Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Lost (Poetry)

Standing on the moon I can see the world
Tales from the sand of the boys and the girls
The innocent souls that were taken with deception
Disguised as knowledge… a fearful venom
Perception is reality… so when you alter that perception
You alter reality… and divine intervention
So the world has become what we altered it to
We took it by the bones… and made it brand new
If only one could see what my eyes can view
They would finally see that everything is untrue
Nothing is certain… not even our death
For what if we reappear… through that next moment of sex?
Reincarnated to the world we despised
The same one which took our very lives
At the place where I glance… you all appear to be
A school of blinded fish… all lost in the sea

-Jon Chambers

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