Sunday, May 24, 2009

Evicted (Poetry)

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When I left the house… all was well
I never second guessed my place to dwell
Maybe I wouldn’t have cleaned the floor
If I would’ve known I would never again close the door
If you would’ve given me a warning sign
Maybe I could’ve kept the tears inside
Maybe composure could have greeted me before the end
But instead I was forced to console… pretend…
Pretend I was fine… and complacent at heart
Knowing that inside it was tearing me apart
But if I took off the top… and let the pain pour
We would never be equal to how we once were… before
As I stare at my past residence in disbelief
And think, even if I try… even if I reach…
How do I settle for less… and even if I keep…
In contrast to this… it can’t compete

-Jon Chambers

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