Sunday, March 14, 2010

Imprisoned by the Flesh (Poetry)

How did I get here… trapped in this hell?
What is this new place… where I am forced to dwell?
My soul was once free… celestial and divine
Now one of the mortals… in this intricate design
I’ve tried to be patient… with these preoccupations
While trying to fight the fleshly urge of temptation
Trying to stay distant… from this corrupt nation
Searching for the souls who are seeking salvation
This body is a prison… restricting what is sacred
These clothes are a mask… I long to be naked
I long to deny the pleasures of your moral land
Singing the melodies of these satanic bands
I don’t belong here… why must this skin restrict me?
Why let the suffering of the world afflict me?
One day I will be free… rising to the heavens
Until then I’m trapped in this skin… as if I was a felon

-Jon Chambers

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