Monday, February 22, 2010

War with Satan (Poetry)

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Ever careful is the soul… who goes to war with Satan
Who draws him near from his dark and hot basement
For when you war with evil… you meet it halfway
The angelic soul is shown hell's pathway
When Satan goes to war… he uses no weapons
He will make you feel good… with misguided protection
When Satan goes to war… he is the master of deception
Your guardian angel in the night… toward the wrong direction
You can pray on your knees for divine intervention
But he will come in the form of Christ… to garner your attention
He enters your spirit… infiltrates your mind
He covers your eyes… as we follow him blind
But even in the event you can defeat this beast
And bring him down… trap him beneath
You must be aware… you are now in his palace
Right where he wanted you… he’ll release his malice

-Jon Chambers

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