Saturday, March 20, 2010

As We Evolve (Poetry)

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The world spins trapped in a cosmos of stars
On the surface we watch the sun set from afar
Entering a dark period… that ends with the day
When the illumination of the sun makes the moon fade away
First formed were the skies… the firmament… the heavens
One land mass was separated into seven
The waters of life would soon flow with grace
Then God created man… in the likeness of his face
We swim through the depths of the rivers of the womb
Soon to rest in the depths of the soil… below our tomb
There must be more… to this intricate design
Than just watching the sunrise… and the stars align
We must observe the caves in which we used to survive
As it transitioned to this technological place we reside
Envisioning the steps of how we came to be
We can evolve past this physical shell we see
Emerging from the flesh… we are one with the divine
Emerging to the spirit… which can stand the test of time

-Jon Chambers

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