend

The bearer of our children… the giver of life
Beauty under the sun… consoling at night
The ever present being in our lifelong pursuit
On whom we can depend… the woman… our roots

-Jon Chambers

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

The Time is Now (Poetry)

We all admire our own figures… like Malcolm X
But I have a question… who’s gonna’ to be Malcolm next?
We praise MLK and recite his texts
But who will awaken that spirit on the balcony step?
We respect Rosa Parks… but nowadays we don’t protest
We're just quick to take that seat when its time to rest
We’ve been freed from the master… the chains and ropes
But now we build our own slave ships… and now we’re floating in the same boat
Trapped behind our blinds we’re blind with no hope
Singing we shall overcome in that same old note
We don’t believe we can rise up against the grain
And that the son we praise shines amidst the rain
We say the man weighs us down… they don’t give us any options
Tell that to President Obama… or even Mayor Linda Thompson
They’ll rise up to the occasion… instead of placing the blame
While we sit here waiting on the world to change
Sitting here waiting on the world to change
Sitting here watching the world burst in flames
But wait… I can’t change the world… look at the color of my skin
If they could do it back then… I’m sure we can find a way in 2010

-Jon Chambers

Monday, February 15, 2010

Solomon's Silence (Poetry)

Bites shall come to those who bait
Wisdom shall come to those who wait
He who walked the unbroken path
He who has made it to the end at last
The proprietor of wisdom… but he walked alone
Keeping to himself the knowledge he was shown
Content when he slept… but guilt soon crept
To the depths of his brain… where the wisdom was kept
Greed overcame him… his mouth remained shut
His religion is altered… his country is corrupt
His bank is fraudulent… his family is immoral
His employer is devious… but he tries to avoid quarrel
But even if he did speak… these blind souls wouldn’t listen
So his story goes untold… his proverbs never written
Today’s Solomon remains silent… but not by choice
It’s because the world won’t let him have a voice

-Jon Chambers

Monday, February 8, 2010

Sinking Ship (Poetry)

Our life on this world is a sinking ship
These possessions shall stay... when your soul is stripped
When your body shall rot... you are no longer equipped
These possessions shall stay... when your soul shall lift
So elegantly dressed... so carefully groomed
It seems that we're only preparing for the tomb
So consumed with jealousy... filled with hate
Running from karma... awaiting our fate
So consumed with power... doing anything for fame
But when this ship hits the bottom... so does our name
When the ship hits the bottom... so does our brain
Do we retain that knowledge? Or have we learned in vain?
When the rapture shall cease... we will feel no pain
No more clouds... no more rain
Our life on this world is a sinking ship
These possessions shall stay... when your soul shall lift

-Jon Chambers

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Part of Me (Poetry)

These desires I’ve had… dreams untold
Rose from the depths… and began to unfold
These pastures of green… is the spot I now lay
This spot that has caused a bodily decay
There were snakes in the grass… I could not see
It has parts of my soul that I could not free
I wish to return back to solitude and peace
I can’t stay here… I must retreat
Isolation is the remedy… to this social collapse
The beast was awakened… my soul was attacked
While they shall rest… I shall flee to the woods
To locate my self… and posses him for good
You were appealing from afar… I couldn’t help but taste
The apple from Eden left my past erased
I laid down with you… but in the morning I missed you
Noticing when I left… you kept a part of me with you

-Jon Chambers

Friday, February 5, 2010

Following the Rain Drops (Poetry)

Gazing out the window… I’ve seen better days
The drops of April’s tears… have replaced the sun’s rays
She crys with such passion… cries with such pain
The good times have departed… bliss has been slain
But the drops of her tears bring flowers to life
The necessary evil… the possum’s plight
Depression invades us… subdued by the force
Following the drops… as I survey the source
Following the drops down sidewalks and streets
They fall on my tongue… I can taste defeat
Following the drops through the rivers and creeks
It rises to my knees… but I can’t retreat
I cry rivers of sorrow… rivers of grief
Yet in the distance… I saw hope and relief
I thought this rain would confine me… make me lose control
Until I saw an ocean… that could swallow it whole

-Jon Chambers

Monday, February 1, 2010

Distant Lover (Poetry)

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The months pass by... and so do the years
The rain comes down... and so do the tears
The trees keep growing... and so does my heart
The sun rises up... but I'm left in the dark
Your glistening eyes resemble the stars
But it seems that your love is just that far
Behind the window I glance... I've seen better days
My angel is somewhere amidst the haze
Her love is like the horizon... she remains at a glance
One day I'll take her hand... one day we shall dance
I love you so.... yet you seem so far
I love you so... but don't know who you are
The months pass by... and so do the years
The rain comes down... and so do the tears
The trees keep growing... and so does my heart
I watch the sunrise... but still... I'm left in the dark

-Jon Chambers