Friday, January 30, 2009

The Mirror (Poetry)

The past, the present, the future at one glance
A trinity of existence all conquered in one stance
Soundless imagery, free from faults and mistakes
Appeals are denounced, no means for debate
The past is publicized by peeking past the outline
Past your own frame just to seize what’s behind
You witness what’s unchangeable, the previously occurred
The prior aspirations… the dreams deferred
The present is the gift that unfolds to the pupil
Whether it’s failure or success, critical or futile
The ever changing glance continually turns to past
And slips away from your grasp as you endeavor to make it last
The future is revealed by the mirror alone
Any and everything, the world observed as a whole
So why overwhelm life with distress, anguish, and sorrow?
You decide what you’ll see… when you look in that same mirror tomorrow

- Jon Chambers

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Notorious (Review)

Jon's Rating: 4/5

Bigger than life, bigger than death, bigger than music, and bigger than any movie could ever begin to portray. Perhaps it was bigger than B.I.G. himself. Needless to say, with a ‘big’ role ahead of them, I believe that the cast delivered. Puffy was portrayed as the arrogant, but hungry attitude that you can still see prevalent in his demeanor at the present time. Biggie was also captured well during the acting, showing all of his dimensions. It’s hard to make a movie about someone who’s no longer in the picture to enlighten you with insight and input. What I believe made it easier was the array of different people in his life whom I would imagine were able to bring their own experiences to the table. The film was not about chasing riches or chasing fame... it was about chasing a dream.

One of the lesser notable aspects of the film that I picked up on was how they portrayed other characters. I felt like the movie was too one-sided and too bias. In the scenes that involved Tupac, I feel like Diddy was still trying to prove to the world that biggie had nothing to do with the violence that broke out. The movie basically portrayed Tupac to be the close friend who joined the dark forces and suddenly wanted to see their old friend dead. While the film is very careful in not messing up facts, they simply fabricated parts in order to ‘big’ up the main character. It’s completely understandable that you have to remain focused on the main character and not let the movie get too sidetracked; however, you have to keep some things in perspective. It is one thing to tell your side of the story, but it’s another thing to give off the “see I told you it wasn’t his fault” attitude which I feel was displayed. Another character that I feel was misrepresented was Lil Kim. They don’t really display her as an artist; they display her as Biggie’s sex toy who he decided to let rap. You really don’t see her character emerge past the false persona that the media made her out to be, and I think it was the films job to capture more aspects. Not to mention that Lil Cease looked like he was 12 years old.

Some of the most enjoyable parts of the film were how they incorporated chronological order of things. For instance, there was a scene where Biggie was in a freestyle battle in Brooklyn, and in the background you can see a promotion for Juice. (A movie Tupac starred in.) It seemed they were showing how different their worlds were, and at the same instant representing Biggie’s potential. There was another scene I recalled that occurred during his drug dealing days. They show a crack head who appears to be with child. Biggie sold to her anyway, and when asked why he did it, he replied, “I’m not in this to be no social worker.” That was to show his carelessness and his selfishness, in the sense that he cared more about his money at the time than he cared about the community. Later, after he has made it, he sees the same crack head who has now cleaned herself up playing with her child who appears to be mentally ill. Biggie then shows a look of guilt in his face, and even though he now had all the money he could ever dream up, he now knew that the money didn’t make the man. Puffy told him that he wanted to change the world, but in order to change the world they first had to change themselves.

In conclusion, the movie is far from your typical rise and fall story that I’ve seen many people criticize it for. It is about chasing a dream with all the odds against you, stuck between a rock and a hard place. Faced with scrutiny from all angles and neglect from those whom you thought would support you no matter what. When Puff first met Biggie in the office, he warned him that he would have to stay off the street and put a hold to his narcotic practices. He replied with something to the effect that the rap game was a gamble, and that he was seeing sure money in the streets. Puffy replied and said, “Don’t chase the money, chase the dream!” And that is exactly what they did.

Friday, January 16, 2009

Am I Dreaming? (Poetry)

Desires once craved are now tasted on my tongue
The various variables have equated into sums
Numerous fixations are now visible in one
Somebody pinch me… I must be dreaming

Possessions once perceived as remote are now glanced at with my eyes
Conquest and victory replace demise
Illuminated with light as I gaze at the sunrise
Somebody hit me… I must be dreaming

Unfeasible prospect emerges from the soil
No endeavors, no exertion… no shortcomings, no toils
My time should have surpassed expiration to the degree I’m spoiled
Somebody throw me… I must be dreaming

A model of success, a representation of perfection
Skeptic since adolescence, so my first thought is deception
Somebody shot me… I must be dreaming
At least I thought I was… until I woke up in heaven
-Jon Chambers

Friday, January 9, 2009

Success (Poetry)

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Eloquent dress, blessed, respect, are these models of success?
Or is it reminiscent to stressed, depressed, and regrets?
Is it right, wrong or left… compassion or neglect?
Is there a list you check? Or is it based on a check?
The goal that’s never accomplished so we constantly dream
And anticipate that our conscious remains constant in between
Letting our neighbors dictate where the bar is held
Until the funeral bells and they recline 6 to dwell
Searching shirts and ties that they can appeal with
Then offered business deals that they can deal with
On your uncultivated drive you’re bound to be stopped
For spending too much time watching your watch
It’s all so ideal and it’s all so deceptive
But the primary arbitrator is the mirrors reflection
Still rummaging for success… and still no trace
So I looked it up in the dictionary… and guess what… blank
-Jon Chambers

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Motivation (Article)

Have you ever stopped to think about your daily routine? Have you ever actually sat back and attempted to analyze the reasons you react to certain situations or apportion energy to a particular obsession? The majority of it has to do with motivation. We as humans dread the realization of consciously doing something in vain, so therefore we seek something to motivate us, or perhaps that thing seeks us. How it happens, isn’t in actuality what’s vital. What is imperative is the source of origination. Did it come from an inside source, or from an outside source. One of the focal mistakes most people make is partaking in an act based on motivation from an outside source. Seeking motivation from an outside source is the fastest way to come in last. “Your drive will eventually drive you crazy.” (Nick Arter) And when it does, I hope your car insurance is up to par, especially if you’re observed to be with somebody else’s “drive” at the crash site.

I’ll give you an example from my personal experience. When I was in 11th grade I was cut from the high school basketball team in the second round of cuts. At the time, I became very emotionally distraught and displayed wounds inside that were just as visible as my multiple brush burns to the physical. After I had a chance to sit down and actually rationalize what in fact happened, I began to become content with the fact that I hadn’t made the team. I discovered I was being driven by motivation from external sources. I was doing it for the people who wanted to see me succeed, I was doing it for the jersey, I was doing it for the popularity, and the list can seek no closure. Sure, I was motivated to make the team, and yes I wanted to, but did I want to because I wanted to? Make sense? In other words, basketball is still one of my favorite hobbies, but did I really want to make the team commitments, or was I just looking for the team title? Was I ready for practices every day of the week, which would have almost certainly forced me to quit my only source of income which I’m still grasping on to today? Luckily fate steered me in the right direction in this case. I was motivated, but I wasn’t self motivated. Motivation can get your through a year or two, but self-motivation will get you through life.

So essentially, all you have to do is motivate your self and you’ll be fine right? But it’s not that easy. You can motivate yourself based on emotions, or you can motivate yourself based on thoughts. When you begin to motivate yourself based on emotions, it’s only a matter of time before your motivation runs out. Emotions are temporary, so motivation based on emotion is therefore temporary as well. Saying that, let me just clear this up before I go any further if this question is lurking in your mind. People say love is what motivates them to marry, and there are a lot of marriages out there that last a lifetime. The only problem with that logic in relation to the topic is that love is not an emotion. Love is a state of mind, but that’s a whole new topic for a whole new day. Let’s say your boyfriend/girlfriend breaks up with you, and you decide to let your anger motivate you to begin to learn boxing. Well guess what? After you get over your emotions and you now see your emotions you once had as petty, then your motivation runs out. On the contrary, let’s say you reside in a rough neighborhood, and you decide to take up boxing as a self defense mechanism. In other words, you used your thoughts to motivate you. You rationally thought out in your head how you could benefit from a boxing program, therefore you are motivated to continue attending because you are motivated by your own benefits.

This is one of the reasons why I think a lot of college freshmen flunk out of school their first year. Maybe they are perhaps motivated by outside sources, such as parents, teachers, or even the urge to get out and party all day. I’m not saying you shouldn’t listen to your parents and teachers, but I’m saying that when you reach that age, you have the ability to decide on some things for yourself. At this point, you can’t listen to them just because they’re your parents, listen to them because you understand their intent and reasoning. The problem is we live in such an idealistic society. We expect everybody to follow the same path, and fortunately or unfortunately, college is on that path. Some people go because they feel like they have to or because “it’s the right thing to do.” If you don’t have any career goals in mind when you enter college then you are wasting your time, you mite as well go work at UPS. Now on the contrary, those who truly understand why they are at college are usually the ones that succeed because they are self motivated. They aren’t motivated by getting a good report card so their parents let them attend that party on Saturday, because most of the time your parents wont be there in college. They are motivated by realizations that they have concluded in their own mind about their future, and that’s where success begins.

Like I afore mentioned, motivating yourself isn’t very easy. It’s like the difference between knowledge and wisdom. Your knowledge will get you motivated, but your wisdom will keep you motivated. It’s not as easy as solely sitting in a dark room by yourself and thinking about your actions before you partake in them, sometimes you need that good old fashioned trial and error. So you joined the high school chorus, and realized that it wasn’t for you. Because you now know for a fact that that certain road is not where you seek to travel, that will help motivate you to try something else. If you ever watched Who Wants to Be A Millionare?, one of the lifelines was a 50/50 option. That is essentially what you are doing. You are minimizing your options to give yourself the maximum chance to succeed. But what exactly is success? Sounds like a topic for my next article ;) All I’m asking you to do is to try to become more self-motivated when it comes to task completions and when it comes to life decisions. It’ll benefit you in the long run.

Monday, January 5, 2009

The Illusion of Time (Article)

We base our lives around a circle with two little hands that move. We put labels on arrival times and departures like early and late. We tell ourselves when we have something to accomplish, “we have time.” The truth is you don’t, and neither does anybody else. Time is an illusion used to create organization in hectic lifestyles. The only time that exists is the past, present, and future; but even those can coexist at the same instant. When we celebrate to usher in a new year, we are essentially not celebrating a thing. Within the universe time doesn’t exist, it just is. Think about it, your whole life can be defined as one moment. Gaze into the mirror. The baby exists within that picture you see, but so does the old wrinkly figure who is ninety plus years of age. You are a developed version of your past, and a premature version of your future. The same with our universe; for the earth is simply a developed version of what it once was, but at the same time it still is.
One of the most common mistakes we make is that we look so far into our future, we let our present pass us by; falling a victim to believing in time. Too many times we plan for the future by looking at it as some unreachable fixation that exists only within our own conception of thought. Do me a favor… close your eyes and count to ten. Guess what? You just entered into the future. Didn’t think it was that close did you? The most effective way to plan for the future is by doing whatever you plan to do now. Don’t put off things until the future, because they most likely will by no means get fulfilled. I know what you’re thinking. “If I don’t plan ahead for my future, how can I possibly be prepared for what is to come?” You prepare for what is to come by taking care of your today. You can’t just plan to graduate college and then don’t apply yourself in your present time. If you take care of today, the dreams you have tomorrow will eventually manifest themselves.
On the contrary, another common mistake we make is that we look in our past too often. Why do you think the rear view mirror in a car is so small compared to the windshield? It is because most of the time we must be looking straight at what’s currently happening. At the same time however, you must be able to glance at your rear view so you can see where you have been. So what happens if you spend too much time focusing on your rear view mirror if you’re in your car? You crash. The same applies with life. You can’t spend too much time looking at a premature version of what is breathing at the current moment, but if you stay focused on the present, you are virtually looking into the past regardless. People who say your past is in the past lied to you. Your past is in your every move. You are who you are today because of knowledge and experiences you encountered in the past. At the same time, you will be the person in your future because of what you’re doing today. Everything coexists through one another. Time doesn’t exist.
What I want you to take from this is live now and live it to the fullest. Now don’t take that advice the wrong way. Some people think that that means they should do whatever they want, live unhealthily, and throw their life away; but that’s not what I’m saying at all. All I’m saying is that yes, live it to the fullest, but while your doing that you also must be conscious and aware of what’s actually going on. One of my favorite hip-hop artists Joe Budden said it best. “There are three type of people in the world… so your either gonna make stuff happen, watch stuff happen, or not know what happened.” When you live unconsciously you’re going to watch stuff happen, and when don’t live at all your going to watch stuff happen. I’m asking you to make things happen. Start today… start now… forget about time.

Sunday, January 4, 2009

Seven Pounds (Review)

Jon's Rating: 3.5/5

Last night I went to see the movie Seven Pounds starring Will Smith. Before seeing the movie I was encountered by an array of different opinions about it, so I wasn’t quite sure what to expect. Top movie critics that I see online gave it very poor ratings, while my friends who saw the movie spoke of it like it was phenomenal. I would say my opinion on the film is somewhere in the middle of these two extremes.
One of the main things you can not disparage this movie for is its ethics. It was a heartwarming drama that makes you want to do right. The foretelling at the beginning of the movie was a very effective way to bring the audience in and give them a reason to watch. However, because of this foretelling, it was very easy to predict the conclusion before the end of the movie. They also overdid what I like to call “the confusion time”. The confusion time is the time in a film when things happen, but you aren’t quite sure why they are happening. You keep watching because you know it will all eventually come together. Towards the middle of the movie it seemed to drag, because the audience is too confused to keep watching. This added with its choppy plot sequences early, is what made this just a solid film.
The good thing about this film is the fact that it portrays a wonderful message. A lot of people told me it made them cry, not out of sorrow, but out of glee. The acting is also superior, but it’s almost unfeasible to go wrong when you’re dealing with Will Smith. He captured his character superbly just as the rest of the cast did. In conclusion, I think you should go out and see this movie. Once again, it was nothing spectacular, but a solid, thought provoking, tear jerking drama that the whole family can enjoy.

Saturday, January 3, 2009

Nirvana (Poetry)

At the instant of our birth our mother has been slain
So that we are introduced to suffering… introduced to pain
So that one day we can too await similar fate
Pulled from unconscious bliss by livelihood’s bait
Water that chills your carcass is your only remnant left
Though it will cease to exist, and reside in the place it was once kept
Only to greet your skin with April’s discipline
The discipline that makes May free from sin
But you can’t mourn lost love if the love is absent
So why not shun love and let it lie in its casket?
Peace is accomplished at the cost of ignorance
Born with sweet tongues that never contacted bitterness
Despising those who fall victim to their foolish illusion
And justify with wisdom whatever can’t be proven
Logic over love so he assumed love was never given
Logic over love… although he loved wisdom
The brother sought greed and lust before becoming restored
And eventually found peace because he learned to love the war

-Jon Chambers

5 Best Pieces Up To This Point (Poetry)

Ok, so i figured that it would take all day for me to post all my poetry that I have released up to this point. So I figured why not release the best ones, or the ones that have received the most positive feedback. Oh and I lied, this isn't necessarily the "best 5", I have just compiled 5 poetic pieces of mine to help jump start my blog and to give you a taste of my writing. It's hard for me to limit my writings and put a label as to what's better or worse because of the fact that each one of my writings I hold near and have a special meaning to me. I also feel that if I was truly doing a top 5, I would simply upload my 5 most recent poems because I am always striving to get better. But anyways, HOPE YOU ENJOY


Lust… it’s good to the touch
Good for the moment… but never enough
Infatuated with desires of the flesh
But yet and still we reject backlash and desire respect
Greed, envy…. Pleasure turns to pain
As it vanishes without a trace to remain
Refuge is the camouflage that draws you in to partake
When it ceases to protect you vacate… no trace
Deviation from value can make you change
But in the process your soul was slain
Sold perpetual in exchange for fleeting
Now love is lost and retreating…
The digression that devours judiciousness
The sound of apology is so sick…
Lust… it’s good to the touch
Good for the moment… but never enough
-Jon Chambers

Rear View

Hand on the wheel… I look back where my angel sits
To The halo I repent for denial of my gift
But the pedal still declines while we recline
Indulge in swine with no recollection of behind
When that state of mind is recognized the eyes rise
In order to observe such a sight which is hind
An overabundance is detrimental to flight
For we can't see the mouth so we're baffled when it bites
History repeats… under the sun there's nothing new
So through the past alone you can observe you grew
But you still must analyze the path that waits
In order to assist as you prepare for fate
It's a full circle you must master in order to grasp
So wrapped in our future we let our present past
-Jon Chambers

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The Other Side

I feel trapped…
When I obtain, my yearning retracts
My inner desires adapt
Prior desires are welcomed back
Preoccupied with what’s not at reach
From refuge and compassion we retreat
That which is unknown is blissful and attractive
That is until we grasp it… and realize we can have it
So is covet based solely on being unable to attain?
And does it diminish once we gain?
Confusion invades as I sit beside my greatest gift
And discount it while I reminisce
We’re never satisfied so we constantly seek
And we only desire because it’s not in reach

-Jon Chambers


Why are we confined? Why are we stagnant?
Why are our minds still stuck in past tense?
Why is the grass concrete, so no flowers can emerge?
Why do people listen, but you're still not heard?
We never climb because we don't want to fall
We don't speak our minds, others might get appalled
We never try because we don't want to fail
We don't take advantage of freedom, we don't want to go to jail
We don't want to shoot because we don't want to miss
We pass the ball quick because we don't want the blitz
We never drive because we don't want to crash
We dropped out of the race, we don't want to come in last
We never dream, we don't want to wake up
We don't join teams, we don't want them to break up
We never love, we don't want to get hurt
We don't walk outside, we're scared of the dirt
We don't want to go through it, we might actually survive
I guess we just don't live because we don't want to die
It's like we were never even alive…

-Jon Chambers

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I've spent my whole life trying to avoid heartbreak
So when it comes to relationships I can't relate
Hesitation invades my thought's train until it's derailed
The destination's never convened, so thoughts cease to prevail
I saw my brother get stabbed and sought after experience to guide me
So a parallel knife wouldn't slide into my side deep
So whenever I sensed that a knife was getting close
Paranoia took over and I just let go
The higher you ascend is the harder you hit
So why not climb back down before I slip
On the ground I'm face to face with victims of heartbreak
Who told me success came from failure intake
When you run from fate you're engulfed in disappointment
God is in charge, can we dis-appoint him?
So when that pull draws closer, is it all in love?
Or will my heart strike the earth, and shatter when it falls in love

-Jon Chambers

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Hello World (Introduction)

I go by the name of Jon Chambers. I am creating this blog for two reasons. My first reason is to be spread my poetry to the masses, and be able to reach those who I may have been unable to reach on previous platforms. Some of you may know me as the rapper "Chames", but I am currently in a transitional mode where I will slowly but surely release my ever present rapper shell. Some may say I'm quitting, buy say I'm moving on. I have other priorities in my life that come before this hobby that we call hip-hop, one of those being school. When I am inspired, of course I may release a song or two, but I will not be as dedicated to the craft as I once was. Most of my inspiration is geared towards my poetry now anyways, which is why I have chosen this platform to release my work. My second reason for creating this blog is to speak my mind. Whether it be addressing political affairs, music, movies, life, questions, or even personal struggles. I wished to create an un-biased site where I can simply voice my feelings and point of views. With all that said, please subscribe to my blog. I guarantee you that you won't be disappointed. I should be posting some of my poetry up shortly so you can get a glimpse of what to expect in the future.


BY THE WAY: If you want check out some of my music if you haven't heard it, you can go to or you can go to and search "Chames". I will be releasing one more final mixtape before I call it quits, but I will have more on that later ;)