Monday, January 25, 2010

Reunite (Poetry)

It’s easy to think that my heart turned cold
As I peer into the future… and can’t see it unfold
A journey toward love was the path foretold
But I feel it's being ripped… by a force I can’t control
It’s easy to believe that I lost all hope
But I just lost patience… in my desire to devote
In a desire to take my pride and digest
It’s held back by my vanity… a burden on my chest
I can’t pinpoint the moment the progression ceased
When the cold winds of the west started drifting to the east
When you lose so many relationships
You feel like you just can’t relate or commit
It’s easy to believe I want to let you go
Because what I feel... my conceit won’t let me show
So I’ll let you go… and watch you march through the night
Hoping destiny finds us… and we reunite

-Jon Chambers

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Farewell to the Flesh (Poetry)

Farewell to the things that restrict my soul
To those illusions that appear to make me whole
Farewell to the greed… my spirit is all I need
Farewell to the jealousy… and thoughts that mislead
Goodbye to the wealth… I am rich with love
Goodbye to this tradition… I am as free as the dove
Goodbye to the sinner… I had to once befriend
But the serpent is with me… even to the end
To you this appears to be a path unknown
But you can not come with me… I must travel alone
Goodbye to war… my spirit is serene
Goodbye to famine… the soul is free from disease
This is not a plea for a physical death
This is awakening the soul… and shedding the flesh
Salutations to the place where I truly belong
Hello to the self… it’s been so long

-Jon Chambers

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Church Clothes (Poetry)

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Why should I change my appearance for God to talk to me?
I know that’s not how it’s said… but how it came across to me
The more clothes you wear… the more you seem lost to me
Thinking heaven’s your destination… but you lost the key
It’s one thing to show respect in God’s presence
But it’s another thing when appearance makes you lose the essence
As if outside of the church that very God wasn’t present
Do I need these gold ceilings just to hear the message?
If you gave up one’s self… to a being that is higher
Time wouldn’t allow you to assess your neighbor’s attire
Conforming to an image… because that’s just how it is
But they know not what they do… please Lord forgive
God can’t see the fa├žade we put up for our peers
All he sees is the soul… how it truly appears
In order to receive Him… and be made whole
Don’t dress up your body… just submit your soul
We forgot why we were here… because of these extravagant clothes
The devil snuck in the back door… and received control
Whether you dress like a thug... or dress like a reverend
You won't be wearing anything on judgment day… at the gates of heaven

-Jon Chambers

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Words To My Wife (Poetry)

At this stage in my life… I don’t know who you are
But something tells me you may not be too far
I refuse to rush… I fell in love with patience
But when our paths do cross… our bond I’ll hold sacred
I hope that my pride doesn’t destroy our peace
I hope that our love will only increase
I hope that lust won’t corrupt my soul
For it is with you…. that I am made whole
Never will I deceive… and never will I lie
I pledge to remain faithful… until the day I die
And to my unborn child… we will one day conceive
Together we will insure the world doesn’t mislead
On that fateful day… in the event of my demise
I hope my ears don’t allow me to hear your cries
But on that fateful day… as you wave goodbye
Before the casket shuts… just look into my eyes
And know that if you need me… just look into the sky
Because the love we have… will never ever die

-Jon Chambers

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

The Heist (Poetry)

Manipulation is the greatest of their weapons
No armor surrounds them… for we are their protection
Their infantry is us… we are their soldiers
They say in God they trust… but give him the cold shoulder
They reign supreme at the place we call home
Gave us a promise that we would never be alone
Arouse fear in our hearts by constructing an attack
An attack on our on soil… that concealed the facts
You would think we would have opened up a history book
To that times of that Nazi… and the way things looked
The way he seduced the people with his words
In the midst of the blind… an overtaking had occurred
The heist has begun… begun once again
To corrupt the masses… and steal the souls of its men
The heist is here… America has attacked
Let’s see if you are one of the few… who can keep their soul in tact

-Jon Chambers

Monday, January 4, 2010

History (Poetry)

The existent unknown which causes speculation
And may contain the answer for future generations
The scribes which remain buried deep in the sand
The ancient Egyptian structures with no technology at hand
The prophetic voices that remain absent from our text
The lost generation… who abstained from sex
Maybe the first wife of the man made from dust
Who reappeared in order to bring sin to us
Nothing new in this world exists under the sun
The past articulates what our future shall become
History is our guide to conquering tomorrow
The unblemished path that we all shall follow
The historical accounts that reign supreme
Are in turn the accounts that they wanted us to believe
How can we progress?... How can learn from the past?
When history itself… where’s a mask

-Jon Chambers