Monday, July 27, 2009

Wedding Bells (Poetry)

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She stares with both eyes into the face of deception
The alarms never warned of her false protection
The gates to her heart have begun to sever
He walked the corridor as he pulled the lever
Little did she know… what was hidden on his waist
To wreak havoc on a place that was once sedate
Little did she know… a welcomed guest…
Was akin to the intruders… just like the rest
So she sat… sat… as the bride processed
In envy… for she will never wear the dress
Never again will the intruders come near
She has put up a shield… to assure them clear
The shield was protection from her impulse emotions
But the vaccine couldn’t prevent a dissimilar potion
Despite the shield… love set itself free
The bells soon rang… as he lowered to one knee

-Jon Chambers

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Visions (Poetry)

Something is wrong… nothing is real
The truth is locked away… love concealed
I keep seeing visions… visions in my head
Seeing myself in third person… seeing myself dead
I keep seeing a light… that blinds as it shines
I see angels singing… as they praise the divine
I keep seeing fire… no place to hide
I see people suffering… that already died
Something is inside me… the voices never left
But now they have company… my body can’t rest
It’s haunted with visions… visions of my past
When will my mind seek peace at last?
Visions of past ways… yet to correct
Visions of pathways… yet to connect
Visions… describing how the future unfolds
Visions of what is true… but remains untold

-Jon Chambers

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

As She Departs (Poetry)

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She goes through life fearless… not afraid to die
Because nobody seems to make it out alive
24 more hours… it’s almost surreal
24 more hours… her bones revealed
She has nothing to mislay… all is at steak
Value lessens when longevity is erased
The pitcher of water… the man by the lake
She pursued him toward her foreseeable fate
Crystal incrusted displays of status
Ignoring her soul… corrupted and callous
Monetary supplements for cosmetic remedies
Satanic angels sing marvelous melodies
Her 24 hours have come to an end
A malnourished soul is hard to mend
Her time has come… her body is slain
I present her soul… the only remains

-Jon Chambers

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Amnesia (Poetry)

The agony… pain… anguish and distress
Why must supremacy viewpoints regress?
Ignorance is blissful… when you reign supreme
Ignorance is blissful… for supremacist means
Do they not know that we suffer in pain?
Why must their unwarranted ideology sustain?
What have we done… to deserve the hate?
What have we done… to merit this fate?

Why were they created in less of a mold?
Why protest as we reproach and scold?
They need not do a thing… but retreat and conform
They need not explore… for shelter from the storm
I lifted my garments… observed a scar
This mark wasn’t one of an almighty czar
That’s when I remembered… the gruesome plot
I was once in their shoes… I must’ve forgot

-Jon Chambers

Sanity: Interpersonal vs. Intrapersonal (Article)

It is rarely debated, discussed, or even addressed, but we all have our own conceptualized views of what we believe deem an individual psychologically sane. We have implanted in our mindset a litmus test for sanity, which usually includes different mannerisms, voiced opinions, and self-control in public space. Most individuals who fail our litmus test are immediately labeled as crazy. But in reality, is that assessment accurate? Can we abruptly come to a judgment surrounding a person’s sanity based on superficial reasoning? The fact of the matter is that the character we write off as crazy or insane is in touch with their emotions on a level that they can not control. The issues that rage on an intrapersonal level are then transmitted to interpersonal relationships, which are then greeted with disdain and disgust. Do they express the very thoughts that manifest themselves within your own intrapersonal relationships? The answer is yes, and can begin to be understood by examining the relationship between interpersonal relationships and intrapersonal relationships, how they dispute one another, and how they complement one another in order to create a personality that is either accepted or cast away to the fiery pits of the social totem pole.

Intrapersonal relationships refer to those that occur within the individual mind and within your own intellect. They involve the ways we problem solve and relate to ourselves, as well as the way we interpret events and ideas. Before your personality is conveyed in a visual sense, it grapples with the subconscious intrapersonal issues that plague your mind. Your subconscious mind harbors a bountiful amount of thoughts and ideas that never surface during interpersonal relationships. Interpersonal relationships refer to those that occur between individuals. Your interpersonal is the visual finale and manifestation of your intrapersonal relationships. During an intrapersonal conversation, you may contemplate murdering another individual, but you rationalize that it would not be very logical to do so. Since you have already conquered that thought raging on an intrapersonal level, it never surfaces to become an interpersonal issue, and you are perceived as and classified as a normally functioning sane individual. Coming to fully identify with interpersonal relationships is the key. Once that is accomplished, the most crazy and insane individual will have the ability to come across as being normal to a susceptible society.

A serial killer is one of the main individuals we classify as insane. Examining the mind of a serial killer however, will lead one to come to the realization that sanity is a figment of your reality. As we explore the lives of famous serial killers Jeffery Dahmer and Ted Bundy, it is evident that before one knew of the acts they had committed, these individuals would be deemed as normal and sane. Not to mention, that these individuals had come to understand interpersonal relationships to the best of ones ability. Their only problem was attempting to satisfy subconscious thoughts with conscious decisions. Dahmer and Bundy made similar remarks in interviews that occurred after their convictions. It started as attempting to satisfy their subconscious, and turned into an addiction. Both of these murderers participated in rape, dismemberment, cannibalism, and a whole host of things that would make a sane individual cringe in their seats. Calling it an addiction however, gives us a whole new way to analyze their cases. Would we consider a heroin addict sane or mentally stable? If they are not high on the drug, and you have never seen them high on the drug, the answer could possibly be yes. That makes their cases very similar to those of Dahmer and Bundy, seeing how all of the people closest to them perceived them as normal, because of the simple fact that they never saw them in the act of their killings. Translation, they never saw them high on their drug. The thing that separates me and you from a Ted Bundy is not a matter of an insane/sane label, but it is rather the fact that Bundy decided to try his subconscious drug of choice, and became addicted. You can not always use your intrapersonal and subconscious thoughts during interpersonal dealings. That was their main downfall; it was not a matter of sanity. Many people would classify them as emotionless, but their downfall more accurately reflects greed or a lack of compassion. Calling them emotionless would be far from a truthful statement. They were in touch with their emotions just as much as a musician, artist, poet or performer is. The only difference is the fact that their way of being in touch with their emotions harmed innocent people. They simply had no other outlet to harbor or differentiate their emotional thoughts, which resulted in them manifesting themselves in reality.

There are many people in our society today who claim to be the Messiah, the second coming of Jesus Christ, or a prophet with a word from the Lord, but we are very abrupt to write them off as imitators with crazy mindsets and motives. In our society, people who hear voices in their head are said to be crazy, but the same individuals who place this label on others, are people who read and believe every word of biblical scriptures. The Bible is full of numerous accounts when prophetic figures received a word from the Lord, and were sent to spread it to the masses. In these biblical accounts, many of the prophets were greeted with scorn, torment, disrespect, derision, and ridicule. They were considered insane. What was once considered insane is what we as a society now view as the absolute truth. Jesus was called insane. Jesus faced so much torment and distress, primarily because people lacked faith in his mental stability. It was something different. We are often quick to write off things that are different or against the social norm as crazy. My belief is that if Jesus were to return tomorrow, many believers would be unconvinced. Many Christians would fall back into the same mindset that plagued the grounds where Jesus once walked. They would fall into the mindset of disbelief and ignorance, just as the masses did as accounted in numerous biblical scriptures. Often times, we must realize that our conceptualized view of sanity is situational. The same Christian that speaks down on the culture which ridiculed Jesus Christ could be the same Christian that cracked the whip on the back of the divine one given the proper historical context. If Jesus were to come back as a human being today, I believe that people would write him off as crazy, and history would repeat. Was Jesus insane, or was he misunderstood? Once again, sanity is a figment in our reality, simply because it is so situational and is based on different cultural norms which are ever changing.

Sanity does not exist. We use sanity in order to justify our own actions as what is normal and acceptable. We use the term insane in order to cast away individuals who do not follow our model of what is considered to be sociologically normal for interpersonal dealings. What often occurs is that the manifestation of intrapersonal thoughts to an interpersonal level, often frightens the witnessing individual, because his/her subconscious reflects the conscious acts portrayed in the reality of the insane personage. It is almost as if the insane individual is able to tap into the emotions that the sane individual has strategically left absent from their interpersonal dealings. Just remember, before you wish to judge sanity, think about what you are judging. Are you judging to justify you own actions? If your ingenuous answer to that question is yes, then re-evaluate your intrapersonal. A proper examination will unveil who the actual crazy one is.

Monday, July 13, 2009

Addicted (Poetry)

I’m addicted… addicted to the touch
Addicted… I can’t get enough
Addicted… but the desire is lust
The man in the mirror is hard to trust
Every time we greet… I show disdain
But I can see his anguish… I can feel his pain
I love when the high takes over me
But I seem to never land where I’m supposed to be
When it’s not in proximity… cold sweats erupt
I struggle to evade but my mind is corrupt
I struggle to evade but I can’t get enough
Addicted… but the desire is lust
Society rebukes the very presence of my flesh
They say God will heal me… surely they jest
Maybe one day I can overcome this
Maybe if my efforts weren’t so remiss

-Jon Chambers

Monday, July 6, 2009

Betrayal of Sanity (Poetry)

I loved her touch… I never let go
She helped me sustain… helped me grow
Gave me sight… amidst the dark
I felt we could never… ever grow apart
She hid my subconscious… from the eyes of the masses
But her resistance to my love was oh so passive
She slowly… slowly… drifted away
But it occurred too subtle to reassure her stay
Something has come over me… since the day she left
I’m somebody else… I have no identity left
One day I’m blissful… the next day I’m depressed
One day I’m at ease… the next day I’m stressed
This man in the mirror is beginning to haunt me
A lost… coldhearted man is what I see
I need to restore her everlasting love
Maybe I’ll forget… if I soak my brain in blood

-Jon Chambers

Sunday, July 5, 2009

Wishing Well (Poetry)

I had what others would dare to dream
But gold doesn’t glitter as bright as it seems
I rested on the plains you wished to explore
The pain you’ve experienced… I have yet to endure
I reside in the skin you envy to no end
The ones you wish to meet are my best of friends
I embody everything you ask for in your prayers
Where can you find me? Close your eyes… I’m there
One day I packed my bags… left it all behind
Trying to find a new path… a path that is mine
I was fed caviar with a silver spoon
It was only but so long I could remain in that room
Please don’t judge me…as showing no gratitude
My extravagant life just had to conclude
Eminence and notoriety… I had to betray
I walked to the well… and wished it all away

-Jon Chambers

Friday, July 3, 2009

The Crazy Man (Poetry)

We laugh… dismiss… spit in his face
The trash heap is where he gathers his dinner plate
The concrete ground is where he rests his head
Nobody listens… they condemn instead
Nobody listens… it’s as if he was dead
Nobody attends to the blood that is shed
Holding the remedy… we refuse to approach the manger
Our pride just never lets us feel for a stranger
So we pass him by… we’re too sane to converse
Not realizing we are the ones plagued by the curse
We pass him by… clutching our purse
Not grasping his magnitude… grasping his worth
One day he approached me… soliciting aid
I abruptly declined… as if I was afraid
I watched him ascend… recognizing it was He
I was left behind… the crazy one was me

-Jon Chambers