Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Closer to Death (Poetry)

With every leap of faith… every solitary step
It seems that we only get closer to death
Every word we verbalize… every single breath
It seems we inch closer to eternal rest
Born from a woman… to die as a man
Developing our souls… since our lives began
The coldest winters and the scorching summer days
That warm our skin… but set the forest ablaze
At what point does one conquer this maze?
Does the road lead any place beyond being crazed?
Each step is crucial… movements precise
But we are all still alive… so we roll the dice
In search of materials… hoping they suffice
In search of illusory… for the rest of our life
Maybe we don’t understand… until approached with a knife
That this life we embody… could conclude tonight
Don’t pretend death is out of sight…

-Jon Chambers

Sunday, September 27, 2009

Last One Left (Poetry)

What if humanity would cease to exist?
If they all took an everlasting sleep with the fish
What if you were the only one left
Not one to fight… and nobody to protect
Not one to love… nobody to neglect
Not one to accept… nobody to protest
Not one to astonish… nobody to impress
Not one to judge against… to assure you are blessed
How do you live… in the absence of life?
Traveling through darkness… an absence of light
The one who survived in the midst of death
He too now aspires for eternal rest
So now I ask… if you were the last one left
Would you too aspire for eternal rest?
Or would you rule the world… hold your throne
On the grounds that you live for you… and you alone…

-Jon Chambers

Friday, September 25, 2009

Tattooed Tears (Poetry)

How can she ever learn to love again?
To heal a broken heart… that refuses to mend
She gave it her all… but it refused to suffice
She gave it her all… she gave it her life
Her pillow would float to the depths of the sea
The river would flow… for all to see
A never ending stream… when it rains it pours
Push your umbrella up… and close the doors
Failure… collapse… she’s mentally torn
Her soul detached… never re-born
The moment was fleeting… but undying to her
No aid from her reflection… she would only deter
She made her pain lasting… a part of her physique
Rather than fight… she would rather retreat
So why does she suffer… still to this day?
She tattooed her tears… instead of wiping them away

-Jon Chambers

Monday, September 21, 2009

In The End (Poetry)

In the beginning was a man… followed by his mate
In the beginning was a tree… whose fruit they ate
Nothing to lose… but everything at stake
An ongoing cycle they would spark and create
In the beginning there was hope… for the human race
Until easily controlled to indulge and taste
For years we would conform… seeking higher terrain
Nothing will suffice… when there is more to gain
Why should I be held by the wages of accord?
That tell me in revenge I must seek my sword
Why should I limit the being I embody?
To an existence that is much more careless and shoddy
In the beginning was a man… followed by his mate
In the beginning was a tree… whose fruit they ate
In the end… I vow to rebel society's trees
Because in the end there’s no society… all I have is me

-Jon Chambers

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Conformity (Article)

We as human beings are advocates of individualism, distinctiveness, and uniqueness. Because of this, we are very defensive when dispelling ideas concerning how we have conformed. Believe it or not, conformity is existent within the mindsets and physical depictions of us all. Conformity is how we are able to control urges in public space, as well as how we are able to identify with individuals from a similar cultural background. It is how we guide our social interactions with others so that we may be able to communicate successfully and provide our life with a purpose. The two sides to be discussed in this article are the psychological perspective and the sociological perspective. Exploring the roles your mind plays in conformity, along with the roles your social interactions play.

The Psychological Perspective

Before analyzing the true source of conformity found in studies of sociological circumstances, it is imperative that we first assess the psychology involved. One may think that it is effortless to draw conclusions concerning your own behavior, but the fact of the matter is that we are very inaccurate in analyzing ourselves. There are many factors that we can attribute towards this imprecision. One factor is overconfidence. When analyzing ourselves by utilizing our intuition, we often draw conclusions that tend to be more confident than they are correct. Another factor is that we often misread our own minds. When asked why we do the things we do, we often conclude a false assessment. If we can not even answer questions about ourselves on a personal level, how shall we then be expected to answer questions on a social interpersonal level? How can we properly assess conformity if it is impossible to precisely pinpoint the source? The first step lies in recognizing the inconsistencies between your intuition and reality. Many people are under the assumption that their intuition is a peril free powerful tool, when in actuality it has both powers and perils. The perils such as illusory correlation, belief perseverance, the fundamental attribution error, self-serving bias, hindsight bias, and many other factors must be acknowledged first in order to have a serious discussion with your psyche.

Switching gears, you next must make sure you are in the proper mindset. The two mindsets are the fixed mindset and the growth mindset. When analyzing issues concerning conformity you must make certain that you are in the growth mindset. The shoddier fixed mindset will make you draw conclusions and unconsciously slip into a severe state of conformity. In the fixed mindset, we tend to take situational circumstances and formulate them into lifelong labels. For instance, if we attempt to complete something and fail, an individual in the fixed mindset will label themselves as a failure in that field for the remainder of their life. We conclude it is not for us because we can not effortlessly succeed. In actuality, life is not about effortlessly succeeding. Life is about using your effort, determination, and drive in order to grow towards your achievement potential. In the fixed mindset, you will stunt personal growth and conform to the perceptions that other people have acquired about you. You essentially prove those individuals who labeled you correct and truthful. You conform to your low expectations, but don’t fall victim to believing that low expectations are the only route to conformity and content, because positive labels can have a similar effect in the fixed mindset. If you are perceived as gifted in an aspect of your life, the fixed mindset will have you validating your giftedness with trivial and effortless tasks, because you are afraid to fail. You are afraid that the observance of effort will dispel your intelligence. So instead, you conform to complacency and a lack of progression. In the growth mindset, you see your failures as learning experiences, making it easy for future progression and defiance to the conformity principals adored by those embodying a fixed mindset. The growth mindset teaches you that you are not defined by stereotypes, failures, or initial ability. It teaches you to fight conformity, which is detrimental to growth and personal development.

The Sociological Perspective

From a sociological standpoint, we are able to view and asses the area of conformity that is most visible. That is, the visual manifestation of social experiences and situations. Though conformity has been mentioned thus far in a negative light, it is important to note that our mission is not to completely abolish conformity, but more accurately to pinpoint it before it erupts into an ethnocentric frenzy. Ethnocentrism involves using the tendencies of your affiliated sociological group as a yard stick for judging those in outside sociological groups. In other words, though we understand that we all come from different backgrounds and origins, we still look upon our own upbringing as what is normal. We judge the cultural norms surrounding other cultures based on the assumption that ours is superior. We don’t seem to come to the realization that we have conformed to our surroundings, and that our reasons for completing most tasks lies in our sociological circumstances. Our reasons do not lie in natural instincts to behave or conduct ourselves in a particular manner. The problem with conformity is that many aspects go unseen and unnoticed; so they are unaddressed. When placed in a certain sociological environment, one is often ridiculed and mocked for ignoring the cultural norms. This forces the individual to either conform or be cast away from society. Those who are cast away from society slip under the radar as irrelevant and trivial beings.

Conformity becomes dangerous when we neglect to acknowledge its presence, and often attribute false reasoning toward different events. Once we realize that conformity is more nurture than it is nature, we are able to properly analyze our lives. Being born in different sociological environments severely and indefinitely effects our morals, ideals, and to an extent, our opinions. Even those who consider themselves rebellious of society and traditions have still conformed to the rebellion. They have conformed to the ideal of questioning in order to oblige reason. They asses their situation and decide upon how one who is rebellious is believed to act in public space in order to publicize his/her intentions. This means they still must analyze the ideals of the culture in which they are rebelling against. In a race not to conform, they are simply welcoming conformity with a different name. We must realize that the solution to conformity is not to fight it, but rather to understand it. Understanding conformity in your life and the lives of others will essentially give you the upper hand in social interaction, as well as provide your mind with peace and tranquility.

Common Ground: The Mask

So where does the common ground lie? The common ground lies in a fictitious mask that is worn by many members of society. Understanding the mask involves combining your psychological inconsistencies and intentions, with your sociological circumstances and interactions. When you understand how to formulate your mask correctly, you are not simply conforming out of ignorance or unconsciously. When you understand the mask, you formulate your mask to consciously and accurately make social interactions as successful as possible. From the psychological perspective, you can soak up all the knowledge that is necessary in order to enhance personal psychological growth, but without the ability to translate that into social intercourse it is meaningless. You can recognize the perils in your intuition, but that doesn’t mean you can socially correct them. You can apply the growth mindset toward practical personal use, but that doesn’t make it certain that society will accept you. So why do you need society to accept you? The concrete answer is you don’t. The intangible realization is that without a strong connection with society, you limit your life’s purpose. What good will bettering your own psyche serve if you don’t have the ability to persuade and steer others toward the proper direction? A premature version of your mask does not have emotion, and is almost a direct imitation of society. As you allow your mask to evolve, it will emerge from an imitation to a personalized depiction. Eventually, your mind and state of being will reach a point of ultimate delight and bliss. This point occurs when your mask becomes you; when your sociological expectations and psychological manifestations are able to co-exist without conflict or debacle. This is not a place of complete conformity, but simply a place of understanding and reasoning. The process is not overnight, and could take years upon years of observation and meditation, but the end result will be a life full of understanding, reasoning, and most of all… purpose.

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Beneath the Bridge (Poetry)

He was given no vehicle to cross the sea
It seemed he was abandoned by the powers that be
Silver spoons never met his lips
Poverty and anguish greeted him with a kiss
Alone in his journey to reach the other side
Because nobody knew how to digest their pride
Nobody wishes to travel to the creatures’ abode
When given a choice… they seize the high road
But beneath the bridge is the soul of mankind
Eager to finish… though he started behind
Minimal aids… but determined indeed
Likelihood is his enemy… but destined to succeed
One day… the bridge came crashing down
Those on the bridge were destined to drown
They looked for the man… to be their guide
They located the man… but he was on the other side

-Jon Chambers

Monday, September 14, 2009

Under the Sun (Poetry)

Under the sun… we all survive
Because of the sun we remain alive
The source of our happiness… defeater of our sorrow
The vision of our past… hope for our tomorrow
Light for the days when my soul is dark
Warmth for the days it is cold in my heart
Reminder of progression… when the world seems to stop
When humanity seems stagnant… to resemble a broken clock
I put my trust in you… as my forefathers did
To be forever in darkness… you eyes would forbid
Even when cloud cover would slight your might
And the moon endeavored to conquer the night
You are still our lifeline… we give you our conviction
You respond with incentives… to surmount affliction
If everyone depends on you… to ignite their fire
What happens when you depart… what then shall transpire?

-Jon Chambers

Thursday, September 10, 2009

The Path to Immortality (Poetry)

Death is a tunnel… we all must navigate
Though inevitable… we long to stay awake
When running from the tomb… there’s no way to escape
The morgue is a conviction… confirmed by fate
Death is but a portal… to everlasting life
Free of pain… desolation… and strife
But if you leave nothing to develop your seeds
You too are mortal… departing with the leaves
Who has contacted immortal terrain?
Perhaps those names we don’t speak in vain
Who has opened the door to perpetual life?
Perhaps the man who’s works we recite
If my words are not subdued by the hands of time
Perhaps through them… I can remain alive
One day… before my spirit and soul sever
I will attain the unfeasible… and live forever

-Jon Chambers

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

The Depths of Solitude (Poetry)

Let me reside in this place of seclusion
Blind to falsehoods… and the world’s delusions
Immune from conformity… and the ways of this land
One with darkness… here I stand
Let me reside in this place of truth
As I take sips from the fountain of youth
For time doesn’t exist… tomorrow is today
Tomorrow… I may not smell my bouquet
Let me reside in this place of love
I found fornication envelops it with a glove
I found love to exist in absence of the flesh
I was once a victim… I must confess
Here is where I reside… this place of seclusion
Blind to falsehoods… and the world’s delusions
Immune from conformity… and the ways of this land
Maybe one day… its inhabitants will understand

-Jon Chambers

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Dormant (Poetry)

His being would only gratify the one with no dream
Un-treaded paths are the undying theme
One day… he could be held in esteem
The cream of his crop… leader of the regime
But that day never came… the sun never came
He settled in his room… gazing at the rain
Nothing when he closes his eyes… just darkness
No fire to ignite… nor seeds to harvest
Time keeps running… he’s weak on his feet
So he lets time pass… staring at the deceit
Time will force you to pursue… until you collapse
Until the obese resonate… and death you attract
He lies dormant… hoping that one day
He will garner enough courage… to cast himself away
But now he lies dormant… never to rise
His casket is closing… his soul is in the sky

-Jon Chambers

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Inside Out (Poetry)

On the outside I trust you… I give you control
On the inside I don’t trust a soul
As for my soul… my soul is at peace
And the mask that I mold is the face you greet
On the outside I care… I show concern
On the inside… I’d rather let the fire burn
Call for no aid… protect myself
The mask that I mold is beginning to melt
So on the outside… it appears I lack emotion
On the inside… I just lack devotion
On the inside… I just oblige reason
On the outside it’s observed as treason
My thoughts inside have begun to become me
Broadcasted live… for the world to see
So I take off the mask… and what does it reveal?
An absence of love… emotion is concealed
I wish I knew how to feel…because nothing is real
In the absence of the mask… no human is revealed

-Jon Chambers