Tuesday, December 22, 2009

The Sound of Sirens (Poetry)

The sound of a siren will shift your concern
The apparent remedy for the fire that burns
She excites with ambition… lures with lust
With just one glance… she garners our touch
The sexual desire does not overwhelm
For it is slighted with innocence… dissuading who shall rebel
You will feel in control as you chase her charm
Under the seduction… you fall into her arms
You are the sailor… that is traveling the sea
The man in the mirror shall provide your only decree
The logic you have harvested must not go unseen
To maintain the aura of peaceful and serene
Her liquid texture cannot be clutched
She will slip through your fingers… when you learn to trust
In her you see adventure… you are blinded by the prize
So you travel deep into the sea… as she constructs your demise

-Jon Chambers

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