Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Closer to Death (Poetry)

With every leap of faith… every solitary step
It seems that we only get closer to death
Every word we verbalize… every single breath
It seems we inch closer to eternal rest
Born from a woman… to die as a man
Developing our souls… since our lives began
The coldest winters and the scorching summer days
That warm our skin… but set the forest ablaze
At what point does one conquer this maze?
Does the road lead any place beyond being crazed?
Each step is crucial… movements precise
But we are all still alive… so we roll the dice
In search of materials… hoping they suffice
In search of illusory… for the rest of our life
Maybe we don’t understand… until approached with a knife
That this life we embody… could conclude tonight
Don’t pretend death is out of sight…

-Jon Chambers

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