Sunday, November 29, 2009

Second Chance (Poetry)

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As I laid there on my presumed to be death bed
I thought I was dreaming... when I saw what was ahead
A pitch dark tunnel... a small speck of light
The size of one star... in the midst of the night
I traveled through the tunnel... seeking the end
Everything was so clear... far from pretend
On the way to the light... I saw all my regrets
And all of my failures... that I kept suppressed
There I was... looking back at my life
Noticing my wrongs outweighing the rights
I yelled and screamed... I need to go back
Before I reach the light... and my God reacts
I ran from the light... but the force pulled me closer
I couldn't believe it... it all was over
But then I was pulled back... brought back to life
A second chance to live... a second chance to do right

-Jon Chambers

Saturday, November 21, 2009

There's Been A Murder (Poetry)

She opened the door… invited me in
Beauty on the outside… splendor within
She opened the door… locked it behind me
Blinded me from the rest… she was all that I could see
Everything would change… with that four letter word
But I was locked in… to resemble a caged bird
This would be the last place… my living body would dwell
A match made in heaven… that set the fires in hell
I know you didn’t mean to… but you grabbed that knife
Took it to my chest… and carved out my heart
I know you didn’t mean to… but you took my life
As my corpse observed my dearly depart
There’s a killer on the loose… who kidnaps the soul
But she will make you feel new… make you feel whole
But as soon as you get close… and solicit for a kiss
Be careful… you may soon cease to exist

-Jon Chambers

Thursday, November 19, 2009

The Devil is King (Poetry)

What drew you to this piece... were you aroused by the title?
Afraid I was blind to the truths of the bible?
Were you ready to defend the Lord you serve?
Or were you ready to attack me with slanderous words?
Did you look at me different... feel my statement was ignorant?
Did it instantly diminish your perception of my innocence?
Did you step out on faith... against Lucifer's wrath?
Or did curious eyes lead you down a dangerous path?
We need a hero... In order to feel safe
We need a hero... Before it's too late
But he dwells in the world... Corrupted by its ways
He dwells in the world... To Lucifer he prays
The problem is not the statement I made
The problem is that if I chose... The masses could be swayed
We need something to believe in... Even if it deceives you
We need something to believe in... Even if it's evil

-Jon Chambers

Thursday, November 12, 2009

I Gave You Power (Poetry)

From the day you met me… you knew I was the one
But a journey of ambiguity had simply begun
Look at my face… my cold hearted stare
But you despised those who claimed that I brought despair
I am a business man… that you chose to console
You have given your heart to a man with no soul
You seem to be blind to my adulterous ways
So you promised to love me… for all of your days
For what I gave you was more than gifts and wealth
I gave you the power to trust in one’s self
I gave you the pedestal to reign supreme
I helped you conquer the spiteful regime
You ungrateful bastard… your soul shall burn
I never promised to give you love in return
I gave you opportunity… I didn’t help you lose it
I gave you power… I didn’t help you abuse it

-Jon Chambers

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Tomorrow (Poetry)

Through the window of opportunity... anything exists
Things that you feel you cannot resist
The undeniable future... of one who dreams
But an alternate route is the undying theme
Looking out that window... hoping we can grasp
Looking out that window... we let our present pass
The gift of today... that will define the next
Tomorrow is distressed... when today you suppress
I see no figure... just an empty canvas
And an endless supply of colors and hope
I see nothing definitive... just what can become
Ready to take form... whenever I devote
When tomorrow is concrete... it's sad to say
That we regret tomorrow more than yesterday
We map out tomorrow... instead of acting today
Tuned into the future... our present fades away

-Jon Chambers

Sunday, November 8, 2009

In The Grass (Poetry)

In the grass there is hope… for a planted seed
The grass gives us power… power to believe
A marvelous reflection of abundant life
Gentle to the touch… pleasing to the sight
But in the grass… is no clear cut path
Destiny and direction are hard to grasp
These snakes in the grass… appear to give hope
But their main desire is to demean and coax
These snakes in the grass will surely delight you
But these snakes in the grass will undeniably bite you
They say, the greener the grass… the brighter the days
I say, the greener the grass…the more prone is the prey
But you can’t stay stagnant… they know that well
The inactive soul should just wave farewell
So walk through the grass… for even in your death
The one who arrives next… shall surpass the rest

-Jon Chambers

Sunday, November 1, 2009

My Paintbrush (Poetry)

With an empty easel... my paintbrush tells it all
For it will never judge me... when I stumble and fall
That which is not painted... to be marketed or sold
But that which is painted... to tell the untold
With each and every stroke... the truth is revealed
Where nothing is subject to how the world may feel
My paintbrush does not fabricate... it does not lie
The works live on... it does not die
I am an artist... not a business man
For the path to the monetary is sinking sand
Temporary satisfaction in a devious plan
Maybe one day the world will understand
My paintbrush paints you a picture so vivid
The thick bold strokes are still oh so timid
That which is not painted... to be marketed or sold
But that which is painted... to tell the untold

-Jon Chambers