Saturday, February 20, 2010

The Woman (Poetry)

The digester of the apple… the reason why we sin
The bearer of temptation… she enters within
The sly fox that deceives us… seducer of our hearts
A false sense of protection… they proceed to depart

The shoulder for our head… the comforter indeed
Her tears are real… her heart is on her sleeve
The power to stand strong… the power to believe
The generator of faith... that sprouts from the seed

The weak piece of matter we were made to seduce
The victim of the pain… center of the abuse
We lay down with her… we depart at the end
Breaking her heart… where it can not mend

The bearer of our children… the giver of life
Beauty under the sun… consoling at night
The ever present being in our lifelong pursuit
On whom we can depend… the woman… our roots

-Jon Chambers

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