Saturday, August 29, 2009

Nameless (Poetry)

I wish I was born without a title
Why is identification so vital?
Bearing the name of the ones who bore me
Expected to become who existed before me
Now when I walk they expect to see…
Somebody else standing next to me
Somebody who validates who I will become
Their path is mine… the feeling is numb
I’m anti-traditions… rather I’m ambitious
Don’t categorize me on account of my conditions
I wish I was born without a face
Someone former is who they embrace
Someone who is similar in class and race
Please don’t let them decide my fate
I wish I was born without an identity
So that when I die… people will remember ME
Not who you thought I would be…

-Jon Chambers

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

The Walls (Poetry)

If the walls had ears… what would they hear?
Would they sustain their stance… or collapse in fear?
Would they hear what is just… and morally correct?
Or would they hear a lost soul… yearning for respect?
If the walls had eyes… what would they see?
Would they still stand strong… or crumble to debris?
Would they see promise and hope… a desire to attain?
Or would they see depression… suffering and pain?
If the walls could speak… what would they say?
Would they continue to protect… Or seek to betray?
Would they speak of a world that is faultless and ideal?
Or a world that is wounded… not seeking to heel?
They can not feel… so emotion is absent
So they just stand still… lacking the passion
If walls could speak… they would earn respect
They would be just like you… with speech that is correct

-Jon Chambers

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Why Can't a Left and Right Wing Sustain Flight? (Article)

For many years, the United States of America has operated a legislature that utilizes the idea of having political parties. The two main parties are naturally the democratic and republican parties. Often times, we as Americans get so caught up in rebuking one another’s view points, we tend to stray away from the issues. It is almost as if conservatives and liberals were predestined to be at war for their entire lifetimes, and are immune to the notion of any level of agreeable sentiments. In reality, the right wing and left wing are not as dissimilar from one another as the average American would perceive. If we step back and analyze some of the left and right’s criticisms towards one another, one can observe inconsistencies. These inconsistencies are double standards that are detrimental to our country sustaining flight in these perilous times. Many Americans that lean heavily toward one side or the other are often close-minded to the facts and issues concerning members of the opposing parties, despite our claim to be one indivisible nation. We also often times suffer from a severe case of one-sided ideology. Forming ideals that cannot be challenged, and therefore forming an unhealthy biased mindset. So why can’t a left and right wing sustain flight? The answer is they can, if they are able to stop chastising one another and come together for the common cause of bettering the lives of everyday Americans.

One of the focal problems encompassing the prevention of the left and right wings sustaining flight is a dreadfully elevated degree of being close-minded. We have become so convinced that what has been implanted into our naïve minds is the solitary way to seek truth and understanding. There is term in psychology known as the confirmation bias. The confirmation bias occurs when your mind is only attentive toward information that is in support of your beliefs, therefore quickly denouncing counterclaims. This is a very dangerous practice when attempting to perform problem solving with a misguided intuition that is too fixated on its own color of beliefs to even comprehend the world in a different hue. We as human beings in this universe of change are huge advocates of commitment. Our yearning for commitment mixed with pride, arrogance, and deceit is what closes the mind and diverts it away from the possibility of truth from an outside agent. Being close-minded can often times blind your individualistic and egocentric eyes from an enlightenment that surpasses that of the circumference of your own intellect. In other words, your mind will continue down a perpetual path of deprivation. Because the right wing has developed a reputation of being conservatives, one may speculate and gravitate towards the notion that he who is conservative, has a mind that is severely more limited than that of a liberal. This statement could not divert anymore from the truth. Liberals have the identical tendency to develop close-minded beliefs plagued by ideology. Liberals often times shield their brain from the acceptance of conservative ideas, simply because of their pledge of allegiance to the Democratic Party. Conservatives operate in a similar fashion. If we were able to erase the stigma and demolish the barriers that impede on our ability to see the world as it is as opposed to how we believe it should be, then we will inch ever closer to a time where ideological standards are abolished.

Another aspect to focus our attention to is the idea of double standards. The double standards being addressed are those that tend to make themselves visible in the midst of harsh criticisms of risqué topics. Any observant American who does not let a predisposition bias intrude on their ability to provide actual cultural analysis, can see the double standards that are prevalent in numerous debating circles. Throughout the numerous criticisms that the parties undergo, we tend to be more lenient and accepting of ideas that were formulated in our own party, while behaving more demeaning and critical to the opposing side. Both sides are guilty. Observation has revealed that conservatives appear to be more critical towards the liberals for utilizing their freedom of speech, and at times delivering the spiteful truth. Liberals on the other hand, tend to jump on the defensive too abruptly when participating in a political brawl. It is a well known fact that many African Americans gravitate toward the libertarian movement. That being said, if an African American makes an outlandish critical statement that conservatives deem as poor taste, liberals are quick to pull the race card on these individuals. This is a very unpatriotic and irresponsible way to go about handling this dilemma. Nobody is denying the fact that racism and the notion of white supremacy still exists, but because of the past, we are often times too swift in adding a racial component to non racial issues. When Professor Gates of Harvard University was handcuffed and taken away form his own home, black activists such as the Reverend Al Sharpton were quick to add a racial component to the situation before all of the details had been established and revealed. Even our president took a ride on the liberal band wagon, as Obama stated in a news conference that, “the cops acted stupidly.” He made this statement directly after admitting to not retaining all of the facts, as well as having a bias opinion. What if the roles were reversed? What if it was a white college professor being questioned by a black cop? Would the liberals still tactlessly come to the rescue and fight as they did for Professor Gates? In order to come together as a nation, we must rid ourselves of the double standards that are affecting the way we as Americans analyze the events of America.

The main problem that prohibits the flight of our nation to a new plateau is a diversion from the truth that is occurring on both sides of the political arena. Neither party is considered as legitimate as one would have once thought them to be. Americans are instead stuck with marking their ballots for the lesser of the two evils, which is utterly unacceptable. To quote Dr. Cornel West, “Market research all too often takes the place of principled problem solving; appealing lies take the place of uncomfortable truths; backroom deals take the place of public debate.” We Americans get so caught up in playing this political/emotional game, that we often times blindly allow our elected officials to break promises and use each and every one of us as steps on their ladder of imperialism. This nihilistic mindset is detrimental to the character of the United States. Corruption is beginning to unfold in the nation’s elite businesses and especially in the political arena. The democracy we promote is beginning to shift itself towards a capitalist society that is run by elites who could quite frankly care less about you, the average American and tax paying citizen. It is very hard to sustain flight when one wing is constantly attempting to get higher than the other wing. The flight eventually comes to an end… as we all come crashing down.

We are at war with ourselves. How can we justly endeavor to correct other countries, while our own slate remains tarnished? We can not even sustain flight ourselves. Our two wings are too busy grappling with each other and attempting to heighten themselves on the ladder of hierarchy, that they are bringing us all to the ground. We need to openly discuss the issues that plague our society by addressing them as a society, instead of two separate parts that are inclined to believe the same thing nonetheless. Sometimes we are too close-minded to even become conscious of that fact that we are both in support of the same thing. Sometimes we create double standards that appear to show more of a likeness towards the political party we represent, or those who have the same moral principles. Lastly, we can not garnish a narcissistic desire for power as what will better the common people of the United States. Misrepresentation, corruption, and greed… the land of the free? Of course it is. You have the freedom to be an ignorant, self-centered, close-minded bigot, whose views create double standards, and who sacrifices the uncomfortable truth for an appealing lie. You have the freedom to send your country to hell.

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Peace (Poetry)

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I see no peace… I don’t even know peace
It rests somewhere in the dark… where we can’t reach
Victory comes to those who cease to retreat
The sound of war and revenge is so sweet
I see no peace… I don’t even know peace
Homicides are countless when I walk the streets
Blood trickles down the face of the innocent
Death represents how our time was spent
I see no peace… I don’t even know peace
It’s dangerous to walk the streets with no piece
Who is peace? Please arrive if you hear me
Offer us a path… these times are weary
We see no peace… do we desire to know peace?
Do we long for tranquility… for brutality to cease?
I wish I knew peace… a place of harmony to dwell
A place of angelic heavens… to escape this hell

-Jon Chambers

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

The Truth (Poetry)

We say we need you… but our eyes are closed
We imagine you… when we peel petals on a rose
We say we desire you… but whenever you arrive
We never seek closure… we write you off as a lie
At times we purposely ignore the signs
Saying it defies the purpose of the divine
Why are you deemed mythical… called a falsehood?
When will the day arrive… the day you’re understood?
The books where you speak are perpetually closed
The soul where you dwell is perpetually clothed
We say we need you… but we cover our ears
Hoping to delay and suppress the tears
So I turned my back on you… gave deception your name
Little did I know… you would burst aflame
You caught me off guard… now I lay still
Little did I know… that the truth could kill

-Jon Chambers

Thursday, August 13, 2009

The Chameleon's True Colors (Poetry)

He travels through life unseen… invisible
Because when they are pessimistic… he too is cynical
When they are at ease… he too is serene
When everybody prays… he falls to his knees
He gazes at the mirror… unsure who he sees
His morals and principals blow with the leaves
Complacent he says… an enhanced perception
Up until the wind begins to change direction
He gazes at the mirror… a stranger indeed
Nobody sees trust… so he’s harder to believe
Nobody sees anything that will feel the dew of the day
Every morning a new mask… something new to portray
His clothes are just a cover for his soul’s reflection
He uses his appearance as his soul protection
Maybe one day… the mask will smother
And force him to show us his true colors

-Jon Chambers

Monday, August 10, 2009

Green Eyes (Poetry)

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Her eyes glow green… green with beauty
They gaze at mine… deception is their duty
The hue of her eyes could replace the sun
Little did I know… what she had become
Her eyes glow green… green with envy
They unveil past what she pretends to be
Her dreams are distant… not in reach
They are altered with every new face she meets
Her eyes glow green… green with greed
Without proper commodities… it’s hard to breathe
They glow green with the shade of her deepest desire
Just as the paper… she shall burn in the fire
When her eyes are closed… she harbors theses thoughts
Blinded by darkness… bewildered and lost
As she opens her eyes… the truth is revealed
I see the authentic… I can see what is real

-Jon Chambers

Friday, August 7, 2009

The Moment Not Seized (Poetry)

What happens to a moment… that is not seized?
Does it still have life? Do its lungs still breathe?
Will it one day rise to the eyes of the masses?
Or will it simply evoke regrets as it passes?
What would have happened… if I chose to be a man?
And clutched on tight with my outreached hand?
Can one ever predict the future of one’s past?
Or is the window to hope hidden behind stained glass?
What happens to yesterday… whenever the day breaks?
Does it define our tomorrow… or does it vacate?
What happens to failures… what happens to regrets?
They cause you to regress… toward paths of success
When that moment passes by… you can no longer reach
Provide no alibi… just continue to seek
So what happens to a moment… that is not seized?
It’s gone… so open your eyes… before the next one leaves

-Jon Chambers

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Stained Glass Windows (Poetry)

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I hear the voices sing… no faces are seen
I assumed the expressions were peaceful and serene
As I walk the rough streets in my tattered jeans
They seem to have no desire to greet the fiend
I wish I had a God… that I could bow to
But I have no fancy structure to allow me to
I wish they would look past my jeans… look within
Look into my soul… allow me to enter in
How could they afford to decorate their glass?
While the rest of their community sleeps in the grass
How do they proclaim to be ministers of the word?
Outside of those walls… the word is never heard
Outside of those walls… a world exists
But they can’t see the world… so the pain persists
How can you encourage others to believe…
If your windows blind you from those in need?

-Jon Chambers

Monday, August 3, 2009

As The River Flows (Poetry)

As the river flows… life goes on
In the midst of the rain that falls from the storm
Sometimes it flows swift… at times it is slow
The creatures of the sea still exist below
At no point have I seen its movement cease
As it pours its soul into the belly of the beast
At no point have I seen it run dry
It was here before life… so it will never die
It helps sustain life… without it none exists
For that reason… it’s surrounded by a world of bliss
As the river flows… I can see tomorrow
It camouflages my tears… masks my sorrow
So I say to the river… please take me away
Where no one is there to cast stones or betray
As the river flows… suffering is foregone
As the river flows… life goes on

-Jon Chambers