Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Respect (Article)

Webster defines respect as a verb, meaning to feel or show honor or esteem for, as well as to hold in high regard. I believe our conventional definitions of respect only scratch the surface on our quest to uncover the true undisputable meaning. There are various misconceptions about respect, and when an ill-informed mind set is harassed with these fallacies, their outer actions take a turn for the pits. Respect is often something we strive towards, without coming to the realization that our fulfillment hinders on our own perception of others evaluations. Regardless of how you asses the situation, there are still two sides of the coin. Respect has created arrogant, egocentric, and haughty lifestyles in character traits. Does this indicate we can accurately conclude that respect does more evil than good? Or does it simply challenge our own definitions of respect, and discount prior assumptions? That is the question at hand.

It is not respect itself that is evil, but it is more accurately our yearning for a certain level of respect through a journey whose end is infinite. The majority of the antagonism that surrounds our thought process actually deals with a lack of respect. The predicament behind this logic lies in the realization that many of our perceptions of respect dwell within possessions and other unessential outside agents. For instance, an individual may gain power, by being elected as mayor of their city. That power that one individual obtains, can be compared to somebody else’s possession they acquire. Let’s take a possession that is considered a prized commodity nationwide such as a car. The results and generalizations are generally going to be consistent between attaining the responsibilities of an elected official such as a mayor, and purchasing a vehicle. As the mayor, maybe there has been a rally against a decision you have made. You must realize that it is not that actual mayor that their disrespect is directed towards, but rather the position. Look at it this way; the opinion of the mayor would be irrelevant if he/she did not have the power to put their opinion into practice. In the possession example, maybe someone purposely damages your vehicle. Once again, it is not you that they are directing their disrespect; it is their resentful nature towards the commodity you posses. We are a people who tend to take these acts personally, and therefore retaliation is nothing less than obligatory. It is important to note that a lack of respect towards you does not have to spark disrespectful behavior towards the opposition. Once you engage in retaliation, you have now disrespected yourself. You have disrespected whatever morals you have put in place for yourself by using disrespect to you as justification. The instant you disrespect yourself, is the instant you unknowingly send an invitation to disrespect you, which is received by anybody who is conscious of your decisions.

We often speak of respect in context with how we treat one another; however, the most critical aspect of respect is your respect for self. The setback many people stumble upon occurs when actions are done in order to create a sense of respect from the direction of their peers. The problem is many people confuse attention with respect. Just because an individual is paying attention to your actions, you can not accurately conclude that they respect you. Attention also coincides with a desire to fit in, which is also distant from the meaning of respect. Should you want to be respected? Yes, but you should not build your character around your neighbor’s definition of what respect is. Respect for self is a process that starts within your own acuity, and ends with an outer reflection that corresponds. It is so easy for us to negate respect for ourselves, when we don’t reflect what we know and believe within our everyday walk. There is an old saying that you must give respect in order to get it. Not only does that hold factual in your relations towards other people, but it also holds true when we place it in context with respecting yourself.

When we talk about respect for other people, the first thing that possibly approaches your train of thought deals with doing high-quality things for people, in addition to knowing and recognizing where they stand in relation to yourself. Respect for others is much more than that. Respect comes from a thought process that does understand, but is not necessarily in agreement. The problem arrives when we become quick to demean and debase others, without even making the attempt to analyze their situation and attempt to identify with the other individual. A lot of times, I see people who have progressed in life, and then have the audacity to place themselves on a pedestal, in order to look down on those who have not yet progressed. People forget that if it was not for a coincidental incident, an outside source, or self realization, they would be in the same predicament in this present tense. It is not that you should be in support of, but once again, just simply understanding. You don’t have to concur, but respect the right for the individual to formulate their own decisions. I am a firm believer that the majority of our complaints about other people are subconsciously our own faults. That meaning, if one of your primary criticisms to other people deals with respect or a lack of respect, then I would take this as an opportune time to find a mirror. Glance at the object that reflects from it with that same criticism you put towards others.

Respect is one of the lifelines that hold our communities together. Without respect for one another you essentially have nothing, aside from inner dispositions that never truly surface. Respect is more than just honoring a position or following numerous cliché rules that undermine the effect of what is meant to take place. It more precisely begins with a self examination, and ends with a realization and progression. If you only take one thing from this, remember to just simply have respect for yourself, and everything else will begin to fall into place accordingly.

Saturday, March 28, 2009

The Cross (Poetry)

Nobody understands me… nobody but God
This is why I am struck by the enemy’s rod
The blood… the sweat… the tears… the pain
But I trust you father… for I know it is not in vain
Nothing will occur that will defy your will
Even my wished upon fate… even the blood spilled
For all who have sinned… For all those lost
It is for your everlasting life... that I carry the cross
Father forgive them… though all they can do is laugh
Father forgive them… though I know you already have
For they know not the sins they have committed against you
They don’t discern me as the savior… nor believe my word is true
Why have you forsaken me… why have you left?
But you never truly did… my spirit you would protect
For all who sin… For all who are lost
You may seek everlasting life… because I carried the cross

-Jon Chambers

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Chames - Rehab: The End of the Road (Music)

Part 1: Rehab
1. Intro
2. The Beginning of the End
3. No Love
4. Denial Damnation feat Amor Jones
5. Lines
6. Overdose
7. Corruption
8. Suicidal Thoughts
9. Cry Out
10. 10 Seconds
11. Let Go Part 2
12. Send Her My Love
13. Obsession prod by Track Bangas
Part 2: The End of the Road
14. Success (Interlude)
15. Dollar Circulate
16. Money
17. Destined to Shine feat Dutch & Young Rep
18. Justification
19. Heartbreak (Interlude)
20. Dreams
21. Martin
22. One Mourning prod by Heavy Weight Beats
23. The End
Bonus Tracks
24. Letter to the People
25. All I Got Is You

Friday, March 13, 2009

The Dove (Poetry)

photo from: http://www.photholic.com

Careless… liberated… the world is her abode
She reigns supreme… the sky is her throne
Her wings are her call to reach the masses
No time exists… so no time passes
I long for her touch… I long for her love
But I’m wedged to the soil… to dwell with the shrubs
If you grant me your love… my qualms will cease to surface
For with faith in faithfulness… I can love with a purpose
I can begin to explore a world free of partiality
Free from falsehoods… free from reality
If you grant me your mind… I can asses with precision
For there is nothing to divert… nothing prior was given
I envy your very presence… I envy your space
Grant me your touch… I will linger by the lake
I long for your touch… I long for your love
I long to be you… I long to be the dove

-Jon Chambers

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Demons (Poetry)

photo from: http://www.last.fm

Open the door… put your soul at ease
Don’t taste the fruit… nor gaze at the trees
The power obtained is unmatched but deadly
Enclosed and imprisoned… but still set free
Open the door… dismiss your guard
For he is absent in the daylight… but awakes for the stars
So whenever his visibility is obsolete
Despite time of day the soul is labeled deceased
Your closest companion could be the primary source
With compassion neglected… lacking remorse
Conquered by a force that reigns beyond control
Beyond the physical… in tune with the soul
Beyond what is seen… in tune with your thoughts
Beyond what you’ll find… because own being is lost
They dwell in the heathen… they dwell in the poisonous direction
But sometimes… they dwell in the mirror’s reflection

-Jon Chambers

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Karma (Poetry)

photo from: http://fineartamerica.com

You used to be my worst enemy; you used to be my most terrible nightmare
I would scurry from your touch… I was never prepared
I thought I could escape you… just once or twice
Then I would open my eyes… to find you never shifted from my sight
A couple times you spared me when I really deserved you
But at times you attacked me, and didn’t really deserve to
I know I took you for granted… at times I hurt you
So it was in your nature to strike revenge for the first few
I used to curse your name and rebuke your very presence
But I was only released free in a tense that was present
I knew that your sword would soon find me
Never would you withdraw… never would you deprive me
Now when you speak I can sense a diverse tone
And realized you were with me… when I thought I was alone
Whenever you attacked me… you really deserved to
Because you only attacked me… when I attacked you

-Jon Chambers

Friday, March 6, 2009

Crazy (Poetry)

photo from: http://www.insidesocal.com

My mind has been a little off lately… or maybe it was never on
Feel like I’m dying… or maybe I was never born
Maybe I lived once and I already died
Maybe everything I’ve perceived has been a lie
Maybe I’m the devil… live in the flesh
Just to fill your mind with, lust, greed, and stress
Maybe I’m an angel… following behind
Sent by the almighty on a destiny divine
I keep seeing flashes… I keep seeing lights
But yet it still seems I can’t escape the night
I’m trapped in darkness where the unknown dwells
Trapped in darkness… just an unknown cell
They label me foolish… label me insane
I label them ignorant… not in tune with their brain
Flashes reappear… a white light is in the rear
Farewell… I think my time is near…

-Jon Chambers