Saturday, November 20, 2010

Running (Poetry)

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Divided by illusions… I’m forced into seclusion
I wish they understood that we live in a delusion
Maybe I wish they understand… mad at my own ignorance
Mad at my self-omitting conclusion
I sit dormant in my cave… pleading for evolution
I sit stagnant on destruction… pleading for a solution
I know the answers to every question they can ask
I know the pedestal’s an illusion… but in its glory I bask
I tried to escape the corruption… escape the lies
So I departed to the lake… to pray to the skies
I tried to evade the conformists… avoid tradition
So I departed to the lake… to pursue something different
I wanted to pursue something true… something sacred
So I stripped my garments… and proceeded on naked
I left behind the profit… the evil self motives
I left the mechanized cycle… to which I was devoted
But when I looked in the lake… all I could do was run
Because the reflection in the lake… was what I had been running from

-Jon Chambers

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