Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Division (Poetry)

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We’ve created labels… that we give our peers
These labels have been creating division for years
We’ve created labels… that we give ourselves
Limiting our ability… casting a spell
Expounding on our differences… though we’re all the same
But we force people to become the things that we proclaim
Words shouldn’t be able to divide our people
But we’re intoxicated with power… a narcotic that is lethal
Division brings hate… even in religion
It made the Muslims hate the Jews… made the Jews hate the Christians
It made the boys hate the girls… made the men hate the women
It made the reverends hate the scientists… made everybody hate the gifted
It made the whole world hate… based on the ways we are different
We’ve executed the love… but with love we are forgiven
So I’m here to tell you that there is no division
We are all one body… all with one vision

-Jon Chambers

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