Sunday, June 28, 2009

My Journey Through Hell (Poetry)

I took a walk through hell... just to see
Who I would find... and who was set free
I stepped inside those fiery pits
To see if it was real... see if it exists
There was no presence of a rapist... or a room for thieves
No place for conductors of murderous regimes
No home for the adulterer... terrorists were absent
No idol worshipers... nor lovers of fashion
No residence for the addict... the heroin fiend
Not even the dealer... or the man in between
Blasphemous bastards never greeted my sight
As if Lucifer himself couldn't decipher wrong from right
But I walked... walked... peered into the darkness
How could the almighty Lord be so heartless?
I took a walk through hell... and who did I see?
A priest... a doctor... a prophet... and me...

-Jon Chambers

Saturday, June 27, 2009

Emptiness (Poetry)

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It greeted me with love... though love was absent
It greeted me with death... I lie in this casket
It greeted me with darkness... so I am the light
I fell in love with emptiness... blind to sight
I've lost my self... It fell in love
It floats in the sea... its spirit is above
I tried to rescue it... reel it in and set sail
But I was casting trust bait into a sea of betrayal
With every bite that would vibrate my line of sight
None would reel in... with all my might
So I was greeted with darkness... I am the light
I fell in love with emptiness... blind to sight
Emptiness invades me... love betrayed me
But how can I rebuke the very thing that made me?
I fell in love in love with an empty place
But when emptiness prevails... my heart is safe

-Jon Chambers

Monday, June 22, 2009

A Familiar Face (Poetry)

His emotion non-existent... his heart removed
Ignorance invades him... he's far from shrewd
Love overtakes what remained in his mind
So when love was lost... everything was left behind
Anger is his friend... vengeance his companion
Everything he stood for is gone... vanished
He gave her a kiss... her name was deceit
Everything fell apart... she possessed glass sheets

20 years have passed... he divorced deceit
But progression had prior conceded defeat
He was approached by a man... reluctant to greet
But said he was certain they needed to meet
He looked closer at the man... 20 years of age
Blood on the sword from the soldiers he had slain
Those you create when your heart is removed
Act without a heart... they have nothing to lose

-Jon Chambers

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Materialism -- We Wear the Mask (Article)

The hurt, pain, anguish, suffering, torment and distress that undoubtedly manifests itself within our inner thoughts is often hidden by our outer appearance. We mask uncertainty and doubt with temporary commodities that provide a brief sense of comfort. We act as if the mask is used to transform, when in actuality it is used to prolong avoidance of a certain reality. Hip-hop culture is often assaulted with criticisms that attempt to denounce the materialism within hip-hop. The fact of the mater is that hip-hop is not the only place the material mindset finds rest. Hip-hop is often targeted because of its mainstream appeal, popularity, and evident confirmations of egocentric lifestyles. The problem concerning materialism is not that we don’t take notice to it, but more accurately the fact that we provide ourselves with a false self prescribed immunity to the disease. At its best, materialism provides comfort and security to an afflicted soul, in addition to providing self-assurance and confidence. At its worst, it undermines the source of the suffering, creating an environment of prolonged counterfeit identification, for means of solidarity. We all wear the mask.

One of the main reasons the mask remains present on our outer physic, is the idea surrounding a heightened level of status. It is believed that certain monetary substances significantly assist in the perception of social status, monetary wages, and class. This idea, however, is not new-fangled by any stretch of the imagination. This idea dates back to ancient times when jewelry was used to confirm hierarchy status. If we fast forward to 2009, this idea is still prevalent within the minds of the members of our society. Our mindset is this; whoever is able to posses the brightest jewels, the biggest houses, and the newest cars, successfully achieve a higher social status than predecessors and colleagues. What most individuals don’t realize is the fact that this status is a temporary relief of long-term distress. Since we lack knowledge of this actuality, we not only heighten our own individual status using material means, but we also use it to idolize others by placing them on pedestals. (See my last article “The Pedestal Illusion") We can’t let material objects be the arbitrator of status and success. Status and success should more accurately be identified by accomplishments, and not monetary supplements used to create a diversion from reality. Materials do not in actuality heighten status, but they precisely mask inconsistencies, flaws, and emotion, in order to create a new exterior for means of presentation.

Another reason we still wear the mask in this day and age, is the truth that it provides us with a sense of security. Unfortunately, this security is not very secure and can be viewed as a false sense of security. Since the individuals we tend to idolize seem to have all of the latest commodities, we often times correlate their commodities with their forged level of status. Because of this misinterpretation, we fall victim to the belief that their commodities are their undeniable reason for receiving this false protection from scrutiny and harm. Since we are unaware that this false protection is indeed phony, we yearn for its shield in hopes that it will unrealistically protect us. We must come to the realization that this mask that we put on is physical, while many of our problems rage within our psyche. You cannot seek physiological support for a psychological problem. If we asses the situation from the aspect of medicine, we are likely to encounter similar results. As I paraphrase words spoken by Dr. Michael Eric Dyson, Advil is a universal pain reliever used to treat any kind of pain; however, if you are a cancer patient, the Advil will only provide you with a temporary relief. The Advil is not formulated to attend to the disease directly, and without proper additional treatment the disease will not only persist, but it will mature and become more prevalent and established. The mask we wear is a false protection, because it is not formulated to attend to the inner issues that plague our sense of wellbeing. The main problem is that we often fail to realize we are masking our problems, while hoping the mask can protect us; we instead act as if the inner problems are non-existent and that the mask is simply a result of unrelated desires.

Many people who fall victim to materialism also fall victim to a similar condition that I like to call priority dyslexia. Since I am a patient in the hospital of priority dyslexia as well, I will refrain from using you as a means of speaking down on my fellow colleagues. I will continue to use the term we, assuring you that this is a collective problem that we all must undergo self analysis to correct. We are all aware of the fact that if you wish for things to be accomplished correctly, you not only have to know how the job is to be completed, but you must also know how to prioritize. The bizarre idea that plagues us, who suffer from priority dyslexia, is the fact that we are well aware of what needs to be accomplished as well as the order that will supply the best results. However, somewhere between thinking and acting, our interpretation of our priorities are distorted severely. In turn, somewhere along the way, materials manifest themselves as a higher priority than the more important spiritual and personal goals. We then set materialistic goals as we pay no heed to our personal psychological goals. The problem with priority dyslexia however, is the fact that we hardly ever treat ourselves for the disease until it is too late. We often go to fix the problem after it is far beyond reconstruction and renewal. Once again, our mirror is confronted with our ever deceptive mask. As we look in the mirror, our priority dyslexia takes full effect and gives us unreal gratification. It gives us the idea that we are accomplished, which in turn provides us with a false sense of satisfaction. We can’t asses our true goals until we realize what we have been plagued with, and remove our prevailing mask.

Please refrain from misconstruing my statements as a yearning for a society absent of all things material. My intent is not to deter you from putting a down payment on a new car; my intent is essentially urging you to put it in perspective. Make sure your desire to obtain materials using monetary means, is not driven by ulterior motives. Unfortunately, our human nature prevents us from exercising these ideas entirely. The most important thing you can do is to raise your awareness and consciousness concerning how materialism affects your perception of others, as well as their perception of you. Remember that whenever you wake up and glance into that mirror, you are staring at a false depiction of yourself that has been altered and manipulated by the very society you praise. You are staring at a mask. We are staring at a mask. We all wear the mask.

Thursday, June 18, 2009

A Spirit's Confessional (Poetry)

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Last night I killed a man… just to watch him bleed
He yelped and screamed as he fell to his knees
My knife met his flesh with the wrath of hell
Such a cynical smile as I waved farewell
But the man was worthless… he embodied no purpose
Trouble inside made him suffer on the surface
Last night I killed a man… just to watch him die
I felt no remorse as my bullet pierced his eye
Maybe in the closet they won’t find his corpse
I attempted to conceal him… but my efforts fell short
I set him ablaze to assure his death
I didn’t sense regret… until he took his last breath
The almighty God forgives all who ask
But under circumstances… I can’t complete that task
Last night I killed a man… just to watch him bleed
Only one problem… the man was me

-Jon Chambers

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

The Ocean (Poetry)

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Such a beautiful sight… to astonish my eyes
So calm… so serene… so shrewd… so wise
The sand you soak compliments you so flawless
Free of anxiety… I am free of stress
I let your waters caress my skin
You provide me with peace and harmony within
I wish I could stay here… stay here forever
The connection we embody no man could sever
There must be more… more to see
More to feel… past the knee
So I walk… and walk… searching your waters
Not grasping that I was walking into slaughter
Your fury unleashed… and your waves crashed down
They looked… looked… I’m nowhere to be found
You took my life… away I float
Appealing from afar… but you killed me when I came too close

-Jon Chambers

Saturday, June 13, 2009

The Shack (Poetry)

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Here I sit… here I stand
Here I lay… here I am
Just as I desired… all alone
Surrounded by hay… I call it home
Nobody loves me… nobody at all
So when they try to pretend… I won’t hear their call
I won’t be tempted by a false protection
To be forever plagued with a wrath of rejection
Here I can be me… and nobody sees
And since I can’t see… then I can’t believe
I’m sheltered from the rain… sheltered from the storm
No judgment is passed… no reason to adorn
But one day… the fury of the storm never ceased
There was no doubt… I would lay deceased
Maybe I would have survived… if somebody appeared
But it’s not that nobody cares… nobody knows I’m here

-Jon Chambers

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Footsteps (Poetry)

Darkness invades my sight
The day has been put to rest by the night
Darkness is present… there’s no way to fight
I still find my self running… despite
Uncertainty frightens… an intruder is near
I can hear its footsteps… I can hear them clear
Darkness is present… sight is destroyed
But my third eye sees it is far from void
Running… running… I try to escape
Not realizing they closed the gate
Uncertainty frightens… an intruder is here
I can see its footsteps… I can see them clear
The faster they approach… the quicker I evade
Spellbound… trapped… alone… afraid
Running… running… I tried to escape
Not realizing I was running from fate

-Jon Chambers

Friday, June 5, 2009

One Way Street (Poetry)

What did they expect… from a man like me?
Blind to opportunity… the light I can’t see
What did they expect… from the one they scorned?
As if I could negotiate the skin in which I was born
How did they think… I would nourish my seeds?
When did they ever offer hope to believe?
What made them think… I wouldn’t take a stand?
Accept oppression… become less of a man
Why should I settle… settle for the worst?
When a lighter complexion wasn’t plagued by this curse
I never really wanted to defy the law
But what am I to do… when my starving family calls?
My daughter doesn’t care about injustice in the workplace
Her only desire is the food on her plate
So before you judge my actions as ruthless and cruel
Put yourself in my position… and see if you would follow the rules

-Jon Chambers