Friday, September 25, 2009

Tattooed Tears (Poetry)

How can she ever learn to love again?
To heal a broken heart… that refuses to mend
She gave it her all… but it refused to suffice
She gave it her all… she gave it her life
Her pillow would float to the depths of the sea
The river would flow… for all to see
A never ending stream… when it rains it pours
Push your umbrella up… and close the doors
Failure… collapse… she’s mentally torn
Her soul detached… never re-born
The moment was fleeting… but undying to her
No aid from her reflection… she would only deter
She made her pain lasting… a part of her physique
Rather than fight… she would rather retreat
So why does she suffer… still to this day?
She tattooed her tears… instead of wiping them away

-Jon Chambers

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