Thursday, December 31, 2009

America: The Land of the Blind (Poetry)

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There will always be war… there will never be peace
There will always be poor… ignored by the elite
Seduced by charisma… and promises of change
Look at what the land of the free has became
Corrupt and immoral… they conspire against society
And kill those who question… to extinguish notoriety
They sell us vaccines that kill… promoted by sublimes
In a hospital it’s business… on the streets it’s a crime
In God we trust?... Who’s God?... not mine
Making amoral moves in the name of the divine
If you try to take a stand… even try to compete
They quickly take you out… so rest in peace
We are the children… disclosed from the truth
They are the elder… we are the youth
No country is different… they all attack
But America will cover up your eyes… and stab you in the back

-Jon Chambers

Monday, December 28, 2009

Art (Poetry)

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True art cannot fully be seen
The art that only solicits your dreams
When we publicize the self... the self disappears
We are now no longer solely sincere
If it was true to the self... you wouldn't need anybody else
To analyze your art... the way you felt
The self is then used as a power move
Reason being... anyone in power rules
If you say you need an outlet... as a justification
Then you say that art is the world’s creation
If the art was a full creation of self
The canvas is your world... seen by nobody else
The outlet turns into the fans who receive
Deceiving the masses... until they all believe
My pen is what I need... what I hold dear
Selling my soul to the public... my deepest fear
And seeing how this poem is being read by you
I don't think my deep inner thoughts are being read by you
My true art will never answer the call
True art will not be hanging from a wall

-Jon Chambers

Sunday, December 27, 2009

Dark Shades (Poetry)

The eyes are the window to the soul
There lies the place where we lose control
The place where the mask cannot be shown
The spot where you no longer reign on the throne
These dark shades they cover my eyes
The spot in which the self shall hide
These dark shades... the exterior indeed
That shows the diamonds... for which the children would bleed
These diamonds are the sirens friend
In order to please them... we will reach no end
Hiding everything that exists within
Hiding the lies... the greed... the sins
These dark shades... the same ones you imitate

And when this occurs… it is a new image that you create
And in that act... you too are shown absent
We draw the self... but let the world add the caption

-Jon Chambers

Saturday, December 26, 2009

More Than A Rose (Poetry)

The cliché gift for the one you love
Used to accompany the lonely dove
Hoping this gift will yield me the key
But what we have is deeper than the eye can see
Deeper than any gift of elegant taste
Deeper than our past we have yet to erase
Deeper than a touch… deeper than a kiss
Deeper than the sea… and its beautiful bliss
More than a possession… more than a ring
More than any note… in a song I could sing
More than a glance… more than lust
More than the world… you’re more than enough
More than these words that I scribe to you
In hopes that one day they’ll come alive to you
What I’m giving you is more than a rose
What I’m giving you is a promise… that you’ll never be alone

-Jon Chambers

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

The Sound of Sirens (Poetry)

The sound of a siren will shift your concern
The apparent remedy for the fire that burns
She excites with ambition… lures with lust
With just one glance… she garners our touch
The sexual desire does not overwhelm
For it is slighted with innocence… dissuading who shall rebel
You will feel in control as you chase her charm
Under the seduction… you fall into her arms
You are the sailor… that is traveling the sea
The man in the mirror shall provide your only decree
The logic you have harvested must not go unseen
To maintain the aura of peaceful and serene
Her liquid texture cannot be clutched
She will slip through your fingers… when you learn to trust
In her you see adventure… you are blinded by the prize
So you travel deep into the sea… as she constructs your demise

-Jon Chambers

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

God's Heartbeat (Poetry)

The child prayed to God... every day of his life
In the depths of solitude... he learned wrong from right
He drew himself closer to God he serves
And felt that it was time for him to preach the word
The first church he attended... confused his soul
Why do the men receive all control?
The next church he arrived at... God couldn't be received
Bearing false witness that he couldn't believe
The next church expanded so spreading the word could begin
The problem was the young kid who couldn't get in
The kid whose house they seized in the midst of it all
Looking for a place to sleep... I watched a tear fall
We wear our traditions with the proudest smile
But never stop to think what happened to that child
In an attempt to make God more appeasing to watch
Blinded by tradition... God’s heartbeat stopped

-Jon Chambers

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Lost (Poetry)

Standing on the moon I can see the world
Tales from the sand of the boys and the girls
The innocent souls that were taken with deception
Disguised as knowledge… a fearful venom
Perception is reality… so when you alter that perception
You alter reality… and divine intervention
So the world has become what we altered it to
We took it by the bones… and made it brand new
If only one could see what my eyes can view
They would finally see that everything is untrue
Nothing is certain… not even our death
For what if we reappear… through that next moment of sex?
Reincarnated to the world we despised
The same one which took our very lives
At the place where I glance… you all appear to be
A school of blinded fish… all lost in the sea

-Jon Chambers

Monday, December 14, 2009

The Villian (Poetry)

The villain is the inner reflection in the mirror
The one that is shown when we see things clearer
The dark side of our heart… disguised with a smile
The empty basket that is masked with style
The most feared person at this place we call home
He’s heartless in actions with a compassionate tone
He uses the power laws to deceive the masses
Stands and oversees as everyone crashes
The villain is the man who we send to jail
Blatant in acts of defiance… fearful to show what fails
We despise of others what we despise of ourselves
We hate the villain… because we hate ourselves
He has the real reflection of the person we hide
The one pulling the strings… deep inside
We attack the whole world… we play our role
We are the villains… that assault the soul

-Jon Chambers

Sunday, December 13, 2009

All That Matters (Poetry)

In a place where those deceive and lie
The place that provides what you desire with your eyes
But never acknowledges what you desire with your heart
Predestined to fail… doomed from the start
In a place where those are reluctant to lead
And pass the trait down to their unborn seed
The present is predicted by the past’s mistakes
And shows all possibility that the past creates
In a place where temptation reigns supreme
And resentfulness is silent… we join the team
In a world where deception wears a velvet glove
In the midst of the world… all we need is love

-Jon Chambers

Saturday, December 12, 2009

The Serpent (Poetry)

We all still abide in the garden today
The garden from which the first man was made
We all still ignore the divine instruction
And we all still bite when we’re under the seduction
No clothes to mask what appearance hides
But their bite uncovered the mask of the blind
On that fateful day… sin opened the gate
Some seem to think he left with no trace
The serpent has left his soul in the people
And with freewill the sins are unequal
He instilled a desire to promote one’s self
He looks unarmed… and moves in stealth
We are all evil… and have evolved into the creature
Who told lies… and wore the masquerade of a teacher
We have turned into the creature that turned against us
Jealous without love… we entice those who trust
Evading us is a must… you go away with the dusk
Until the sunrise reminds us the world is corrupt
Now nothing suffices… its never good enough
Trapped in a world of greed and lust
Where living takes the soul… and leaves it in the dust
We are now the creature that once condemned us

-Jon Chambers

Monday, December 7, 2009

Who Can I Trust? (Poetry)

Looking for trust… who can I see?
An empty space … nobody but me
Looking for trust… when will it come?
I have yet to find it… since my journey has begun
If I cannot trust… how will I ever find help?
Conversations with the mirror… I even lie to myself
I guess that’s what happens when the masses deceive you
When you tell the truth… but nobody will believe you
I made a vow… to trust no man
But nothing ever occurs… the way one had planned
I made a vow… to trust no mate
In turn… relationships… I can’t relate
Looking for trust… who can I see?
An empty space… nobody but me
Looking for trust… when will it arrive?
I’ve concluded I’ll be searching… till the day I die

-Jon Chambers